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The Battle Of Tours 732 Ad History Essay

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The Battle of Tours is usually called Battle of Poitiers ,there is another battle that is called Battle of Poitiers it happened in 1356. Dont be confused between the 2

The Battle of Tours (Battle of Poitiers) happened on October 10, 732, it was fought by the Frankish leader Charles Martel and the other side was a Islamic army who’s leader was Emir Abdul Rahman AI Ghafiqi Abd al Rahman.

It happened near city of Tours, France.


The Franks had defeated the Islamic army and also Emir Abd er Rahman was killed. The battle had stopped the advance towards north of Islam from the Iberian Peninsula.

One time the Islamic was overrunning the old remains of the Roman and Persian Empires. Estimates one of the Frankish army was defending Gaul different in size.

They say the deaths were 15,000 and 75,000. In St.Denis were about 1,500. The Muslims lost between 60,000 and 400,000 cavalry.

Charles Martel

Battle of tours #3

The Islamic army is actually hard to estimate in size, because it was usually broken into raiding parties, the whole Muslim army was at Tours and Abd er Rahman waited for six days to start the battle.

On the seventh day the battle began and both armies had the strength, the Muslims in north of Spain overran Septimania, and made a capital at Narbonne they called it Arbuna.

Duke Odo of Auqitaine also called Eudes the Great had won a small fight 721 in the Battle of Toulouse but the Arabs kept raiding.

Battle of Tours #4

At 725 they went far as city of Autun in Burgundy, the Muslims were attacked by the Arabs and the Franks, in 730 Eudes made allies with Uthman ibn Naissa, who was called Munuza by the Frankish.

Uthman was given Eudes’s daughter Lampade for marriage to make an truce, but the next year after that Uthman rebelled against the governer of al-Andalus.

Duke Eudes (was called king by some), brought his army in Bordeaux, but the army had lost, when they lost christians were slaughtered at the River Garrone.

Battle of Tours #5

Muslim horsemen was destroyed, Duke Eudes asked the Franks for help, in 732 the Arabians moved their force and was moving to north to River Loire.

The Gaul resistance ran out of supplies so they were destroyed, the Arabian splits into raiding parties because they were running out of supplies they looted Gaul.

Charles Martel was in defensive form in the battle.

The battle of tours #6

The Franks had good clothing for the cold and that gave them an advantage, Arabs were not ready for the cold and didn’t want to attack.

The Arabs wanted to come out into the open and the Franks was making a tight defense, then the war became a waiting battle and Charles Martel had won.

On the seventh day the fight began, because Abd er Rahman didn’t want to move the battle to another time, Abd er Rahman thought his superiority of the cavalry was good enough.

The battle of tours #7

The Muslim army trusted that the cavalry would give a advantage, the cavalry had won in previous battles, medival infantry fought with the cavalry.

The cavalry broke up but the Frankish didn’t break, the battle might have been different but the Muslims were still under control.

Some people said on the second day the Frankish scouts raided the camp and the supply, a big part of the army went back to the camp to save their supplies and it seemed to be like a retreat then after that it became a retreat.

The battle of tours #8

When Abd er Rahman was trying to get back the order of his men, who had abled to break inside the defense, Abd er Rahman was killed by getting surrounded by the Frankish army.

Also the Arab army were pushed back south over the Pyrenees, Charles got his nickname Martel, Martel meant hammer, Charles Martels was able to drive the Muslims from France.

The Battle of tours #9

When the Muslim army trusted the horsemen/cavalry that they would give an advantage they would of thought that because in other battles they would win.

After the battle of tours

AFTer the battle of tours

736, the Cailiphate tried to invade again, but this time they tried by sea, it was ordered by Abdul Rahman’s son, they started in Narbonne in 736 and then took Arles.

In 736, Charles took back Montfrin and Avignon, and Arles and Aix-en-Provence with some help of Liutprand, King of Lombards, Nîmes, Agde, and Béziers, He smashed a Muslim force at the River Berre.

They went to face the main invasion at Narbonne, he defeated a mighty host, it was the first time for him to use heavy cavalry, he defeated the Muslim army but he failed to get back the city he was also outnumbered when he stroked.

