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Leadership examples | Robert Kuok Hock Nien

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Leadership can be defined as a persons ability to let others willing to follow leadership. Every organization needs leaders at all levels. Leaders can be found and nurtured if you look at the following character traits. Visionary leader has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, and firmly grasp that looks like what is success and how to achieve it. But it is not enough to have a vision; leaders also must be shared and put into practice. Jack Welch, the former chairman and chief executive officer of General Electric Company, said, "Good business leaders create a vision, a clear vision, passion, vision and relentlessly drive it through." (Investing Value)

The leader must be able to communicate, buy its followers in his or her vision. He or she must communicate clearly and enthusiasm, passion is contagious. Besides that, a good leader must have the discipline and single-minded in his or her vision, as well as to guide his or her actions, and to the goals of the team. The action is a sign of the leader. A leader does not suffer "analysis paralysis", but the thing to do is always in pursuit of the vision, inspire others to do the same.

The simplest definition for leadership is a leader having followers. According to Keith Grint, leadership is not simply to delineate a space in a language game, and it is not merely a game of sophistry; indeed, we don't need to agree on the definition but we need to be able to understand each other's position so as to make sense of each other's arguments (Grint, 2010).

A good leader will lead the organization to a better future and also provide benefits to society. The characteristics of a leader also important because it may affect the society when the leader became the role model of the world. Peoples will practice what the leader done to become the way success.


To learn more about those succeed leadership

To identified the way of the leaders succeed

To compare the similarity and the difference between those leaders

To understand the characteristics of each leader

Research methodology

During this assignment, most of my information came from internet and also refers from some reference book to get more details to support what I need to do. Besides that, I do ask for some people's opinion on the leader that I had chosen to understand the reason why and how the leader influenced the world and also the person himself/ herself.

Literature review

The simplest definition for leadership is a leader having followers. According to Keith Grint, leadership is not simply to delineate a space in a language game, and it is not merely a game of sophistry; indeed, we don't need to agree on the definition but we need to be able to understand each other's position so as to make sense of each other's arguments (Grint, 2010).

Leadership ability, which means that the leader has the ability to do something through talent and technology (Smith, 2010). Talent is natural and technical capabilities through training and experience. Talent is certainly helpful, but not required. I know many people are born with leadership close to zero, but become great leaders through training, experience, and most importantly, persistence (Smith, 2010).

'Good leadership is critical to a successful school. Success comes from aiming high with the clear vision, ethos and communication that good leadership brings. We will act to support high quality school leadership and inspired ambitious school communities.' (Ambitious, Excellent Schools - Our Agenda for Action, Scottish Executive, 2004, p5)

Even more recently, it is not an isolated activity, investment in a person, but all kinds of people, and contributes to the leadership of effective leadership, leadership distribution. If this happens, then the leadership willing to go beyond the individual management training, the need to obtain a wider development team leadership: leadership skills, how to develop?

The new qualification is called the National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership (National College for School Leadership, 2005): It is acknowledged that the early leadership with distinctive emphases, especially in the development of integrated services and hybrid models of the staff continue to be a feature of the early childhood work.

One view was that the leadership is personal qualities, therefore, the single leadership role, the concept of competition and power of the built-in (Thornton, 2005) does not sit easily with the cooperation of the way early childhood education practice basis. Early years before school services are often non-hierarchical, and the majority of women workers (Ebbeck and Waniganayake, 2003; Rodd, 2005). Fairly flat structure means, assigned leadership models are often enough to be the priority in the early childhood setting, although in pen green (Pen Green, 2005) asserts that if we transform the life chances of children can only be completed by the "far-sighted leadership."

Early childhood sector continues to grow; we are now the majority of families' use of pre-school education (Scottish Executive, 2004a). These different settings often have a different concept, structure and quality assurance of various models: Muijs et al (2004) report that they are inspected by different bodies.

Solly (2003) conducted a study finds that there is regarded as a leader in setting the differences in the various types of child care. Pre-school, primary school, private and voluntary settings, respondents believe that a single leader, but a formal leadership kindergarten celebration and centers of excellence provide a broader interpretation. Early education to clarify their leadership, according to a different set, they are based. For example, Osgood reported that private sector providers are easier to apply business principles, a set of management and volunteer management department set less comfortable with entrepreneurship agenda (Osgood, 2004). Management kindergartens tend to have a collaborative leadership and community-centered way, jeopardize the gains for fear of competition (Osgood, 2004).

