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The Leadership Of Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan History Essay

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec 2016


During history there were many bright models of leadership that can be considered and analyzed to represent the successful leadership. Years ago United Arab Emirates has born many successful leaders such as “Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan”.

This report will identify who was Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan and why I chose him as a successful leader. After that report will crucially analysis and evaluate his leadership and will shed some light to his leadership style. Report also will discuss the characters to rule his country. Finally report will go through his weaknesses and draw the conclusion.

“Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan” (1918 – 2004) Profile

According to Mitera (2007) Shakh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nhahyan was born in Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1918. Shakh Sayed was the grandson of a ruler who contributes to establish of the AL Nhyan family in Abu Dhabi “Sheikh Said Bin Halifax AL Nahyan”. He becomes ruler of Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1966 after the waiver of his eldest brother Shakh Shakhabot to him in 1966. Then in 1971 he elected as Unite Arab Emirates president.

When he was child, Shakh Zayed studied the holy Koran, portray, some basic Arabic language and Islam roles because that time only this kind of education was available.

Shakh Zayed had marry 8 wife’s during his life (according to Islam rules a man allow to marry 4 wife only but in this case because of some of them where died) he left In addition to his wife’s 19 boys when he pass away In 2004.

Why Shakh Zayed not other?

I’m concern in reading history, sharply history of Gulf country; during my reading a good example of leader take my attention “Shakh Zayed” who was the greatest ruler of United Arab Emirates in the Arab history. Shakh Said had made UAE a stronger, wealthier and grater state, he had given his country a new poison in international relation and final achievement which make hem the grater leader during Arab history. He had successfully combined seven Emirates in one country named United Arab Emirates. The age of Shakh Zayed the grandson of the one of creator of the AL Nhayan family in the Emirates, is considered one of the most successful eras that UAE saw in the 20th century, if not the most successful ever, even with the many difficulties he faced while building the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as well over years of ruling. Historians considered that the personality of Shakh Said was definitely one of the main personalities of the AL Nahyan family, who played a crucial role in the Emirates’ history and the Gulf. During Arab history Shakh Zayed can be considered as one of the most important number in modern and contemporary for the following reasons:

He is successfully combined 7 emirates in on country named United Arab Emirates.

The respect that he commanded from rulers of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA.

He apply diplomacy rather than military force within a very delicate balance to achieve his goals to maintain the independence of UAE Island (Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs) when Iran occupied it. His policy was based on sensible diplomatic skill that made UAE one of the important Arab countries ever during his rule.

His ancestry where unlimited. He donated to many countries in Asia and Africa like ( Palestine, Lebanon, Kosovo and may others )

He changes UAE from place of desert to green paradise.

His confidence in protection of the environment due nothing to modern fashions.

Analyzing the leadership of Shakh Zayed

Leaders are group of people with extraordinary features they are able to shape events and change the circumstances. According to these words our leader has an inherited leadership. Huczynski & Buchanan (2007) has stated that there are number of leadership theories such as trait theory:

Trait theory: believe on “a leader is born not made” (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007). Our leader has ascribed to his grandfather Shakh Zayed Bin Halifax who was one of who state of AL Nahyan family who had rolled Emirate of Abu Dhabi from 1855 to 1909, (Macmillan, 1997) and from his father Shakh Sultan Bin Zayed how also ruled Abu Dhabi from 1918 to 1926 (Macamillan, 1997). Consequently, to gain experience Shakh Zayed appointed in 1946 as a ruler of AL Ain Town (Tamam, 1971).

The traits theory focused on initiative, intelligence, good health, confidence, control, ect. However the theory shape that people having these traits do not necessarily doing good leadership. (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007).

Doing an assessment to the life story of any the Leader we should refer to the time he was living and situation of his beginning. When Shakh Zayed father pass away he was at the a go of ten years and it was difficult to ruled but later he was un happy with the ruling way of his brother Shakhbut, how ruled Abu Dhabi from 1928 to 1966, and didn’t made any changed to his peoples, (poor and hunger remained same). Where he can be a slayer but he preferred to maintain life and authority. He understood that leadership skills can be erudite developed and enhanced; this man can develop into a leader in the group by reaching his goals. Posts linked with the select of target and find ways to reach the objective.

In 1966 and according to Mitera (2007) the time of grandson of the ruling “AL Nahyan” was starting in Abu Dhabi to bring the brighter time that Abu Dhabi expected during the 20th century. According to the historian Shakh Zayed was one of the most famous facts in his family that ruled, he played major role in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Gulf, Arab and the word.

