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Any modern civilization today will generally agree that war is a bad thing, but as people get richer they starts to possess less intelligence then Lennie Small, and possess more narcissism and self satisfying ambition then Andrew Jackson. War then will be considered a good thing. It adds more land, gives the government and people self esteem improvement, and it gives the army something to do. It is exactly during these ages of Imperialism and nationalism that a world war follows soon after. It was however unfortunate that after World War 1, Imperialism, pride struggle, and depression that Adolf Hitler was born and raised.

Part II- Adolf’ life

Adolf Hitler was born in 20th April, 1889. He was born in a small town in Austria named the village of Braunau Am just across the border from German Bavaria. Hitler was deeply loved by his mother but his father wanted him to be something different, he wants him to be a man with discipline and the ability begin able to obey order and give orders. Adolf, however, did not have to listen to him when he was young because that his father worked in the Austrian civil service. (“Rise of Adolf Hitler”) In cording to Hitler’s autobiography “Mein Kampf”; “I thank heaven that a portion of the memories of those happy days still remains with me.” That Hitler had a good and carefree childhood, when his father was at civil service. (9)

As little Hitler enjoys himself to play as leader in his own gang of friends. After reading about a colored war book in the chapel he commonly visits, his interst in war grew. All the time when he was outside, he will reenact with his “friends”. This is always his favorite game to play as he rarely played anything different afterward. It should be noted that some of his friends are so sick of this game that the children simply left Hitler alone. However, he just then find another group of children to react the “play” over and over again. (Rise of Hitler) Hitler claim to himself as a clever boy when he was little as he stated in his own biography that because homework are so easy, that he had seen the sun more then what is in his room.(Mein Kampf 4)

In his book he said that father wanted him to be a civil servant, he also said in his own book that he dreamed to become a painter. (“Rise of Adolf Hitler”) this creates conflict between the father and the children. Incording to Hitler, “I yawned and grew sick to my stomach at the thought of sitting in an office, deprived of my liberty; ceasing to be master of my own time” and that “As long as my father’s intention of making me a civil servant encounter only my theoretical distaste for the procession, the conflict was unbearable” (Kampf 9)

Hitler’s father began to enforce his ideal on him with corporal punishment, backed up also in his own book that “I drew the short end; the old man began the relentless enforcement of his authority.” (Kampf 10) This, instead of persuading Hitler, however achieved the opposite effect. Hitler begin to slowly drop his grade so that his father will stop enforce his ideal and gave him the freedom he wants. He also begins to play pranks in class, and refused to pay listen to the teacher during his breaks. These actions that created the entire struggles eventually ended with Hitler’s father’s death when Hitler is at the age of thirteen. (Rise of Hitler)

His father was quick in terms of anger; he will beat his sons with a whip even with not only Hitler’s resentment with his own dream, the littlest things that offend him. Hitler was beaten many times by his father’s temper, this did not cause Hitler to give, as he once read in his favorite novels that a hero would prove their courage if he had the ability to take no pain, Hitler resent to have no tear when his father beats him. Eventually at one time his father had beaten him so much that his mother almost collapsed in tear. Hitler claim to himself in Mein Kampf that he never cried, and that he even counted the amount of whip lashed onto him. He also claimed that his father never beat him again. (Gibin 7)

Even though Hitler was sad that his father died, he was also happy however. Happy due to the fact now he has now the ability to do what he wants, and that is to be a great artist. Dropping out of high school, He then applied for an art school in Verona called the Academy of Fine arts. (James Gibin 9) He failed twice due to the art examiner are stated that he have no artistic talent in the artistic body. (John Simkin)

This devasted Hitler as a whole, and to add insult to injury, Hilter mother was sick. Because of this, Hitler now stopped all his ambition to become what he dreamed and focuses helping his mother to get better. Incording to his closest friend August that “Not a cross or impatient word” and that “Adolf lived only for his mother.” (James Gibin 10) (It should be also noted that some of my sources stat that Hitler still took more art exam in other university while his mother was sick.) He did not tell his mother about the failure of his art exam, nor did he told this to anybody. (Rise of Hitler)