After the battle of tours #2

Charles was a brilliant strategic general, at 736-737 he destroyed Muslim bases in Gaul, Charles failed to take back Narbonne in 737.

The Cit was defended by Muslims, Arabs and Christian Visigoth citizens, Pippin the short got power and needed to get the city to surrender, in 759, then he would try to drive the Arabs back to Iberia, and bring Narbonne back and into the Frankish.

His Grandson, Charlamagne, then became the first Christian as a ruler, in the east Peninsula Frankish emperors the Pyrenees where today is Catalonia, they reconquered Girona in 785 and also Barcelona in 801.

The Spread of ISLAM

The Spread of ISLAM

Arabs spread Islam to the Middle East, North Africa, and also Iberia, and they did this in a really short time, they then began to spread as far west to Span and Portugal and east in Central Asia and also the Southwest Pacific.

Mohammed died in 632 and he died with a very interesting battle in history, the Arab tribe spread hastily then it became a major religion of the world and the most common in from North Africa to Central Asia.

Spread of Islam #2

Islam was spread by sword, the Arabs were attacked by two strong empires the Byzantine and Sasanian Persian, the Arabs needed 8 years to conquer Syria and also 7 years to conquer Iraq.

They took Egypt 2 years, Moors got Spain and Portugal in 5 years, the Arabs went to Central Asia and Indian subcontinent, the Islam spread into Middle East and it was accomplished by the Arab winning Byzantine Empire.

Arabs went through holy land and Mesopotamia, by pushing back the Byzatines, Arab armies got weakened by fighting Byzantine Empire.

Spread of Islam #3

The Arabs destroyed larger Persian armies, the Arabs first got control of Mesopotamia then they took over Persia, then Arab brought in Islam into Egypt, Arabs conquered most of Egypt , Arab general Amr ibn al Aas was given command by Mohammed, he brought a army of 4,000 horsemen.

They were all armed with lances, swords, and also bows, Amr’s mission was to attack the fortress of Babylon (Bab al Yun)

Spread of Islam #4

Babylon was the opposite of the island of Rawdah in the Nile River at the highest point of Delta to Alexandria it was risky but the Arab’s army reinforcements came and made the Arab army to have more men.

Byzantine’s army could be able to withdraw, Amr brought his army to Alexandria but the governer chose to surrender and not attack the army.

Spread of islam #5

Then the Arab army went to North Africa, and they succeeded again The emperor of Byzantine (Leo III) in 718, made Arab lose a battle and lose a territory.

Moors got most of the Iberian Peninsula but then after he was defeated by a Frankish army and Charles Martel in command near Tours in 732.

Then Moors gave up South of the Pyrenees.

Spread of Islam #6

The Muslim armies after they got Persia went to Central Asia, (651) the Arab army fought against Turkic Tribes in Central Asia, Islam got the Indus valley in the 8th century.

Islam then went to India Sub-continent in India there was no conquering armies and India was already established well with religious beliefs.

Spread of Islam #7

Islam was brought to Coastal India then began to reach Malaysia and Indonesia. The Arabs didn’t control coastal India, because India was a open society.

The Arab traders were not allowed to work in India, Arab traders made markets more to the east, actually they just went east to trade but it turned into sharing religion.

Spread of Islam #8

They built trading ports in Malaysia, trading happened there because Chinese items came from North, East Asian ships to Arab or Indian ships maybe Europe to.

Traders at that time needed to have weapons and armor.

Islam Spreading and Battles

Islam Spreading and Battles

Islam spread really fast and really far, in the past, the Battle of Tours in 732, the Battle of Tours Islam leader Abd er Rahman was actually considered a bad general/leader.

The map of all the conquered places by Islam

Islam Spreading and Battles

It was also amazing how Charles Martel got back so many cities with his army and then eventually defeated the Arab and Islam armies.

The Islam and Arab were defeated

by Abd er Rahman getting

surrounded and killed.

Islam Spreading and Battles

Islam was spread rapidly in a short time so it kind of seemed like the Islamic people and Arabs were kind of like the “Strongest at the time when they conquered all the cities, countries, etc.


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