Has an active ruling not nominal, Shakh Zayed discovered that his predecessors had on Abu Dhabi, kind of sovereignty ambiguous, his prescience was able him to make real sovereignty by combining those struggle emirates in one joined and powerful county that Arab saw.

Traits theory according to Huczynaki & Buschanan (2007) has number of personal traits such as confidence, intelligence and control. Shakh Zayed success combines a leader as this theory, on this aspect the successful leader is able to combine conventional characters and skills gained in the leadership and inborn from his father and grandfather as well. Also he verifies that as a leader, he is able to expand the feature and add experience.

Mitera (2007) has describe Shakh Zayed as modest leader because of his attractive personality which attracted hem and raise respect, loyalty and bring citizens’ satisfaction. When he passes away President George W. Bush describe him “He was a great leader, a statesman” (Gulf News).

According to Stewart Crawford British Resident, Bahrain from (1968 – 1968), Shakh Zayed was “handsome man, moderate, strength, love portray and hunting, has good character, debonair and of abroad vision”. (Mitera, 2007). Shakh Zayed has combing character and minimalist mixed in his actions as the situation, compassion, tolerance, an acumen, cruelly, firmness, violence and revenge. This characterized make him loved and frightens at the same time, many and varied aspect of his personality.

His effected behaviors during his Golding period which more than 85 years moved into his property in Emirates made him believed that the leader can be affect by a group of his subordinates and he focuses on it. In the last days of his rule he preferred justice as much as possible in Emirates so that can oversee his country very well, this also delivered his relationship with the Emirates tribes leaders and kings of others countries. This can be finding it clear in when he sign board agreement with his neighbors.

Shakh Zayed has create comfort for this followers in working environment, he was interesting on satisfying their need by giving them opportunity to participate and indecision making also he provides him with procedures and clear expectation. In the other hand he set to satisfy their subordinate’s goals, helping them to develop their confidence and reassure them their leader.

Historian like Mitera (2007) has described Shakh Zayed simplicity by a person how wearing simple cloths, sit-down with his people hearing them, dance with them which it was difficult to distinguish between him and any other citizen. According to Arthir Lamb, British Residency who had the opportunity to meet Shakh Sayed Said, “the good example of reverence and pity, simple and modest and he was far from the dominance, egotism and estrangement”. Walfar Tesgar or as they called him in Arabic “Mubarak Bin London” has described hem in his book “Sand in Arabian Island” “Zayed a strong man in his thirtieth of age, clever, simple and quiet” (Tamam,1981). He went by himself to congratulate his people in marriage parties and gives consolation on death.

To maintain his Emirates, Shakh Zayed had been able to enhance his internal relationship as will to manage his international relationship with some Arabian and European countries likes Brittan, KSA and Oman. In 1971 according to (Gulf News) when Britain left the gulf he sign friendship agreement with them representing his country and Sir Geoffry Arthur represent Britain. He was completed by circumstances to reach to sign border agreement with Oman, (Asharq Alawasat News Paper, 2002), to developed friendly relationship with neighbor. In addition to that his extensive agreement exchange with KSA. By achieving this goal, Shakh Zayed has distanced his country from connecting in such international problems.

Shakh Zayed had expanded this country economy to step where UAE was getting many of its impotents from word economy. This policy was based on his realistic diplomatic skill that made UAE one of the most important country and this can be find it clear from what Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said “the late president succeeded with outstanding leadership in the social and economic development of the country.” (Gulf News).

A leader find a way to change, Shakh Zayed eventually change his country from desert without any kind of life to green oasis surrounded the threes and water from everywhere he said “a drop of water in the desert equals a beating pulse.”(Gulf News). After the successful transition from unknown country to a source of political, social, economical in Arab word.

As leader to his follower he has well-known the desert very well, this makes him will Known as “Shakh of Desert”(Miatra, 2004). He said “I believe one who does not know his past will not understand the present, nor will he be able to prepare the future.”(gulf News). To build up his relationships with some influential country like Britain and France he attends international conference about offshore oil. Most historians have praised the wise leadership in the leadership of his country.

A leader how concern about his citizens and after that journey he remember later how impressed he had been by the level of education and medicals that these country retch, becoming strong-minded that his citizens should have the same benefit from that facilities he said “the asset of any advanced nation is its people, especially the educated ones, and the prosperity and success of the people are measured by the standard of their education.”(Gulf News).

benefiting from hate of conspiracies, Shakh Zayed steady his cabinet of UAE to make him able to maintain the independence of his country balance of using diplomacy over military force in order to reach its objectives. Effectively he coordinate’s between the parties in his country to guide their work to wand to achieve the goals and promote the highest level of performance effectiveness. According to Mitera (2007) Zayed has overcome the obstacles and personal conflicts between the royals of Emirates which required from him permanent contact with the constantly reminded the motivation for cooperation which create a team spirit integrated united goals and aspirations.