The leader sex may be a way, in addition to the education sector leadership in early childhood. Rhoda (2005), women determine the concept and need to be led by the question: What kind of leadership could mean that early childhood services, they may lack of understanding. Involving sets (Dunlop, 2005), the relationship between the concept of leadership in the department, has more in common with early childhood education teaching method than the traditional business philosophy, leadership. There is a view that the different leadership styles of men and women leaders: Recent research has provided no evidence to support this (Muijs).

However, Solly (2003) found that the majority of early childhood leaders, in his study that the difference between the department and other leadership styles. A social constructivist mode of learning often early years, advocates, Solly found that leaders of early childhood education itself active learning tendency to make others. The participants felt that the advantage of their own propaganda, inspiration, enthusiasm, and spirit, are lifelong learners and teamwork (Solly, 2003).

In my opinion, I do agree that some leader was born to be but most of them were made. Nobody will be the perfect one but after trained, most of the attitude will bring up after training to become a leader.


The leaders that I choose for my assignment is the co-founders of Amway Richard Devos and Jay Van Andel, and the chairman of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts chain Robert Kuok Hock Nien.


Richard Devos

Mr. Richard M. DeVos, the rich is the co-founder of the Amway Corporation, and served as vice president. Rich DeVos met a founding partner of Amway Corporation, the lifetime friend Jay Van Andel in high school Houdiweishi willing to pay 25 cents a week, bike to school. In 1949, Mr. DeVos formation of JA-RI, and began selling the product direct sales basis. In 1959, he founded Amway Corporation (short form as "American Way") and Van Andel and start selling to friends, family, and door-purpose cleaner. DeVos to step down in 1993, Doug, his son took over as president of the company.

In October 2000, Amway has been one of four subsidiaries of a new holding company, Alticor, Access Business Group LLC, a provider of business services, and Jetstar operations in North America, based on the Web three sister companies: Access Business Group LLC., a business services provider, and Quixtar Inc., a Web-based business in North America. He served as the founding chairman of the National Organization on Disability.

He is the Chairman of the National Basketball Association. He served as chairman of the Direct Selling Association. He served as a director and founder of the company Alticor. Amway Chairman of the Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, he served as a board member of the National Organization on Disability, the Board of Directors, Gerald R Ford Foundation: Member, Board of Directors, the governor of Florida; Northwood University the Council freedom trustee: an honorary member of the Committee, DeVos Children's Hospital; researcher, the world's scholarship at Duke University, Edinburgh Award, Newcomen Society: Board of Directors of the past, the spectrum of health; container president, before the fiscal Chairman of the National Policy Committee, the Republican National Committee, the Chairman of the Committee of AIDS past members. He was in the U.S. Air Force 1944-1946.

A well-known speaker, Mr. DeVos has appeared around the world hundreds of thousands of people. Recorded lectures, sales to the United States, "free economy Education Foundation, the Alexander Hamilton Award, he wrote three books: believe, compassionate capitalism, and I sincerely hope that ten lessons in life and I really hope, 10 lessons of 71-year-old, his heart transplant, and provide such perseverance, confidence, confidence, respect and faith, life, life-changing experience.

September 1991, Mr. DeVos and his family obtained the National Basketball Association, the Orlando Magic franchise he received numerous awards and honors, including: Davenport University Outstanding Business Award - 2000: We can make a difference "to pay tribute to the life Award in 1999 from West Michigan, the government hopes, Humanitarian Award, in 1999, the American Spirit Award, the Republican House of Representatives and the Senate in the 1998 Junior Achievement National Business Hall of Fame in 1998.

Professor Horatio Alger in 1996 Horatio Alger Award, Edison Award in 1994 by the American associate professor of marketing: a year in the Adam Smith Free Enterprise Award from the American Legislative Exchange Council 1993: Donald J. Potter Humanitarian Award by the YMCA Heritage Club Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1993, the social responsibility of entrepreneurs year 1992, the annual implementation, sales and marketing, University of Arizona, 1991: William Booth Award Salvation Army in 1990, appointed by the competent international school achievement Charter in 1990, the United Nations Environment Programme Achievement Award of the organization, to accept on behalf of Amway in 1989, Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Corporate Achievement Award in 1989, greatly Grand Rapids business hall of fame in the 1989 Entrepreneur of the Year in 1988, the University of Missouri, 1979 Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame Award, Outstanding Management Award, Industry Week, freedom of speech, Thomas Jefferson Award, Kiwanis: American Enterprise award-winning senior management of National Association ; can accommodate 10 honorary doctorate degrees different colleges and universities throughout the country, and honor due to OMICRON Delta Kappa, the national leadership of the association.

