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3.1 Differences and similarities between the housekeeping operations at Tank Stream Hotel and the theory

3.1.1 Similarities

3.1.2 Differences

3.2 The efficiency of the daily housekeeping operations

3.3 An overview of the linen and laundry operations of Tank Stream Hotel and how it contributes efficiency to the daily operations of the hotel.

3.4 Reflection of my practical experience




The purpose of this report will provide the details of  Housekeeping in Tank Stream Hotel, Sydney. The first article will overview the Tank Stream Hotel and part of the Housekeeping Department in creating the reputation of the hotel. Besides, report also compare the similarity and differences between the housekeeping process at the Tank Stream with the theory based on Jan Read’s textbook. Moreover, the report will also analyzie  how efficient of hotel’s daily housekeeping operation . At the end of the report, the experience and knowledge that the writer’s have when practicing, learning in Tank Stream will be reflected .

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Tank Stream Hotel is a new 4 star international hotel brand in Sydney, founded in 2015. Located at the Pitt Street.  heart of Sydney Central Bussiness district, this is an ideal place for both business guests and tourist. The hotel is very close to Darling Habour and Sydney Opera House- the symbols of Sydney, very convenient for visitors. The hotel has 280 rooms with 15 floors, many of which enjoy picturesque the street view. Besides, the hotel is trying to strive to become a 5-star hotel, so the hotel always provides the best services for customers.  Tank Stream Hotel always have a  special attention to the satisfaction and best quality . Therefore. Housekeeping play an important role in the operation of the hotel. This report will show the similarities and differences between Jan Read theory and housekeeping operations at Tank Stream. Main goal is to raise the writer’s thoughts and experiences when practicing at the hotel.


3.1 Differences and similarities between the housekeeping operations at Tank Stream Hotel and the theory

3.1.1 Similarities

  • Morning briefing

As a basic rule, Tank Stream Hotel have a morning meeting with all room attendent.  This briefing is very necessary as it will inform the housekeeper know what to do, the goal that the hotel wants Housekeeping Department to be achieved to bring the best quality of service to the customers. At the tank tream, at 8am, the supervisor will gather the housekeeping staff, give them the checklist and room key. Therefore staff will know which room need to be cleaned.

According to Jones (2008, p 194), before they start the mission, the Excutive Housekeeper will update the room information and pass it on to the room staff to make sure that the day’s work will be done efficiently and smoothly. Tank Stream Hotel always requires the room attendent to clean up the rooms that have been checked out in advance to prepare the next guests. These are the things alike Jan Read course.

(writer’s photo)

  • Vacumming

Based on Jan Read (2019,p29), each room in the hotel must be vacuumed clean from the inside out to ensure hygiene and the room always has a new look. At the Tank Stream, this process goes that way. The room is vacuumed after the houskeeper cleans and re-arranges the bathroom, which makes the room more tidy.

  • Trolley

In the Jan’s course (2019, p19), the trolley needs to be filled at the end of the shift. Trolley includes: shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, towels and some minibar foods such as sugar, water, and coffee. In theory, these things are similar to the Tank Stream Hotel when housekeeper prepare everything for next working day, so in the morning shift, they don’t have to fill up, they can start work immediately that save a lot of time for work. Each floor has a pantry room, if unfortunately lacks necessary items, the staff can easily access it.

(writer’s photo) (writer’s photo)

During cleaning, the trolley must always be next to the room door that housekeeper will clean up. It cannot be block guest walkways and cleanup staff because it will affect the performance of the hotel. Besides, to trolley in the appropriate place will reduce the risk of customer collisions.

  • Room assigment

As mentioned above, the job split will be given to the room attendant every morning. The copy will contain all information of the room, the arrival and departure time of the guests, the special requirements of the customer. This will make the housekeeper easier to clean and bring maximum efficiency for the job.  Guest requests with 2 types are full service and light service. Rooms with guests departing during the day will signify as DEP, which helps the housekeeper know that they
will be doing full service.

3.1.2 Differences

  • Cleaning methods

The Tank Stream Hotel cleaning  process is different from Jan’s theories. Based on course notes term 2 (2019, p23-24), the cleaning room process following 9 steps:

  1. Checking room
  2. Proprerly put the trolley at suitable place
  3. Pull up curtains and remove garbage
  4. Change dirty line and make beds
  5. Cleaning the bathroom
  6. Cleaning surface and replacing supplies
  7. Vacumming
  8. Close the window, pull the curtain and turn off the light
  9. Check everything carefully and close the door

However, in Tank Stream Hotel the housekeeper clean rooms following these steps:

  1. Must be check room status through room assignment which supervisor give to them in the morning.
  2. Knock the door 3 times and tell the guest that they come to clean the room. If the guest is not in the room, the staff will use the private key to open door.
  3. Pushing the trolley next to the room, avoid the collision of customers. This is also a sign that the room is being cleaned up.
  4. Turn on the equipments by room card and open all the curtain