Klara Polzl, mother of Adolf Hitler was found dead in the years of 1917. Incording sources, the doctor didn’t charges Klara treatment Due to all his visits to sick patients, Hitler

seems to suffer the most from the death of a loved one. Hitler, knowing of this said to the Jewish doctor that “I shall be grateful to you forever.” (Rise of Hitler)

He moved with his best friend named August Kubizek. His friend August Kubizek is a great listener, therefore this gave Hitler the tenancy to lecture all day about his dreams of begin an artist and his view of the world. His friend of course will not gave him advice, as Hitler always not too fond of them.(James Gibin 10) as of matter of fact, incording to his friend August “he gave his whole self to his imaginary plans, that he was completely carried away by them.” This friendship did not last long however, as time draggers on Karl had achieved his own and wanted dream. He was to be accepted into fine music art in the university of Art center in Vienna. This however, causes Hitler to be jealous of him, so jealous that left him one day without a world. (Rise of Hitler)

After he left, his friend Hitler became homeless and jobless and was resort to live in the street of Vienna. He refused to get a job, as he believes he is too good for them. (John Simkin)

He then went to a homeless shelter care, and everyday he eats at the soup kitchen and slept at the street. This lifestyle had a big physiological impact on Hitler, as one of the sources stats that “His years of misery in Vienna would also be a time when he formulated many of his ideas on politics and race which would have immense consequences in the future.” (Rise of Hitler)itlH

During this journey, Hitler starts to became a different person. The young and cheerful side of him was gone, as he started to have more and more hard time in his life he begin to possess even more and more anger. Many source allow concludes that Hitler was not used to begin homeless and poor. One source stated “The utter misery of his poverty also deeply

influenced Hitler. He adopted a harsh, survivalist mentality, which left little room for consideration of kindness and compassion – an attitude that would stay with him until the end.” (Rise of Hitler)

During his homeless days in Vienna, Hitler also begins to have a mass obsession to read. He is able to borrow any news paper he finds, borrow books in the library, and begins able to read just about anywhere. (John Simkin) However, it is noted that Hitler’s “reading” is very different than most other peoples reading. In cording to source, many times what Hitler seems to interpret in the text is very different then what the text says. (Rise of Hitler) he also read many books written by complex philosopher of Nietzsche, Hegel, Fichte, Treitschke and the Englishman, Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Incording to sources, the academically untrained mind of Hitler causes him to misunderstand many things these philosophers say. (Rise of Hitler)

During this time Hitler also met a politician named Karl Lueger. Hitler sort of admires him; admire his anti-Semitic attitude and the ability to deliver great propagandas. Due to these heavy influences of Karl Lueger and his own fantasy of good and evil, Hitler slowly adopting heavy nationalism and the anti-Semitic ideals. These ideals eventually was shown in his autobiography later in his life, Mein Kampf (Rise of Hitler)

Ironically during his stay in the city of Vienna. Hitler did open a small paint trade business, where all day he trades some of his sketches of building in Vienna and sells to stores for a small price. This is considered ironic due to most of his trade is done to mostly Jewish shops. It is also ironic that the person who recommended Hitler was also a Jew. (Gibin 28) The man who recommends Hitler to start a small art business is named Josef Neumann. Josef is also one of Hitler’s close friends in the shelter for the homeless. (Rise of Hitler)

(John Simkin) He was passed on the estate his father left at the age of 24. With the extra Money he has now, he decides to Germany. He admires the Germans for their art and literature, as he began to paint street scenes much like those he had done in Vienna. (Rise of Hitler) “The happiest and by far the most contented of my life.” Hitler would say. (Mein Kampf 62)

This was all about to change however. In January 1914, he refused to join the Austria military, as he himself claimed to be a German nationalist. (Gibin 16) Hitler was not fond of this ideal, as he dislike to serve in the Austria armed forces. He still appeared to the city of Salzburg, a close city near Munich. However luckily, when he had his medical for the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1914 he was rejected as being: “Unfit for combatant and auxiliary duty – too weak. Unable to bear arms.” (James Simkin)

The reason which Austria require the armed force is mainly due to the assassination of archduke franz Ferdinand, who was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist. This causes the Austrian to urge their own allies and declare war on Serbia on July 28. Russia joined in as an allied of Serbia, mostly due to a signed treaty. Soon the conflict begins worst and worst in the next couple of months as more country jumped in as this conflict will be known as World War 1. (Gibin 17)

