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Australia was involved in the world war one for many reasons. The most important reason was to help its mother country Britain. They thought if they helped Britain they will help them in any problem.

Reasons for enlistment in 1914:

In 1914, Australia became involved in world war one because of Britain declaring the war on Germany. When Britain declared the war, the Britain Empire should go to war including Australia and New Zealand. At this time Andrew Fisher (the future prime minister) promised Britain to help the in the war. Australia has entered the war for three reasons: /kapilas/talks/Introduction_to_Indian_Writing_in_English_files /slide0005_image002.jpg

They will be known as a nation of its own;

The other countries will have greater respect for the new nation;

The British Empire in 1914.Andrew Fisher promised that Australia will help its mother country.

Approximately 98% of Australia’s population are non aborigines and most of them are from the British Empire like Scotland and Wales. That’s why the men have volunteered to go to war and help their mother country. There were other reasons to go to war cause the thought it would be a great adventure, and the will give them a great wages and the thought they will come back in Christmas.

Australia’s relationship with Britain:

After Australia was federated in 1901 it was still a part of the British Empire

Australia was found by Britain and Australia language and culture has come from Britain.

Australian political, justice, education, fashion and sport system are British.

An Australian Poster Used to Make the Australian to Go to warAustralia’s import marketing is from Britain.

Australia economy is to tie to Britain’s.

Australia’s defence was the British Navy. Australia was scared by the “Asian Hordes” but British power was its defence.

Australia was part of the British Empire.

The Australian children learned about the England kings and


From 1905, Australia celebrates the queen’s birthday. First the children go to the school in the morning and they sing patriotic song and they have the rest of the day as a public holiday.

Australia’s involvement with Britain in 1914 or world war one was quite all over the place, they were like rivals but not enemies, they kind of despised each other but when it came to danger they would ark up and protect each other no matter the cost.

Opposition to Involvement:

Many were against the war some of them are conscientious objectors from religious groups Society of Friends who defeat the human life.

The conscription is forcing men to go to war even if they don’t want to do there.118F824B

The anti-war movement included:

The Industrial Workers of the War;

The Society of Friends;

An extract from a letter written by F.J. Roberts in 1914 saying how he is against the war.The Woman’s Army Peace;

The Australian’s Peace Alliance;

The No Conscription Fellowship.

Some thoughts aggravated anti-conscription:

Conscription was wrong because war itself morally wrong.

It’s a type of injustice to force someone to go fight in the war.

Some were provoked first and foremost by selfishness.

The working classes would stand the load of conscription.

Labour Party followers often viewed the pro-conscription entrance hall as war profiteers who in their self-interest, would happily censure others to die while they stayed home and made money.

Recruitments Campaigns:

With the rash of the war in Europe in 1914 the Australian government promised Britain and its allies to help them defeating Germany and its allies. First the Australian army start calling for volunteers. The army plan was to have half of the men that have experience or were in the army or served in previous wars and the other half wanted to be physically fit volunteers between the ages of eighteen to thirty five years old who were six inches and above. After the Gallipoli war news, the Australian army wanted more men to volunteer, but now one volunteered because they were scared. After the terrible Somme offensives in France with the high rates of loss of lives, the Australian government agreed to get more troops. The men were force to enlist. They said that it was their duty to join the war. Expressive and rousing addresses were given right through Victoria with speakers maintaining that Australians were forced to go to war in view of the German purpose of world control. Also, it was a good reason to punish the carnage dedicated by the Germans in their demonstration throughout Belgium and the finishing of Nurse Cavell.

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Australian men who volunteered for the WW1 Limited people at the time were not agreed about Australia’s participation in the war but strong moving forces were out of control in the community. Anti-German feeling was strong in the middle of many people. The Shire of Moorabbin was congratulated, by one person, for reprimanding a worker for expressing views that were careful with the pro-German. Leo Gamble reports an incidence where three young Mentone people threw rocks all the way through the weak walls of the home of Oscar Wetzel, a German settler of some years standing. Living next to the pier in Naples Road Wetzel often looked across the bay with a telescope and permitted others to do so for a money charge. He was accused of undercover work on ship activities. The three men were charged for the crime but received token fines.

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