In April 1998, his family through the RDV sports was named WNBA franchise the right International in Orlando Miracle Mr. DeVos and his family have Orlando Sun Bear Hockey League. He is a Grand Rapids Christian high school graduates and participants Calvin College in Grand Rapids.

Today the company, now operated by Alticor in 2000 after the reorganization under the umbrella of the revenue of $ 10.9 billion, 17% in 2011, the 11th time in 12 years the company has recorded an increase in sales. DeVos also owns the Orlando Magic. He built a new arena for the team at the Amway Arena in 2010, $ 480 million.

Jay Van Andel

June 3, 1924, was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, died of Parkinson's disease, December 7, 2004, in Ada, MI. Entrepreneurs. Van Andel has become a pilgrimage site belong to evangelical Protestant denominations, Christian Reformed Church Dutch immigrants. Christian high school in the city, the Van Andel and DeVos, began his flight school after returning to service in the Army Air Corps during World War II. They opened a restaurant in the hard butter hamburger fry recipe from their mother, but later sold to the two companies, and buy a Caribbean cruise. They plan to start a business seagoing, but they returned to Cuba and Grand Rapids near the ship was damaged.

Amway co-founder Jay Van Andel, grown into one of the most impressive and controversial success story in the U.S. business. Van Andel architect Amway attractive direct marketing strategy, through personal contact network sales of consumer goods, but the company from consumer watchdog groups, sometimes attracted unfavorable attention. Along with the long-term business partner Richard DeVos and Van Andel is the most prominent business leaders in a Michigan Republican and conservative political causes and generous contributions.

Van Andel and DeVos business, import and export called Nutrilite supplement manufacturers. Use what they have learned, from the sale of your friends and family, they founded Amway in the basement of the family Van Andel in 1959 LOC, full-featured household cleaners. Their company name to "American way", and relies on a multi-level marketing scheme. New sales recruits will buy the goods and the price tag as an independent distributor for sale to others. However, the key to success is to recruit other people to join the team to grow sales, independent distributors will receive a percentage of the profits from sales of their recruits; returns.

Van Andel wrote all sales and marketing materials in the early stages of Amway expanded to include self-help books and tapes incentives. Also to be sold to independent distributors of new recruits and various brands of Amway products gradually extended to almost all consumer goods, from soap to vitamins. Amway basic knowledge of free enterprise, and motivate the sales mix is ​​not without its critics, and some are not satisfied with the members who claim that the company is what is essentially a large-scale fraud. It was investigated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for several years, but the founder is connected to the Grand Rapids birth Republicans will go to the White House in 1974, Gerald Ford, to help it to avoid further investigation. Amway cannot escape investigation, however, making a false report tax evasion charges brought in 1983 by the Government of Canada through the United States and Canada boundary value goods. Amway paid a fine of $ 58000000, which is the largest ever imposed on Canadian history.

Amway was an international context and a large number of members in China and other Asian countries during the 1990's. The company eventually changed its name to Alticor, is considered worth $ $ 62000000000 in 2004. Van Andel retired in 1995, will no longer serve as Chairman of the Company, and continue to be involved in philanthropy. He and DeVos generously to various city cultural institutions Grand Rapids, in various projects, bear the name of Van Andel Van Andel Institute, dedicated to education and medical research. He also funded a plant in Arizona, hoping to prove through scientific methods, that the world is the highest in six days, the Christian Bible. He is also an enthusiastic donor to Republican coffers and donated $ 2000000 in the presidential campaign in 2004, the United States, resulting in a series of television commercials, questioned the value of the Democratic Party, the White House is hoping John Kerry (John Kerry) the development and experience of the organization.