Shakh Zayed was a dealer who has not have that large of military force, only his survival in power was to receive the consent of people and leader. He has taken a new approach in giving the mandate more power of authorities from occupied force.

As prince rather than money collector he tried to improved his citizens income and this can be find it clear from what he said “the money has no valve if not used to serve the citizen” (Mitira, 2007) so he involve in distribute some of country income to his populations like “Marry Fund” aimed to help youth to reduce marry expenses.

A man who harmonized with nature. This achieves him to focus on conservation of nature and environment which become one of key elements of government policy. This has approved by the massive programme of planting 150 million trees.

Shakh Zayed Leadership Style

Huczynski & Buchunan (2007) has divided the leadership style into three types: Autocratic style, (where a leader compact the authority), Democratic style, (a leader in valves followers in decision making, encourage participation in deciding work methods and goals, given a authority and take feed back to control followers), Fair style, (giving follower kind of freedom to make decision and to decide on their work).

As required by the state and politics that time, Shakh Zayed might be collecting Democratic style, because he inclined more approach democracy in the meeting with seven emirates rulers and advisers, he also open this door to see the public. He didn’t decline any citizens want to meet him individually. The citizens consider him as a father rather than a ruler. He used to received people by kindness and listen to their complaints (www.uae.org.br/_PDF/zayed.pdf), he was effective solving-problems and effectively decision making spicily when crises acquired in the country, he was not hesitate to move quickly to solve any problem happen. According to Tamam (1981) Shakh Zayed was smiley leader he uses to receive his people in smiley face, on other hand he was astringent in dealing with things that effect equity which makes his family and followers afraid from hem.

As far as we knew that UAE become wider this expands need responsibility and control. Aiming that Shakh Zayed has utilized his subordinate’s to achieve his style, so he authorized governors appointed by administration areas. When he left the country for some circumstances and as sort of encouragement to his pray minister he delegate hem to administrate the government of UAE and his brother Halifax to responsible Abu Dhabi.

The charismatic Of Shakh Zayed

The power settled to the leaders and varies in contact and reach spread sources of leadership. Leader need to have skills based on his behavior and characters. Successful leader need to have some skills to insure the success of its function.

Leader likes working: A man in nature is lazy, but this not in shape our leader how was starting his day early morning driving his car by himself avoiding any corteges to see a project her and there, in many times when he return back home he stopped to lesion his people’s problems this was to gave his follower a good example of loving work to achieve their responsibilities. Dominated by followers who are wishing to work, he retained the eminent personalities to choose advisers and ministers who assist referees in the carry out of the country (Tamam, 1981).

A leader who discover and train leaders: as a trainer, supervised by hem he trained the possible of each subordinates member this find interest and self-belief use to help him to carry out his duties. According to Tamam (1981) Shakh Zayed preferred choosing a powerful and strong leader to manage the please after that he gives them enough authorities and opportunities to build up themselves using their experiences and learn from their mistakes.

Organizing responsibilities: Shakh Zayed distribute the responsibilities between his subordinates as aspiration, competencies, capabilities and expertise to be able to rule his country Tamam (1981) and leader suspended direct efforts to reach the goals.

Dealing with problems: maybe some negative problems that might happen in the country but he has his own ethics to quell the problems, he expects the troubles before it occurred so he do not have to put down after it rise.

Observation: Shakh Zayed beloved that one of the most important leader duty to observe his followers. This makes his duty easy for giving orders to supervise the implementation.

Cooperation with other leaders: Shakh Zayed ties with GCC Leaders who was marked by reserved mutual respect and because of this respect he was successful lead the first meeting of GCC Conceal in Abu Dhabi. All leaders were in confrontation with who to develop their countries.

His Weaknesses:

So far and as a leader who has that grate of loved by this citizen and respect from word leaders I can’t find any weaknesses but if we considered that number of boys that he left it might they fight for power.


It is helpful to end this report by saying that, Shakh Zayed was great, smart and successful leader has high ethics, sample and loved by his people. During his ruling period, Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates combined, grown and developed. Guided by the wisdom foresight of its president. The result has been the creation of modern state with high infrastructure as well as heath an education.


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