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Womens Role Has Changed In The Last Century History Essay

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016

The main goal of this paper is to educate people about how much American women’s roles have changed over the years. There are a lot of roles women in American culture have carried over from past centuries and into the 1900’s. And in some households today these roles are still carried on. Some of these roles include taking care of her husband and children, helping her husband to bring in the crops from the fields or gardens, taking care of what ever and acted however her husband wanted her to act. Before the changing pathes and achievements of American women in the 1900’s, women had little to no rights. Women over the past one hundred years have worked long and hard to get where they are today. Over this past one hundred years, there have been a lot of attempts for equality, in hopes for women to live more fulfilled and equal lives with or without a life long partner. Because of how hard women of our yester years have worked, American women today have just about all the choices in most household situations on whether they want to be a stay at home mom, or to be a nine to five working woman.

When first emerging into the 1900’s, women were able to take limited career studies in college. These studies mainly included studies for nursing and teaching. An interesting fact about an extraordinary woman named Hellen Keller was that in 1904, even though she was the first deaf (could not hear) and blind (could not see) woman to graduate from college. This was a statement that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.-H. Keller. After many struggles to get the outside world to understand her and her intentions, Hellen Keller succeeded.

In 1908, International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time.”-Feminist Studies, Inc.. International Women’s Day is on March 8th of every year since 1908. This is a day that celebrates women all over the world. It was first observed by women in Germany, and soon to follow was a declaration by the Socialists Party of America.- T. Kaplan. “The Socialist Party of America strives to establish a radical democracy that places people’s lives under their own  control – a non-racist, classless, feminist socialist society… where working people own and control the means of production and distribution through democratically-controlled public agencies; where full employment is realized for everyone who wants to work; where workers have the right to form unions freely, and to strike and engage in other forms of job actions; and where the production of society is used for the benefit of all humanity, not for the private profit of a few. We believe socialism and democracy are one and indivisible. The working class is in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling capitalist class and its power. The working class is the major force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist future – to a real radical democracy from below. The Socialist Party fights for progressive changes compatible with a socialist future. We support militant working class struggles and electoral action, independent of the capitalist controlled two-party system, to present socialist alternatives. We strive for democratic revolutions – radical and fundamental changes in the structure and quality of economic, political, and personal relations – to abolish the power now exercised by the few who control great wealth and the government. The Socialist Party is a democratic, multi-tendency organization, with structure and practices visible and accessible to all members.”- Socialist Party USA National Action Committee. This is an organization that was brought about to help prevent people from any kind of discrimination. International Women’s day is a day that is traditionally customary of men to observe for and about women and their lives.

As time moved on further into the 1900’s, women were conquering more challenges and conflicts. During women’s fight for more rights, the country was unwilling to accept that women wanted and expect more rights during this early time. By 1910, women started to look into and fight for the right to vote. This set forth the Women’s Suffrage Movement. This is a movement that fights for women to have the right to vote.- Wikapedia. And in 1919, the League of Women Voters was founded. The League of Women Voters works with and at state and national levels to help women have the same rights as men.- League of Women Voters. Woman throughout time strive and fight to not be looked at as the weaker sex. And after a long time, it turned out that woman are capable to do just as much, if not more, than some men can.

Traditionally when growing up in a middle-class home, girls tended to learn from her mother’s example that cooking, cleaning, and caring for children was the behavior that was expected of her when she grew up. These were things a woman was taught for everyday living and sort of as a career. But in today’s American culture, these are things taught to both men and women as life skills. The independence of women today have women landing themselves in positions in our career world that gives women just as much of a power status as any man. If there is a job out there, you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one woman, if not more than men on the work site. Some of these more manly worked jobs included doctors, lawyers, preachers, writers, and singers. These are great examples of changed attitudes towards the working woman, in the 21rst century. A lot of careers that women are in and have today are still in clerical positions, factory work, and retail jobs. Over the last ten to fifteen years there has been a large rise in the number of women working outside the home. The jobs women are filling, tend to be low-paid and part-time work. Despite changing attitudes, major responsibility for childcare and housework generally lies with women which is the main reason why women are much more likely than men to be part-time workers. According to statistics and fact by Deirdre Hogan, 30% of female employees work part-time compared with 6% for men. And beings though part time work is lower paid, women are more likely to work for this lower pay cut. Even in full time work, there is still a considerable wage differential between men and women.

Another thing that has been happening since the beginning of men and women, and continues to happen to this day, is discrimination in many different forms. Types of discrimination would include sexual, physical, and the restriction of position in a job. Was it because women are looked at as the weaker sex? For a long time, before harassment and discrimination laws were passed in the 1980’s. Women became accustomed and taught, before these laws, that because they were women and married, that they could be treated however a spouse or an employer of the opposite sex wanted to.

Moving through time into the 1930’s, ” in 1932, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.”-100 Years of Progress. And by 1938, over 800,000 female workers had joined unions through their jobs for working in factories to help protect in discrimination situations.

Moving into the 1940’s, women were finally able to join into the military, but with strick stipulations. The military only accepted younger, unmarried women and they weren’t at this time able to get into a job of authority to men.-100 Years of Progress.

During the 1950’s and 60’s, women were beginning to find careers in the acting and modeling business. The Playboy magazine was introduced. Marylin Monroe was the first women centerfold in this magazine. So it seemed that men were in a sense starting to idolize woman and their beauty. After Playboy started to circulate, women were finding this to be degrading and demoralizing to woman. And Playboy has long since changed through the years, and supports the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment, ” first proposed in 1923 to affirm that women and men have equal rights under the law, is still not part of the U.S. Constitution.  The ERA was passed out of Congress in 1972 and has been ratified by 35 of the necessary 38 states.  When three more states vote yes, it is possible that the ERA could become the 28th Amendment.  The ERA could also be ratified by restarting the traditional process of passage by a two-thirds majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, followed by ratification by legislatures in three-quarters 38 of the 50 states.”- Council of WomenHYPERLINK “http://www.womensorganizations.org/”‘HYPERLINK “http://www.womensorganizations.org/”s Organizations. The 1970’s were considered to be the era of growing educational opportunities and desires of women all over the United States.

Woman of the 21st century are more independent. And it is not unheard of for a woman to live alone for a long amount of time. Women of the 21st century are more than willing to fight for what they want in today’s constantly changing societies. Woman in America, are either bull headed, or very determined compared to some other cultures. In other cultures, women are still waiting hand and foot for their husbands and are looked down upon if they do not comply with the cultural standards of where they live.

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