Big Rapids Hoekstra married Betty Van Andel in 1952, he had four children. He owns a private island, and later years, Van Andel died in January 2004 in the British Virgin Islands family where he spent his last few weeks, too. He returned to Michigan and December 7, 2004, aged 80, after suffering from Parkinson's disease for several years, died at his home in Ada, Michigan. He is survived by his son, Steve, and Dave, his daughter Nan and spines, and ten grandchildren. Forbes estimated his personal wealth at $ 29 billion. "For me, the biggest source of pleasure rather than the acquisition of material things are endless, but to create wealth, give up," he wrote in his autobiography of 1998, a proactive life, according to Uncle Adam. Mr. Sitan in the Washington Post. "The job of everyone on this planet is the ultimate glory of God." Van Andel died in 2004 at age 80 due to heart failure.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien

Robert Kuok was born on October 6, 1923, in Johor Bahru and his three brothers, youngest. He is an influential member of the Malaysian Chinese business. According to Forbes magazine estimated his net worth is about $ 90 billion, which makes him the richest man in Southeast Asia. In addition to a large number of enterprises in Malaysia, his companies have investments in many countries in Asia. His business interests consist of sugar cane plantations (Perlis Plantations Bhd), sugar refining, flour milling, animal feed, oil and mining to finance, hotels, real estate, trade and transport (International Shipping Corporation, Transmile Group) and publications. Just like Boon Siew and Lim Goh Tong, who emigrated from China, Kuok's father arrived in Malaya from Fujian, China in the early 20th century. And unlike the late Boon Siew and Goh Tong, Kuok is an educated rich man (Unknown, 2010).

He received his early education in English schools and then enrolled into Raffles College in Singapore, with Lee Kuan Yew as one of the classmates. He had a short stint working with Japanese companies, Mitsubishi after studies at Raffles was stopped because the invasion of Japan, before helping his father with the trade business. After the death of his father, Kuok and his two brothers have decided to continue the legacy business, starting with the distribution of sugar and some other commodities under the new post-colonial government (Ikhwan, 2011). Business skills they have picked up from their father, who is an avid trader. In 1961, he made a coup by buying cheap sugar from India before the price goes up. Kuok massive involvement in the sugar industry allows the company to be a supplier of open government and Kuok sugar refinery plant to grow again. At the height of his business, he has control of 80% of the Malaysian sugar market with production of 1.5 million tons, equivalent to 10% of the global export market, and so earned his nickname "Sugar King of Asia".

Encouraged by the success of his sugar business, Kuok has fastened his growing business into flour milling, shipping, logistics, oil and gas and hotel. His resurrections to success are fame and famous due to both his expertise in spotting opportunities and strong network with great people, corporations and governments. In 1971, he built the first Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. His foray into Hong Kong property is in 1977, when he acquired a new piece of land reclaimed Tsim Sha Tsui East waterfront, where he built a second hotel, the Kowloon Shangri-La. Kuok controls the Shangri-La hotel chain and is the largest shareholder of Transmile Group Berhad, which is engaged in accounting irregularities scandal in 2007, the stock price goes down. In addition, he took Kerry Group a34.9% interest in the South China Morning Post from Murdoch's News Corporation in 1993. He said his hotel check every now and then to ensure that staff provides the highest quality service. There are times when he invited the taxi driver for a free lunch at the hotel's cafe. Kuok is considered a man of truth when dealing with people, including employees.

There are stories Kuok sought permission from cabin crew to smoke in an airplane he owns. When the crew told him that he would not have to ask anyone, he responded by saying that he was only asked in a normal passenger capacity. His company has investments in many countries, including Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia. Business in China includes 10 bottling companies Coca Cola, ownership of the World Trade Centre Beijing. Confirmed his political influence he was named by one of the child's future advisor Hong Kong in the run up to the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong, and minority interests in CITIC Pacific. He also played an important role in disseminating information and set up a meeting between Malaysia and China governments leading to full diplomatic cross recognition between the two countries. Kuok has married twice and has eight children. He officially retired from the Kerry Group on 1 April, 1993. Now, Kuok Khoon Ean, one of the sons of Robert, handles most of the day-to-day operations of the business. He was living in Hong Kong at this time.

Kuok Group started business as Kuok Brothers Limited in the year 1949 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, trading rice, sugar and wheat flour. Business activity expanded in 1953 with the opening of the Singapore Branch, Kuok (Singapore) Limited. From a humble beginning, the Kuok Group has grown to become one of the most diverse multinational conglomerate and dynamic in Asia.

