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Historical Summary of 'The Patriot'

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Published: 21st Jul 2021 in History

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The Patriot is a film whose storyline is based on the war between the British army men and the Americans who were backed up by the French soldiers. It is a revenge story where a father seeks to revenge the cruel murder of his son. It explains the difficulties that he had to go through so as to achieve his revenge subject to the difficulties of fighting a more powerful nation. It is the story of a bitter father who is willing to do anything to make sure that the death of his son does not go unpunished.

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The film’s storyline dates back to the 18th century. Benjamin Martin, the main actor, is a hero of the Indian- French War and he has returned home to live a peaceful life in his plantation. He intends to take care of his seven children as his wife is deceased. He constantly advices his children not to join the army because he does not want them to go through the brutality of war. However, his son Gabriel joins the Continentals in South Carolina without the consent of his father. It is only later that he comes back home wounded in the company of British army men. They burn down the plantation and take Gabriel hostage.

Ben had sworn not to go to war again but this provokes him. He enters into the militia and fights for his son. The leader of the other side, Tavington, kills Gabriel and Ben swear to revenge his son’s death. It is then that they ask for back up from France and they are eventually able to gain tactics to be able to fight the British back. Ben then fights a one on one fight with Tavington and manages to stab him to death. They win the battle against the powerful Britain.

The leader of the British side after the death of Tavington, General Cornwallis, is disappointed and accepts defeat. Benjamin Martin heads back home a hero ready to rebuild his nation with his children. The last scene complies of his arrival at where his home lay. He is happy and ready for a new and free future.

The effects that are portrayed in this film have had a great effect on the United States. The fight that existed between Benjamin and the British soldiers is of great significance. This is because Britain was more powerful than United States of America at the time. As such, the fact that the Americans won the battle was a stepping stone for them and a major downfall for the British. Due to the fact that America was a small nation, they were now able to rebuild themselves towards greater heights of prosperity step by step. This is evident today because United States of America is the most powerful nation in the entire world.

For a long time, America was a colony for the British. This was due to their lack of tactics in war. After all, Britain was superior to them. The winning of this battle whereby the militia was trained by French army men made the Americans more skillful in war. It was due to the acquisition of these tactics that they were able to comfortably fight back during the 1814 war and as such, they were able to gain their independence from the British. Gaining independence was a great achievement as they could now make their own policies and have freedom to make their own political and economical decisions. This has greatly contributed to the tremendous economic growth and development over the years that the United States of American is enjoying currently. This is because they can now make their own decisions based on what best suits their country with no malice at all (Early, 2003).

The fact that the British army men accepted defeat was a clear indication that they were not unbeatable. This gave motivation to the Americans in strive for power so as to ensure that they would also become as powerful as the British or even much more powerful. This had its positive effects on the United States of America as there seemed to be hope at the end of the tunnel. Politically, there was the indication that they could rise and be the leading nation in the world.

Currently, the United States of America is the most powerful nation in the world. It is even more powerful than Britain despite the fact that they were colonized by them. This shows that over the years, with its own freedom, United States of America has made use of their freedom positively towards its growth. Looking back, its militia had no skills and hence their security was at risk. However, that did not deter them from progressing exemplarily.

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The help offered by France seems to haves stretched a long way. America is indebted and must therefore lend a hand whenever necessary. The training and hence the skills that they all achieved have also aided in the growth of their military capability. Today, United States OF America’s military personnel is one of the best trained militia. They are often called upon to help other counties in times of war. Once deployed, they make use of their acquired skills in the particular countries.

Due to the highly skilled army men, the citizens of this nation are secure. The US is ready in case of any calamities that may arise in the course of undertaking their daily activities. This helps them not to be caught unawares. Based on the contents of the film, it is clear that initially, the US was not always ready in case of an attack and this led to the death of many of its citizens. This therefore could be the cause of their enhanced readiness for war at any time so as to prevent loss of life and also so as to guard their power as a nation (Early, 2003).

The political power earned over time also means that they enjoy certain benefits in acquisition of products. Over the years, they have earned great economic power. Other nations are therefore seen to seek financial assistance from them. Due to their dependence on them for this financial assistance, it therefore implies that in case of any political conflicts, these nations will definitely offer them support. This thus means that they have both political and economic power. All this is as a result of the initial step that was achieved back in the 18th century.

Generally, the film described above seems to be the root of the prosperity that continues to be enjoyed by the United States of America. Through their continuous growth, it is also clear that had they lost the battle to the British people, they would not have gained their freedom and independence. This would therefore have meant that they would have never risen up to anywhere close to where they are today. Prosperity begins with a single step. If one is afraid to take the initial step, they are less likely to prosper. The United States of America is good example of how one may rise from nothing to being so great. They are now even greater than their colonizers, Britain.


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