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Why Did Colonists Become Increasingly Resentful of British Rule

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Published: 7th Sep 2021 in History

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It was the period of 1760-1770 that the relation between British rule and American colonists became resentful. The reason was because British parliament started imposing tax on American colonists, and that too without any permission. This became the main motive for the English Civil War and also American War of Independence that resulted after the American Revolution (Loss of the thirteen American Colonies). The main slogan during that time was ‘No taxation without representation’, which emerged in the 1750s. Several colonists also felt that they were not enough represented in the British Parliament. They also believed that it has resulted in them losing the rights of an Englishman. Hence, this made them believe that taxing the colonies was unconstitutional. In details, from 1660s British Parliament was controlling the trade and also the imports as well as exports. However, in the 1760s these rights were taken away from the Americans. The colonists basically had no role in the British Parliament, but were still taxed. Several colonists and Americans started opposing such taxation. For instance, Stamp Act of 1765 was violently rejected by Americans. British in return used military to impose the laws strictly on the colonists. In retaliation, militias were formed by colonists and they took control of each and every colony (No taxation without representation). As mentioned before, Stamp Act was one of the main points which brought anger and resentment. Stamp Act actually imposed tax on all of the legal documents, on both internal as well as external trade. After the tea act was passed, violent rebellion took place in which British Ships were attacked to destroy boxes of tea. British punished Americans, and in result it was decided that British Government will no longer be tolerated. This resulted in revolution, and separation of American from Britain (The American Journey).

Indicate first what interested you the most about this weeks topic — what you want to know more about (no more than two sentences) AND second what was the muddiest point — what did you find confusing? (again, no more than two sentences)

There were lot of interesting facts those were learned in this week, especially I was intrigued by the revolutions. It was interesting reading about how people can gather and bring such huge change. It was confusing learning about the role of British Parliament, and that if colonists were in American, how they would be present in Britain. I may not be making much sense but will definitely want to research more on this topic, and enlighten myself.

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If it was about colonist concerns, now I feel it is about globalization and its affects. It is said that so many of the people do not get paid enough, and does cheap labor. Some of them are paid pennies of the products those are sold for hundreds of dollars. The world is becoming flat because of globalization, but there are still people who are getting affected, and there will be a time when they may revolt back for their rights. At certain industries it is said that health protocols are not followed, and people are working under threatening conditions. Further affects can be read on this link:

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson expressed significantly different visions of what they wanted American society to become. What were the key differences in their philosophies and, looking at the United States today, whose philosophy do you think has played a larger role in shaping our country?

Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were influential people in the history of United States. Alexander Hamilton’s childhood was tough, and was brought up by his single mother. He had seen poverty, and struggled for most part of his life. Later on, his father had a change of heart and began funding for his education. Hamilton was very active in the local and national politics, as well as built a federalist party surrounding his views. His views were European when it came to social structure, and believed in establishment of strong central government. In addition, having a strong national bank as well as an alliance with strong economies, which was Britain at that time. Even though the party died after the failure in the elections, the values can still be seen in the Republican Party. On the other hand, was Jefferson, and he was basically a rival of Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson believed strongly in equality, and said the following famous quote ‘All men are created equal’. His upbringing was in a wealthy family, however he was very sensitive to the ones in need. Jefferson was known as a very down to earth President, who would make foreign delegates wait while he would listen to the concerns of a farmer. His political views were of Democratic-Republicans, but would call themselves Republicans. This was because during that time, democracy was a frightening concept. He favored having a strong government that should be connected with the public. They had opposing views than Hamilton, and were against central Bank. The reason given was that it would hand in majority of power to the central government (Jefferson and Hamilton). I believe both of their philosophies played important role in shaping American politics. Both the republican views, and also the democratic values are embedded in our current society.

Indicate first what interested you the most about this weeks topic — what you want to know more about (no more than two sentences) AND second what was the muddiest point — what did you find confusing? (again, no more than two sentences).

It was interesting to read about the life histories of two important politicians, Jefferson and Hamilton. Especially it was interesting to read the struggles that Hamilton had gone through, and still established such values. I would like to read more about how their views are influencing American politics in current era. Especially in terms of political party protocols.

The question that I covered, gave me an outlook on political views of Jefferson and Hamilton. Their views are always visible in current politics, in one way or another. Our political parties still have the same roots, but of course with more humanitarian and democratic point of view. I believe it is still the same struggle, however, in a very different way. Now the system has inclined towards democracy and its assets.

You’re an American living in the 1830s. Which reform movement would you have participated in? Or, would you have not participated in any? Why?

I would have definitely participated in abolitionist movements in 1830s, if I was living in America. I have an interest in reading about slavery and how it has affected people from centuries. It makes me think about how racism can become so harsh that humanity can dissolve. From 1830-1870 abolitionist movements were very common and a topic of high interest among several generation of people. It was the time when racial segregation and also discrimination was getting recognized and abolished. I would have definitely been part of anti-slavery movements, and would have done anything in my limits. It was actually in 1830s that the movements got harsher and forceful. It was the time when people were on the roads and protesting to end such sinful and inhumane acts. During the same era, women rights were also on rise, I would have actually even been part of that. I strongly feel that when it comes to any issue that has to do with rights of a living being, we should all be part of it. However, 1830s was the time when anti-slavery rights were in full swing. Even a newspaper called as Liberator had started publishing articles, mainly by African Americans. Several societies were also getting established, such as American Anti-Slavery Society (Abolitionist Movement). I would have definitely been part of one of these societies, and in fulfilling their agendas. I am sure these societies played an important role in the liberation movements, and created enlightenment.

Indicate first what interested you the most about this weeks topic — what you want to know more about (no more than two sentences) AND second what was the muddiest point — what did you find confusing? (again, no more than two sentences).

It was very interesting to actually research on what movements were actually going on in the 1930s. It was amazing to know that there were so many movements going on, from politics, anti-slavery and also women rights. It was confusing to read about the laws those were passed during the period of 1830s. Some of the links said that the laws were passed in Britain, so I had to research further to figure out what was happening in the United States. However, I did find a lot of information, and will like to read more on this certain stream.

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After reading about anti-slavery laws, I also ended up researching a lot on discrimination that had occurred because of racial differences. I feel that in current society, the same hostility has developed against Islam. I understand that there are certain group of people who should be condemned, but it should not be targeted at the whole society. This could lead to something that we had seen throughout centuries, in form of discrimination based on race, and what happened in holocaust. During holocaust so many Jews were killed because of such discrimination, and we should be careful that such hostility does not get created more. In recent days, ‘Burn a Quran Day’ had become an issue all over the media. Several people were against it, and had complained. Even politicians tried to stop the person mediating such act; hence hostility still exists and should be tackled.


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