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Technology During World War 2

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Published: 19th May 2017 in History

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As the battle advanced into a fatal war so did the technology around us. The knowledge most people lacked during the war involved the advantage of the World War. The war carried on as the technology warfare complexed day by day. From Naval to Aerial warfare new weaponry was introduced by each side of the war. Countries around the world revolutionized. The war had finally come to an end however the creation and distribution of new weaponry was never put a halt. Rapid advances in bombs and guns proved deadly, it came very clear to the people that there was much more deaths in WWll then in WWI. Till date the weaponry business strives to introduce further innovation that modernizes our earth as a whole. The weaponry industry determined which opponent of the war had an advantage over the other. It seems like a bad way of advertisement but that’s what went on during the war. One side advertised a new weapon or piece of technology and soon was recreated by the other side to be sold in bulk. The war really turned into a game of “I can do anything you can do better”.

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Ground Warfare at the time was where the real action took place and where most of the thinking went towards. New advances were pioneered at the battlefield. The Machine Gun being one of the most important pieces of expertise in that time! The Machine Gun was introduced at first as very expensive and hand reloaded. The Machine Gun allowed the biggest advantage to the Germans for quite some time until the allies finally realised what a imperative piece of machinery the machine gun was and hence invested in providing their own military with it. Eventually the Machine Gun surpassed its own incredible ability and was fully automatic. This was a startling time in history; the gun being light, requiring less than 2 people to man the machine and easily portable.

Aerial warfare was also a big part of the war. The advantage of being of being able to give a high bird’s eye view was crucial during the war. At first this was the only goal of the airplane in war. The aerial conflicts weren’t as well known as ground warfare because becoming a part of the Air Force meant facing the fact that people die on their very first days. Many others live to tell their story. Aviation didn’t have an immense effect on the outcome of the ground battles of World War 2 because it was still in its developmental stages. It finally occurred to the Military leaders from both sides and they studied and planned to take advantage of the Airplanes features. ON April 1, 1918 the RAF (Royal Air Force) was finally structured by an amalgamation. When World War I ended, France at the time had the most powerful air force established. Airplane bombings annihilated one coordinate on the map effectively and fairly easily.

Aerial warfare was essential during the war however the leaders soon realised there was still one more point where the army was weak; Naval Warfare. Naval warfare had changed significantly during World War II. Limitations were in place when developing new ships because of the short amount of time given for expansion. However a lot of modifying took place during the war that took old working machines and improved them with recent additional features (Also known as retrofitting). More advances arrived for German Submarines nonetheless majority of the experienced and skilled crews had been killed off.

The Germans used the “U boat” in order to primarily stop and/or destroy resources being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. This was a clever way to make the other side less stable and physically dominant. Submarines were critical in the Pacific Ocean as well as in the Atlantic Ocean. The most important naval advances were preventing submarines in the first place. While others built and developed new technology in the naval field some forces created machinery that destroyed/prevented them. The use of ASDIC (SONAR) became common and so did the fixing of airborne radar which cautioned the troops of imminent attacks.

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Technology during the world war not only influenced and determined the outcome of the war but changed people’s lives all together. The technology being introduced all through the World War brought many widespread intellectual people who wanted to take these ideas and build upon them. The progress was influential for many future ideas and development in technology that we see today. This meant the war had an impact on any ordinary human being. Furthermore, we wouldn’t see the vast growth in Aerial, Naval, and Ground warfare like we do up till now. As a common individual in our society I find it hard to morally justify death as a good thing. The war was a tragic event in our history books nevertheless the consequences of the war also brought us with great innovation we would not have seen so quickly the way we did.

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