  5. Scrape the bathroom, the housekeeper will tidy up all dirty towels and start cleaning the bathroom, sink with hot water and soap, then clean the toilet with the designated chemicals. Eventually they would replace things like brushes, shampoos, showel gel and put new towels on the shelves.
  6. Make the bed, change the bed sheets, bed cover and pilow cover
  7. Collect all the dirty towel , put to the linen bag
  8. Clean all the glass surfaces like the TV screen, the glass surface on the table and especially the glass of water that guests have used. Housekeeper will checksthe cleanliness of the cup by looking under the light. to ensure there are no stains.
  9. Vacumming all the room
  10. Double check again, turn off the light and close the door
  11. Announce to the floor supervisor that the room is finished so supervisor can check the room properly.
  • Chemicals

Based on Read’s course (2019, p34,35), there are many types of chemicals that housekeeper used to be cleaning the bathroom. However in the Tank Stream Hotel, they use only 2 bottles chemical.

3.2 The efficiency of the daily housekeeping operations

Housekeeping Department have a crucial role in the hotel operations. Currently hotel industry is growing, so customer service must be improved to meet the growing needs of customers. A hotel that wants to attract customers needs to provide good quality accommodation services. The hotel must ensure to provide customers with a clean, pleasant environment. The Housekeeping Department will help the hotel achieve this target. Many research show that hotel cleanliness is the leading factor affecting hotel reputation as well as customer satisfaction. Besides, with many technologies applied, housekeeping productivity efficiency is more higher.

Communication is an important factor that helps staffs understand each other better. Beginning a work day,  Tank Stream housekeeping have a short brief to talk about what they have well done  and continue to be promoted, the mistake need to be overcome and what they need to do during the day. During the meeting, the supervisor will assign the job to the staff, helping them know exactly what to do to achieve the highest efficiency. All housekeepers and supervisors as well as manager have a private account on Whatsapp so they can maintain their work together and check the room status. As in a large hotel like Tank Stream Hotel, a housekeepers need to be clean 10-15 rooms per day. Each room have maximum 25-35 minutes to clean depending on size and type of room, so the room attendent has to control its time, do it fast but still ensure work efficiency.
When the rooms are finished, the supervisor will check carefully.  If a room has not been cleared,

they will require staff to clean again and staffs may be deducted.

3.3 An overview of the linen and laundry operations of Tank Stream Hotel and how it contributes efficiency to the daily operations of the hotel.

Tank Stream Hotel do not have laundry room like 5 star hotel. Every day, after cleaning the room, the housekeeper will bring dirty linen to the pantry room. In each pantry there is a pipe going straight to the linen room. All staff just opened the door and released linen. There will have a fixed time like 12pm or 4 pm for house person to bring dirty clothes to an outside laundry shop. Therefore, staffs don’t need to washing but still remain the work efficienly.  Furthermore, the housekeeping staff does not need to replace the bed sheet for each room unless requested by the customer, which helps the hotel save costs. There are a lot of linen that are cleaned and folded neatly in pantry room, in addition to the necessary items such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion as well as some beverages like tea, coffee, milk. The Tank Stream has a pantry room on each floor and is located in the proper position, at the end of each floor, this attendent and houseman room help is easier to get linen and supplies needed.  It is well designed and organized, helping housekeeping operations work smoothly.

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3.4 Reflection of my practical experience

Becoming a housekeeper at Tank Stream Hotel helped me have more knowledge and better observations on how to operate and housekeeping divide in a 4-star hotel. I know that there are a lot of differences between theory and practice, but when I was working at the hotel I received many great experiences. Before going to practice, I hope I will have more knowledge such as how making beds fastest and most effective. And it was great that during my practice I had more knowledge and experience more than I expected. Starting the morning by participating in the Tank Stream Hotel meeting gave me an overview of what to do during the day, how people communicate with each other to get the most effective work. The rooms attendent showed me how to change the bed sheet the, as well as  use vacuum, clean the bathroom and how to manage own time. Every staffs is very friendly and enthusiastic, they told me carefully and are always ready to answer all my questions while they are concentrating on working. That makes me really grateful to learn and experience at a high-class hotel. I realized that housekeeping is hard and difficult position, requiring people to be really meticulous. Overall, being able to work and experience practically as a housekeeper has brought me many useful knowledge, which helps me improve many skills. And I hope that there will be a chance to become an official housekeeper in the hotel as this is a job that gives me many interesting things.


There is no doubt that Tank Stream is the most famost business hotel in  Sydney with excellent service quality, especially in Housekeeping Department. The room cleaning department always listens to all customers’ feedback, strives to improve to provide customers with the best services. It can be confirm that housekeeping is always have important role in the hotel which want to attract the attention of tourists. Furthermore, in order for the housekeeping department to work effectively, communication between employees is essential. With the professionalism and dedication of each member in the housekeeping team, Tank Stream Hotel is increasingly improving its shortcomings to become a 5-star hotel.

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