Driving force behind the growth of the Group is Kuok family, whose vision and commitment to hard work and excellence for more than two generations have made ​​Kuok Group market leader in many areas. From the beginning of its operations, the Group has set forth the basic values ​​of integrity, loyalty and discipline. These values ​​have served as the basis for achievement during the past 46 years. From a trading post established in Malaysia and Singapore, the Group has expanded its operations in the 1950's and 1960's to Thailand and Indonesia. It focuses on the activities of ancillary and related to growth, and also pursued new business and trade opportunities, particularly in commodities, resulting in a trading relationship with companies in Hamburg, Paris, London and New York. Hong Kong and China become the focus of further development in the region in 1980 after a group of senior managers 1970sand established Kerry Holdings Limited in Hong Kong in 1974. The name "Kerry" has become identified with the Kuok Group's extensive operations in Hong Kong and China. The Group has built a management team with great depth and breadth of experience and knowledge. The team continues to focus on herself for the Group's business expansion, particularly in emerging markets in Asia, in areas that complement the Group's business, especially in emerging markets in Asia, in areas that complement the Group's interests and expertise. Central to its future growth is a commitment to maintain the values ​​that lie at the heart of the Kuok Group's success.

"To spend money is to earn money"."If the food in the staff canteen is good, the food in the hotel is good". (Quotes from Robert Kuok)

Company profile

Amway (Amway)

"People helping people, people live better life."

Amway is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses powered by: Brands That Do Wonders Opportunities That Empower Relationships That Endure Global Citizenship That's Purposeful Amway is above all a family company. Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos lead a diverse global management team that supports distributors and their goals. Jay Van Andel, said of the company, "AMWAY gets people into a new life of excitement, promise, profit, and hope." AMWAY now operates in over 80 countries and territories around the world.

For over 50 years, Amway continue to build on the original values and principles established by our founders to ensure the passion for the business stays alive.


Personal opportunity and economic opportunity go hand in hand. With AMWAY you have the freedom to change your life by owning your own business.


We all need family to cheer us on. We are all members of the global Amway family - we respect and take care of each other to foster success.


Inspiring you to dream bigger. Amway creates an environment where hope can thrive.


Happiness is best achieved through earned success. Amway rewards what you achieve, and also what you help others achieve.

Vision and values

"We work each and every day to help people live better lives. We achieve our vision by helping people everywhere discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering better brands and opportunities for the future, and by sharing generously with the global community. To help us realize our vision, we have six enduring values that the business has been built on. " Said co-founders of Amway.


AMWAY is built on the concept of partnership between the co-founders. The partnership that exists among the founding families, employees, and business owners is our most prized possession. We always try to do what is in the long-term best interest of our partners, in a manner that increases trust and confidence.


Integrity is essential to our business success. We do what is right, not just whatever "works." AMWAY's success is measured not only in economic terms, but by the respect, trust and credibility.

Personal Worth

We also acknowledge the uniqueness created in each individual. Every person is worthy of respect, and deserves fair treatment and the opportunity to succeed to the fullest extent of his or her potential.


We are builders and encouragers. We strive for excellence in all we do. Our focus is on continuous improvement, progress and achievement of individual and group goals. We anticipate change, respond swiftly to it, take action to get the job done, and gain from our experiences. We encourage creativity and innovation.

Personal Responsibility

Each individual is responsible and accountable for achieving personal goals, as well as giving 100 percent effort in helping achieve corporate or team goals. By helping people help themselves, we further the potential for individual and shared success. We also have a responsibility to be good citizens in the communities where we live and work.

Free Enterprise

We are proud advocates of freedom and free enterprise. Human economic advancement is clearly proven to be best achieved in a free market economy.5.2.2 Shangri-La Hotels and Resort Chain (Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts)

The Shangri-La story began in 1971 with their first deluxe hotel in Singapore. Inspired by the legendary land featured in James Hilton's 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, the name Shangri-La encapsulates the serenity and service for which our hotels and resorts are renowned worldwide. Today, Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is Asia Pacific's leading luxury hotel group, Shangri-La Hotels Group are also regarded as one of the world's finest hotel ownership and management companies. With 75 hotels and resorts throughout Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe, the Shangri-La group has a room inventory of over 30,000. In addition, new hotels are under development in mainland China, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The Shangri-La 'S' logo, which resembles uniquely Asian architectural forms, suggests majestic mountains reflected in the waters of a tranquil lake. Shangri-La Hotels are five-star luxury hotels located in premier city addresses across Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe. "To treat a stranger as one of our own" characterizes the hospitality one can expect from Shangri-La. Discerning travelers will enjoy world-class service amidst tranquil surroundings, coupled with inspirational architecture and design. The finest dining experiences at every hotel and resort ensure that every palate is pampered. But what makes each stay truly memorable is something even more exquisite and rare - Shangri-La's special kind of hospitality. Hospitality from the heart.

