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The Main Causes Of The World War 1 History Essay

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016

World War 1 began in the early 20th century from the year 1914 to the year 1918. The period covered over four months with many changes which came with it besides many lives being lost. There were 60 sovereign countries. There were many empires which were overthrown with many other nations being born. This war saw the end of the German, Russian, Hapsburg, and Turkish empires. The world war also was a costly venture as an estimate of thirty five thousand million pounds was used.

Thesis statement

World war one occurred in the early 20th century with an in-depth causes which are far deep and difficult besides the various scenes which led to the violence.


There was a well established system of relations among states in the early 20th century. Here were laws which had been signed by the nations in The Hague which established a system of arbitration incase of a conflict that may arise between different states. This entails the peaceful resolution of differences. The international relations also entailed the use of laws which govern the war matters. There was the growth of interstate alliances which were formed in reaction to the resolutions being made. This resulted in the division Europe to two separate units lead by Germany and the other on lead by England and France. At this early century, there were major concerns by states to have a unified system through which they are govern when it comes to the interstate issues. This lead to rise of tension since there were many countries which felt that other few states dominated them in terms of politics and military affairs. The other tension which was experienced was the interference of the internal matters in a sovereign country as a demand of same international standards conformity. There is also the tension of lack of establishment of the international standards which were acceptable to all the states (Cox 143).

The powerful countries at this time include Italy, Great Britain and France. There are also countries such as Germany, Astrau-Hungarian Empire and Russia.

There are various reasons which lead to the emergence of the world war one. There were the defense alliances which were formed in the many parts of the world. There were various defense agreements which were made among the countries in Europe which were prone to conflicts. These conflicts would attract alliances with other countries. European countries would be backed by other allied countries to go a war (Kegley 265).

The concept of imperialism is also another reason why there was an eruption of the world war one. This involved continued increase of power and wealth. This was achieved by increasing the number of territories a country controlled. It is noted that Africa and Asia were the main territories where the raw materials demanded by these superpower countries in Europe were obtained. It is through this scramble that led to the confrontation amongst these nations. This fueled the tension which existed among them and hence they engaged in the world war one. The demand of more empires is the main reason behind the world war one which was experienced in the world. Each nation wanted to show off on their influence across the world and how they accessed the vast resources which they used to enrich themselves.

Militarism is also another cause of the world war one. Countries like Russia, Germany and Great Britain established a strong base of their weapons. This increased the tension among the various countries and led to the world war one. The increased establishment of the military equipments by some countries led to the other nations also to acquire the same in the name of desiring to the top in the vast possession of the military stuff. This conflict increased as a result of the competition and the desire to the influential nation in the policies utilized across the world

In the spirit of nationalism, there as increased number of countries in the Europe who supported the separation of Bosnia occupants and those of Herzegovina to be counted as the new faces in Serbia. This was to move them from Austria Hungary and to change their nationality to Serbia. This fueled the war as the European countries took ides with either of these nations and hence their allies also supported them, hence leading to the world war one. This explains how nationalism is the root cause of world war one (Mearsheimer 156).

There is also the concept of assassination which provoked states to engage themselves in war. This is due to the escalation of the conflict between nations which automatically attracts the alliances with other nations. This also measured the states’ readiness for war hence the militarism cause is taken as the main factor.


In conclusion, the world war one was fueled by the increasing conflicts among the various countries in Europe which was also backed up by other countries allied to them. This emerged as each country wanted to be seen as the superpower in terms of wealth and power. This extended to the measure of the influence on other countries in terms of policies being implemented which resulted in conflict between countries which deferred with them. The scramble for Africa and Asian also is the main factor which resulted in the world war one linked to the European countries.

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