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James Bond was born by the hands of English writer Ian Fleming, father of the world most famous secret agent novels. Codename 007, double 0 for the license to kill, James bond is a charming British special agent with the talent to solve the twisted machination of rich and powerful evil’s minds.


After rising to the rank of commander in the British navy, Bond Joined MI6, becoming one of the few agents “licensed to kill”. His role is to track down those who seek world domination and the destruction of Western civilization. Nothing stops him in battle with ultimate evil. (2)

Inside the MI6, who occupies a bureaucratic office is designated by a letter; among all, M is the direct boss of James Bond, Q is the technological section and is involved in the creation of all the essential gadgets for James Bond missions.

At last but not least miss Moneypenny, James Bond’s secretary, and all the so called ” bond girl” that are one of the fundamental feature for the series (feature also accused of sexism and machismo)


Ian Lancaster Flaming was born in Mayfair, London, May 28, 1908. His family was part of the English aristocracy: his grandfather was the wealthy scottish banker Robert Fleming and his father, Valentine Fleming, was a conservative member of parliament, service-oriented land owner in Oxfordshire.

Ian was only 9 years old when the father was killed in the first world war.

He begins his studies in 1921 at Eton college, and complete them with some difficulties, but he was one of the best athletes of the institute.

Young Ian is exuberant, loves beautiful women and sports cars, and is not ashamed to be seen as a heavy drinker. To correct the behavior of the boy, the mother enrols him at the military academy.

Disappointed, his mother sends him in Austria, in a British family who runs a guesthouse for students. In a free and stimulated environment, different from the English one, Ian improves his profits.

Thanks to this environment Ian become passionate about climbing and skiing; and this same panorama, recurs in his novels.

He continued his studies by attending courses in Foreign Policy at the Universities of Geneva and Monaco. Undertake the profession of journalist for the Reuters agency.

His eccentric passions are reflected in the founding of the club “Le Cercle”, dedicated to the cult of gastronomy and gambling; (in the movie “license to kill”, the first appearance of James Bond is right inside the club “The Cercle”).

In the 1939 he joined the secret service of the British Navy: spending those years conducting a series of operations that will form the basis of the experience that give credibility, life and substance to the character of James Bond.

In 1952 he married Geraldine Anne Rothermere, Countess of Charteris. During the Honeymoon he wrote Casino Royale, his first book with James Bond. Will end up writing a total of twelve novels and two collections of shorts stories on 007, a book inquiry on the international traffic of diamonds and a surreal novel titled “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

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In the saga’s most famous secret agent in the world, Ian Fleming used many episodes of his personal and professional life.

In 1964, Fleming suffered a severe debilitating chest cold, which combined with pleurisy, forcing a slow recovery. That summer his mother died, leaving behind her small fortune from Valentine Fleming’s trust. By this time, Fleming had already earned his own fortune, created his own identity, and ruled his own literary empire. His doctors advised him he was too ill to attend his mother’s service, but he went anyway.

Fleming tried to force his recovery, dictating letters in protest of his condition, as if by sheer will, Fleming could regain his health. In August went to St. Georges to meet with the golf committee. His heart failed him, and the night of August 11, Ian Fleming began to bleed to death from within. At 1 a.m. on August 12, 1964, Ian Fleming died at the age of 56. He is buried in Sevenhampton, near Swindon not too far from the Welsh border. His wife Anne died in 1981. Fleming’s only child, Casper, died from a suicidal drug overdose in 1975. Both are buried beside Ian beneath a simple obelisk monument in the shadow of the local stone church. (3)


Royal Navy

The United Kingdom is an island nation. The sea has always been a vital factor in its history. It has been a means of people arriving from overseas, a barrier to invaders, a highway for trade and the basis for a once global empire.

After the second World war the Royal Navy sees a great transformation in technology, roles and society.

The strategic impact of the Royal Navy was transformed introducing nuclear power and nuclear armed submarines that changes the strategic nuclear deterrent of Britain; ships design was transformed; the Navy first guided missile armed destroyer was completed in 1962; officer entry at schoolboy age was replaced by the mid-1950s, by entry at eighteen. (4)

Royal Marines Ethos

“The ethos of the Royal Marines refers to our role and the way we fulfil it. Since the Second World War, we have developed a specific function as a commando and amphibious force, undertaking operations in harsh environments be they mountain, jungle, cold weather or desert. This difficult and unique task requires certain personal characteristics, which are nurtured at the Commando Training Centre during training and then maintained and developed during our subsequent service. It is because of these individual qualities that we are able to fulfil our collective role successfully; combined, these two key elements form our ethos”. (5)


The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is the espionage agency of Great Britain. It’s more commonly known as the Military Intelligence section 6 (MI6). It was founded in 1909 as the foreign section of the Secret Service Bureau.

It provides the British Government whit a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well – being of the United Kingdome.

Ian Fleming worked for the MI6 during the second world war, for the secret services of the Royal Navy. (6)


James Bond Movies and novels, changed the collective imaginary

He is the central character in one of the best-selling series of popular novels in literary history, and the hero of the most successful and enduring cycle of films ever produced. His critics accused him of racism, sexism, and snobbery. His fans see him as cultured, seductive, and discerning. He is agent 007, licensed to kill.

First appearing with the publication of Ian Fleming’sng’s Casino Royale in 1953 and crossing over to the big screen with the film adaption of Dr No in 1962, James Bond emerged at a turning point in British post-war history, a moment of profound cultural change that saw Britain’s decline as a superpower and its reinvention as a swinging mecca for music, fashion, shopping and youth culture.

As a fictional character who perpetuated British fantasies of global influence while simultaneously glamourizing an affluent lifestyle based on brand-name consumerism, exotic travel, and sexual conquest, bond novels and films have reminded at the forefront of popular culture, continuously modernizing the 007 formula to reflect – and often anticipate – changing social attitudes, major developments in world politics, and shifting trends in popular fiction and cinema culture.

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(1) ( “The James Bond phenomenon, A critical reader”; Christoph Lindner; Univerisity of Wales, Aberystwyth; Manchester University Press; 2003)

The bond look:

The way James Bond present himself to the world – his “look” – provides a number of telling insights his personality. As befits his public persona of a successful businessman for Universal Exports, his style is undemonstrative and classically tailored, suggesting a man at ease with himself and in control of his life. He favors lightweight suits in muted shades for most occasions, and a tuxedo for formal events. Shoes, shirts, and ties are of the best quality. Everything fits, nothing is left to chance – he transcends the whims of fashion.

Bond in love:

For James Bond a beautiful woman, especially in independent, free-spirited woman, is an irresistible challenge – the ultimate prize of a life lived as if there were no tomorrow. Love never lasts long in Bond World. As Paris Carver, a former lover, once remarked with tragic foresight: “this job of yours – it’s murder on relationship”. So Bond keeps moving, from romance to romance. Yet one name will always linger his memory – the name of his murdered bride, Tracy di Vincenzo.

( “James Bond the secret world of 007”; Alastair Dougall; Dorling Kindersley Publishing, London, New York, Munich, Melbourne, and Delhi; 2006 )

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( [online] accessed on 04/05/2010 ) (4)

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