Shangri-La Asia Ltd. is the Asia's leading luxury hotel and the fastest growing group. The company, part of Malaysia's Kuok Group, operates 45 hotels across Asia. In2005, the company also started to drive to the markets of Europe and North America, including the launch of the construction of the first hotel in Europe, in London, is expected to be completed in 2009. The company also opened its first hotel in the Middle East, in Dubai, and the Maldives. Mainland China, however, form the heart of the empire, with more than 20 hotels in operation, and at least 15 more are expected to open before 2010.Shangri-La is unusual among international hotel companies that it owns the bulk of its hotel. So, the hotels under management are not fully owned by the group, most of which are owned by other companies Kuok Group, and especially by the major shareholders own Shangri-La, Kerry Properties Ltd. Shangri-La hotel mainly operates under the luxury, the five-star Shangri-La brand. The company also operates a small number of mid-range business-oriented hotel Traders. Listed in Hong Kong and the Stock Exchange of Singapore, Shangri-La remains a small part of the Kuok's business empire.

However, founder Robert Kuok holds an active interest in the group, and has expressed his desire to see Shangri-La achieve 100 hotels in life. In 2004, the company recorded revenues of $ 726 million. Inspired by the legendary land featured in James Hilton novel Lost Horizon published in 1933, the name Shangri-La include relaxation and services Shangri-La is renowned worldwide. The group has two brands of Shangri-La and Traders hotels. Shangri-La properties are particularly luxurious five star city centre and resort hotels with the majority of city centre hotel has over 500 guest rooms, while the resort properties tend to be a little smaller. Shangri-La tradition of service excellence begins with the opening of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore in 1971. These 15 acres of landscaped gardens, the rooms are beautiful and gracious Asian style set a new standard for excellence in the hotel, which to this day continues to guide the design characteristics of the group. Training is a priority Shangri-La and important source provided annually to ensure employees have the skills and knowledge to be the best in their respective fields. This has earned awards and recognition from the international group of guests, prestigious magazines as well as industry partners and made ​​Shangri-La hotel one of the employer of choice, with more than 30,000 people serving guests with a philosophy of "Shangri-La Hospitality from Caring People."

Since its origin, the group has grown rapidly to meet the growing demand for deluxe hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific and the capital of the most sought after leisure destinations. Today, there are 65 properties, which are only 18 third-party management agreements, across Asia-Pacific, North America and the Middle East, representing a room's inventory of over 28,000. In addition, there are over 40 projects under development, including the location in Austria, Canada, mainland China, France, India, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Seychelles, United Kingdom and United States. Shangri-La also operates its own dedicated sales and marketing office in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and Dubai. The group was linked to 30 frequent flyer programs and has its own frequent guest recognition program called Golden Circle. Golden Circle program has been recognized as one of the best in the industry with over a million members of the current.

Kerry Properties Limited was established to hold Hong Kong and China property investment and infrastructure Kuok Group - a conglomerate with interests ranging from commodity trade and media to the Shangri-La hotel chain internationally renowned, multi-faceted. Kerry Properties to build success on a commitment to quality and entrepreneurial talent to select the main website in a quality location. With the depth of management expertise behind the Kuok Group, Kerry Properties ready for further growth following the reunification of Hong Kong and China. Kerry Properties Limited is one of the most prominent companies in the large network of companies owned or controlled by Robert Kuok. Kerry Properties to buy and develop properties primarily in Asia. It has both residential and commercial properties in Hong Kong as well as office buildings, parking lots, and apartment buildings in China. It has a great importance in several major construction projects such as the Western Harbor Tunnel Crossing and a new air terminal in Hong Kong, and Shanghai expressway in China. It also has a multi-million square foot go into space in Hong Kong. Kerry Properties worked closely with the Shangri-La hotel chain of luxury hotels, which also owned and operated by Robert Kuok. Kerry often buys land that the hotel was later built on, and develops commercial and residential buildings in the neighborhood around the hotel Shangri-La.

