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Christianity in the Roman Empire

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5/12/16 History Reference this

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The rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire was a very big step in the Roman Empire. It was also very successful in spreading throughout the Roman Empire. It was hard to spread the religion throughout the empire but eventually it was never again “discriminated”. They were also never again persecuted or killed. The religion, Christianity were and are one of the most famous and important religions of all time. There are also many reasons why this religion was successful in spreading throughout the empire. Here are some of the reasons.

The reason that the Christian religion spread so quickly and so successfully in the Roman Empire was because it appealed to the masses of the Roman Empire or basically the poor people in the Roman empire. (The poor people were called the masses because they made up most of the empire’s population.) The religion appealed to the poor people because they did not have to be rich to follow the religion. They did not have to sacrifice cows or their food unlike the roman religion where they had to sacrifice animals or food but they were rich so it did not really matter. It did matter to the poor because they probably did not even have food and of course not a herd of animals that the person could just sacrifice all day long. In the Christian religion, they did not have to sacrifice their food which saved them a lot because they could actually live and not starve. Then that would mess up Rome’s economy because the poor people were needed to keep the economy how it was.

Another reason that the masses liked the Christian religion was because they had instant access for talking to god. They did not have to go to a priest or priestess to talk to god and even if they did go and they paid money, possibly they would not even get to talk to god. Then they would have lost their money and they would have no money to use. This could have also made the wealth gap in the Roman Empire even bigger and that would lead to the poor getting poorer which could have lead to the poorer people would possibly rebel even more than before which could lead to the collapse of Rome even earlier. That could have possibly meant the end of the Christian religion because the Christians could have died out with the empire.

Even though this religion was so popular in the masses of the empire, they were still hated one way or another. Because they refused to follow the Roman religion. This made the roman government mad and scared because they thought that the Christians were going to become one very big mass and take over the Roman Empire. It made them mad because they were opposing the roman religion which was thought to be opposing the roman government. Also, during the time, the Pax Romana was crumbling and the Christians were blamed for it or scapegoat. They did not really cause the crumbling of the Pax Romana. They just happened to be there at the time. That was basically all of the reasons that the Christians were persecuted.

The religion Christianity was then revived in the time of Constantine! Constantine thought that Christian was a good religion and he then made it a official religion of the Roman Empire and the roman government. Constantine also passed a roman law that the Christians were not allowed to be persecuted ever again. Therefore, Constantine is basically the savior of Christianity because if he did not promote Christianity, most likely the religion, Christianity would have been gone and Christianity would not exist now. That would not be a good thing because Christianity is one of the most popular religions of this time besides Buddhism, Judaism, Hindu, and Islam. Christianity was also related to Islam and Judaism because they all had a holy book and a single god. They also had the same origin, Abraham. If there was no Christianity, tshe world would probably be very different right now.

These are the many reasons why the Christian religion was so successful in spreading throughout the Roman Empire. As you can tell, The Christian religion was very successful in spreading throughout the Roman Empire. They also had some hard times because it was just a new religion it is like a new kid coming into a new school. It would take some time to fit in to the rest of the people and in this case the religions.

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