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5 Latest Trends in Housekeeping

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Essay on 5 latest trends in the house keeping department encompassing; planning involved in successful housekeeping operations; guest supplies and amenities; guest expectations and essentials.


The department of housekeeping is that branch of a hotel which primarily deals with the general upkeep of the hotel and the rooms and any other services that are included there in the hotel

Every hotel offers the basic facilities of laundry, dry cleaning and many other such services to make the guest feel comfortable by also offering specialized services to them

Hotels these days offer the lodger many choices of restaurants which can offer a lot of different cuisines or places like coffee shops. The hotels are the place where most people come to unwind and escape the burdens of daily life. Where they come to escape from the work load of house chores, depending on the very reliable housekeeping staff. The housekeeping staff not only cleans and sanitizes your room they also restock the utility kit and the mini bar, and also make your bed.

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They also keep the surrounding area clean and have a great eye for detail. The house keeping department is responsible for maintaining the ambiance of the room along with that of the hotel, they ensure nothing is out of place and everything is neatly put for the guest, and fresh linen is available when needed and anything else that the guest may require it is taken care of by the housekeeping department.

Chapter 2

Introduction 2.1

The Best western international hotel was founded in the 1900s by MK Guertin, a Californian hotelier. By the ending of the 2013 fiscal year, the Best Western has 2.163 hotels in North America. The Best Western has over nineteen international partner offices and property- direct relationships with six more regions.

About the trend 2.2

Best Western started the trend of cleaning after associating along with revolution and strategy firm, IDEO, whose study recognized a lacking of customer assurance in regards to hotel sanitization, in the small scale hotel market. In addition to this more research was carried out by the BOOZ and Company that found out that the importance of a sanitized and properly maintained hotel has indeed become the number one priority to guests more important than any other service provided by the hotel. Before completely implementing the program a test run was done. The trends started by Best Western are:

  • Ultra violet sanitization wands – the wands are from pure light which are used to sanitize the “high touch points” such with landlines, clocks, bathroom fixtures, and tables and other appliances.
  • Ultraviolet examination black lights – these black lights are used by the executive housekeeper for examining the area cleaned, and to ensure that no organic particles and other small things that cannot be seen by naked eye.
  • Protecting various items from dust – many items such as pillows and towels are all wrapped up neatly after being cleaned to ensure the guests that their things are cleaned specially for them.
  • Remote cleaners – these devices are exclusive and very efficient. These remote controls are designed so that they sanitize and clean for each guest

Before the start of the program in twenty twelve Best Western also initiated a test for the cleaning tools and found a thirteen percent increase in the guest’s overall experience along with a twelve percent growth in sanitization of the room and a twelve point four percent growth in “intent to recommend”

Along with initiating the sanitizing program, Best Western is also exploring a “cooperative service” package for housekeeping to better aid its guests and their exceptional needs. The research done by Best Western show that their guests during some time see housekeeping as troublesomeness in the duration of their stay. Seeing this Best Western is building a “cooperative service” procedure so that the guests can choose the time they want their room cleaned and the type of service they would prefer.


Chapter 3


3.1 Introduction

In Canada the green key eco rating program is a scoring classification made to distinguish hotels that are dedicated to preserving their environment as well as increasing their profits. Partaking hotels are then awarded with a green key rating founded on the actions followed by the hotel to lessen functioning costs and eco-friendly effects through reduced usefulness consumption, employee training, and supply chain management. A hotel that proposes a host of eco-friendly options would really strive to reduce its eco-footprint. Marriot international is dedicated to following the best practices and green initiatives to sustain and defend the surroundings for ages to come. The Renaissance Vancouver hotel Harbourside has earned the eco-friendly 4 green key rating.

The Vancouver hotel’s employees originally in the 90s formed a concerned gathering when they formed the renaissance Environmental Committee. In the beginning their aim was to incorporate a more effective recycling program. Currently, the hotel has environmental programs for: waste reduction and recycling; energy reduction and efficiency; water conservation; sustainable purchasing; and air quality.

  • Waste Decrease and Reutilizing – The hotel’s waste decrease and reutilizing plan of work is the basis of a full -spectrum sustainability operation, and includes the recycling of cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, toner cartridges, and refundable beverage containers.
  • Energy Reduction and Efficiency The efficient use of electricity and lighting, heating and ventilation, and office equipment speaks volumes to sustainable operations. The downtown Vancouver hotel replaced all incandescent light bulbs throughout the property. Exterior lights were changed to lower wattage fluorescent light and main service areas were equipped with occupancy sensors.
  • Water Conservation The property has also significantly reduced water consumption by installing low-flow showerheads, implementing a linen and towel reuse program and a leak detection and repair program. Moreover, dishwashers are run only when completely full, the water used in ice machines is re-circulated, and infrared sensors operate in the urinals of staff and public washrooms.
  • Air Quality- The staff promotes carpooling and the use of public transit for commuting to work, and encourages guests to use public transit and share taxis whenever practical. Other programs include: • Using HEPA air filters • Implementing no-idling policy for delivery trucks in loading bay •Using automatic carbon monoxide detectors
  • Sustainable Purchasing- The Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside’s good housekeeping practices and appropriately eco-friendly equipment greatly increase sustainability and reduce pollution on the property. The hotel works closely with suppliers to ensure that every measure is taken regarding the purchasing of supplies. These programs include: • Buying locally grown food and wine products – beneficial to the local economy and aiding in the reduction of transportation costs, in turn helping to improve air quality • Purchasing non-hazardous cleaning products • Using “just in time” purchasing practices to prevent unnecessary waste • Using cloth napkins and tablecloths in restaurant • Using recyclable/reusable packaging materials for food products



4.1 Introduction

The company EarthCheck, a global ecofriendly certification company, has partnered with the TAJ group for implementing EARTH (environmental awareness and renewal) program. The company gives certificates to tourism industry based on the principles for ecological growth by the heads of state at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit in the 90s. The EarthCheck is the only global ecofriendly certification program for tourism with contributors in more than fifty countries. EarthCheck is managed by EC3 global.

Implementation by Taj 4.2

In an attempt to reestablish its vision and hard work to increase sustainable tourism and incorporate ecofriendly management in all corporate areas. EarthCheck provides the EARTH scheme with autonomous and complete proof of their eco-friendly commitment through the observation and improvement reports EarthCheck will produce to the hotel as part of its certification.

Now six Taj hotels have “green” hotels where the air conditioning is already set to an amiable temperature at twenty four degrees centigrade, up from the usual eighteen degrees saving almost thirty percent of energy which is used up at the lower temperatures. Then when you arrive in the room and insert your key card in the slot the TV switches on and tells you more about the green room which is part of plan EARTH at the Taj hotels. The mini bar is substituted with a snack bar ending the need for cooling and its effluents produced. In the room the bed and bath linen are changed every other day, halving the use of detergent. For Taj inner circle members they receive fifteen percent extra Taj inner circle points on their stay at the green rooms. Green rooms are available at six Taj hotels now the Taj palace hotel- N Delhi, Taj lands’ end – Mumbai, Taj Bengal – Kolkata, 51 Buckingham Gate – London, Taj Connemara – Chennai and the Gateway hotel – Bangalore.



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