Robert Kuok is one of the most powerful businessmen in Asia, a figure comparable to Rupert Murdoch in an area of ​​his holdings. Kuok's business including sugar plantations and refineries, shipping companies, edible oil refining and distribution, chemical plants, construction projects, including building a new leading office in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and elsewhere, the Shangri-La hotel chain and Coca-Cola bottling franchise in Australia and China, the largest English language daily newspapers in Hong Kong, and a controlling stake in Hong Kong television network, which is the world's largest producer of Chinese language programming. This compact business intertwined. Most of them are private companies. Some, such as common Kerry Properties owned, and others, such as Coca-Cola bottling franchise in China, is a joint venture company. Many are run by members of the Kuok family. Robert Kuok own, aged 74 in 1997, and is actively involved in various degrees in the management of many of his company.

PPB history parallels the rise in Malaysia, Kuok family through the 20thcentury. One of the largest companies in Malaysia and one of the largest conglomerates in the ASEAN region, PPB Group Berhad has set up operations range from food to the cinema for the water and wastewater engineering. Food remains the PPB historic and major, contributed 90 percent of the income of the company M $ 7.86 billion ($ 2 billion) in 2002. More than 72 percent of sales generated through its vertically integrated edible oils, especially palm oil business, through Palms listed subsidiary of PPB Oil (PPBOP). Sugar refining and cane plantation, the company's original business, plus 9 percent of sales, while the manufacture of grain and food, through the company's majority shareholding in FFM Bhd, another subsidiary of publicly-listed, add 8 percent to sales The Malaysian market maturity, coupled with strict price controls on basic food items, were encouraged PPB for international growth for its food, and the company has entered Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia and elsewhere in the world. Other operating under the umbrella of PPB including businesses involved in packaging, livestock, and cinemas, through Golden Screen Cinemas. Despite continued focus on food, PPB is in the process reinventing itself for the new century, targeting water and wastewater engineering market for future growth. The company, through its engineering checks, also listed, has acquired a large part of the consortium holds the concession for the Sungei Semenyih Dam and Water Treatment Plant, and has plans to enter the Chinese market in 2003. Although PPB itself traded on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange, the company controlled by the Kuok Group, one of the leading conglomerates in the region.

Kuok Foundation is one of the options for all students enrolled in tertiary education and financial problems. The best thing about this award is that u can take-up award a portion of a loan and start paying back some loans only after you graduate from higher education institutions. Besides, another very good thing is that the loan is interest free. Kuok Foundation Berhad is one of the charity organization subsidized by the Kuok, the Malaysian Tycoon Robert Kuok (known as the Sugar King of Malaysia). Every year the company has helped many people fulfill their dreams extend Malaysia higher education without financial problems. Basically Kuok Foundation to help students from diverse backgrounds but focused more on their financial problems.


There are a lot of characteristics that a leader needs to own to be a great leader. In this part, I will compare three leaders in six categories of characteristics.

First at all, aren't they passionate in their own business? Second, aren't they humble in every way? Following by, do they fairness in their business? How creative while they start their business?


Amway founded by Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel in 1959, they founded Amway in the basement of the family Van Andel in 1959 LOC, full-featured household cleaners and started to selling to friends and family door by door. What their vision is to show everybody a better product to convince their life and also provide a free enterprise chance to the world. They start their business with only one product and move on more than 50 years until now, Amway own more than 500 products which are proxy products and also own self products. In my opinion, during all these years, Amway do attacked by a lot of rumors but Rich and Jay didn't be defeated they overcome those problem with only their vision. They believe that every person is worthy of respect, and deserves fair treatment and the opportunity to succeed to the fullest extent of their potential.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien's business interests consist of sugar cane plantations, sugar refining, flour milling, animal feed, oil and mining to finance, hotels, real estate, trade and transport (International Shipping Corporation, Transmile Group) and publications. Just like Boon Siew and Lim Goh Tong, who emigrated from China, Kuok's father arrived in Malaya from Fujian, China in the early 20th century. And unlike the late Boon Siew and Goh Tong, Kuok is an educated rich man.