Remember what I stated all the way in the beginning of the essay; that if people get rich people want war, that solider can show off their pride to their own beloved people, and then suffered shell shock or other war related injury. This is exacted what happened to Hitler as stated beginning in his own autobiography; “I am not ashamed to say that, overcome with rapturous enthusiasm, I fell to my knee and thanked heaven… for granting me good fortune of being allowed to live at this time.” (Mein Kampf)

Hitler was a war hero in the battle lines of Germany, he was considered weird but general respects him as he is the only depatch runner; it’s a job that involves carrying a message from one station to the other. This job is considered dangerous because you have a very likelihood of getting shot or be blow off by grenade. However it seems that Hitler of all things he seems to not be, is the god of luck. He was never injured and always delivers the message on time, also he just seems to eager for the job. This puts Hitler to become an important position in the frontline. (John Simkin)

Despite his accomplishment in the frontline, in the social aspect with other soldiers seems of a bit weak. Many disregard Hitler as a weirdo as he always seems to be a figure that isolate himself from the other, however sometimes he made outburst speeches about the blaming of the Jew and Marxist undermining the German war effort. (John Simkin) some claims they were surprise that Hitler had no complaint the war condition and showmen of none interest in women. (Rise of Hitler)

Hitler luck ran out. On October 7 1916, during the battle of the Somme, he was carrying anther message for one station. While he was waiting, a grenade explodes and hit him on the knee. He was then moved into the hospital. While in the hospital he once again blamed all fault to the Jews, he also blamed once again that the Jews are all undermining the Germans effort and causing great conspiring unrest.

“In August 1918, he received the Iron Cross first class, a rarity for foot soldiers. Interestingly, the lieutenant who recommended him for the medal was a Jew, a fact Hitler would later obscure. Despite his good record and a total of five medals, he remained a corporal. Due to

his unmilitary appearance and odd personality, his superiors felt he lacked leadership qualities and thought he would not command enough to be a Sergeant.” (Rise of Hitler)

He return to the army in 1918, the solders there welcomed warmly him back. But the cheerful mood did not last long however, as the war now turned more deadly than ever, with the introduction of tank, airplanes and poison gas. Thousands of soldiers die in the crudity of war. Hitler was also not as lucky as he used to. As the war slowly diminished his allies one by one, the pain of war itself slowly came to Hitler, as he one day was infected by a muster gas. He was blinded and was hospitalize in October 1918.

The war was over in the November of 1918, as the elderly pass on to the news to the hospital, Hitler was stunned and angry. The thing he had worked so hard for turns out to be meaningless in the end. The country he had loved turns out to be a “loser.” (John Simkin)

He once blamed the fault of his own injuries and German defeat in the war on the Marxist and the Jews. He once again dropped into a depression, as in many doctors and nurses at the time stated that Hitler refused to talk to anyone and lie the bed all day. (Gibin 24) he had described his own depression and hatred in the biography of Mein Kampf as “There followed terrible days and even worse nights – I knew that all was lost…in these nights hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed.” (Rise of Hitler)

It was then an idea of begin a politician occurred, and decided that he will changed the whole world into what he had dreamed.

What occurs after is known well of Hitler. Eventually became a discovery of himself in the talent of speech, uses propaganda to absorb the crown into his mind game, slowly manipulating his way up into the Nazi party, uses betrayal, lies, and fear itself to allow him to

grow so much power that he became the Chancller of Germany. (Kampf 3) Made too many enemies during his dictatorship, kill so many Jews/gays/communist/rebels (his most famous kills were Jews though) that the number of genocides aftermath is considered in awe in the historians eyes. (John Simkin) Eventually overwhelm by the triple side attack of the allies. (Rise of Hitler) Shot him dead and was cremated as he has no way out, and till today we have a man whose name and those who follow his ideals reminds people of thoughts Malevolence almost every time it is mentioned. (Gibin 214)

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” -Mary Wollstonecraft

Hitler was a hallucinative man to me, not evil. Throughout parts of my research shows he was believed to be manipulated himself into thinking what he had done is actually good. This theory ended up with only fact, what Hitler did not only changed the world for what he had done, he also changed the world by heeding us the danger of propaganda and racism. (Rise of Hitler)

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