He made a coup by buying cheap sugar from India before the price goes up. Kuok massive involvement in the sugar industry allows the company to be a supplier of open government and Kuok sugar refinery plant to grow again. At the height of his business, he has control of 80% of the Malaysian sugar market with production of 1.5 million tons, equivalent to 10% of the global export market, and so earned his nickname "Sugar King of Asia".

In my opinion, compare three leaders Robert Kuok doesn't have passionate as much as what I think but I do agree that he is a farsighted business man. He earned his nickname "Sugar King of Asia" not because of lucky but he seizes the chance to make a different. Kuok is one of the innovative leaders among the world.


According to what I had research, Amway's entrepreneurial ideas are customers come first and follow by their distributors among the world than their staffs and lastly only their own founders Rich and Jay. Normally company's CEO or director always think that they first only comes to staffs and others, this so called authoritativeness and they do expect others respect them in this way. But what I had seen on Amway founders this rules doesn't exists on their practice. What their practice is always peoples comes first only follow by them and I do believe that this is what normally American practice of human rights. They humble and are a good listener in their business that's why Amway become the largest direct selling in the world. Listen what people's needs and wants only can serve well as what their slogan said, "People helping people, people live better life."

This relates to the Robert Kuok Hock Nien, holding the top position since 2006, the 40 richest people Forbes Asia Malaysia Malaysia's richest, and he said he does not like money. However, he hopes the company will continue to make a profit, so that all employees will have a bonus. Bonuses to employees this year, is considered as "good", he said. Kuok can speak fluent Mandarin, as a mother, she said, always taught them to remember their roots. He also said that most of her mother's influence on her. She always told him to be humble, to help the poor; he hopes he can be a businessman who has a good work ethic. Kuok recalls the day he bought a Mercedes as a birthday surprise, her mother in the 1980s. "When my mother saw it, his face changed and he asked me why I had to buy a luxury car, I can only get Japanese car manufacturing," he said, and he sent the car back, the order of his mother. (Loke, 2012)

Kuok said his mother recognized his talent for business and knew he would be successful one day. But she was worried that he would become an irresponsible businessman and had given him valuable advice, including reminding him not to be greedy. She would be very happy with his achievement and if she were still alive now, she would remind him to "continue to be humble, continue to help the poor".

"My love for my mum will be forever," he said. (Loke, 2012)

This show that humble is a must to become a good leader among peoples. In my opinion, humble will get more followers than being ego in the way to being success.


According to the marketing plan of Amway, what they provide for their distributors is a fairness plan and follow by what they have done will get the same reward from Amway. Amway promised that they will reward more than ten awards to their distributors once they did well in their own business. For example, distributors will get retail profit by selling Amway products and they will earn a PV by selling each product. Amway provide a commission's scheme for their distributors start from 3% to 21%. Besides that, Amway will reward distributors to earn an additional 4% income commission of sales by training a success down line in their own business. Once the distributor achieves a position in Amway they do have a passive income for they own. One of the distributors of Amway from Penang Ms. Chan Poh Yoke was dead in 1993 and she achieves her Diamond pin in Amway. Her income doesn't stop but keep on growing after her dead (Appendix 1).


In my opinion, compare three leaders Robert Kuok doesn't have passionate as much as what I think but I do agree that he is a farsighted business man. He earned his nickname "Sugar King of Asia" not because of lucky but he seizes the chance to make a different. Kuok is one of the innovative leaders among the world. Besides that, what I had learned from them is to make a business success one of the terms and condition must be the company must have a fairness and openness marketing plan to serves those who intend to join their business. A fairness and openness marketing plan would bring people to pay more intention to work hard for it. We work hard just to enjoy the repay that after we done what we supposed to do.


Thank you my dear lecturer to give me a chance to learn more about leadership during this assignment. I had learnt a lot of characteristics and know more about what important practice that a leader must have. Everyone aren't perfect, to become a perfect leader have to pay out passionate in the business and must be a humble men in front of everyone. Characteristics play an important role to being a success leader. Besides that, a fairness business plan also important to lead a company to success. In addition, what I had learned from them is to make a business success one of the terms and condition must be the company must have a fairness and openness marketing plan to serves those who intend to join their business. A fairness and openness marketing plan would bring people to pay more intention to work hard for it. We work hard just to enjoy the repay that after we done what we supposed to do.

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