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Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Care

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Health issues are more important in this modern advance world and people are more conscious about current health situation. Public is more conscious about the hospital care standard and funding. Social issues are now changing as the standard of living is changing in world. Technology has changed the sense of feeling and acting on various social issues. Social care is directly related to public care and interest therefore affect debate influence the social and health care issues. First it is more important to give rise to issues and public concern. Media is playing role promoting the health and care issues. The first most important analysis is that media information is how much valid and reliable. The reliability and validity of media reports on health and social issues is how much correct and cover the aspects. People want to know about the health and social issues to avoid from confused information. Additionally, health and social issues have great impact on the human behavior. It is important to judge the development services for resolving the health and social issues (Mbogo, 2016).

Task 02:

Be able to carry out research into different perspectives on a specific issue relating to health and social care.

3.1     Carry out research into different perspectives on a specific issue relating              to health and social care.

Research is considered most important element to discover and invent the new things or technology. Research in health and social care issues is on top in world and controlling the diseases. Scientists are discovering the cure and prevention method to control diseases. Media is presenting the information and sharing in society for covering the wide range of issues in society. The development in services improves the social care skills and the use of latest technology is more important. Now advance technology is using to cure the diseases and media help in creating awareness. Health and social care are directly linked with each other. The linkage of both health and social care has now become industry. There are a large number of investments involved in health and social care issues. Now media reported that it has become economic industry and a lot earning source. Social and health care has now changed the attitude, thoughts and behavior of people (Anon., 2013).

Health care is now done by following the standards. It has information related to financial issues and resourcing. The information on media is related to following,

  • Diseases
  • Preventions
  • Healthy Life Habits
  • Health Services
  • Health and Care Standards
  • Financial Issues and Resourcing

Research relating to health and social care reaches the public domain through various sources. In this modern advance period, social media is biggest source of information sharing form one region to another region (Gulliford, 2013).

Research is golden key to change the situation in this modern world and control the economic activities in world. It is analyzed from different source that there are various disseminating techniques for information. Health and social care issues are mostly searched on social media for saving the time in hospital. Online health issues are more searched and read as it helpful for covering the various experts’ opinion. TV is one of the most important sources for “General Practitioners” to share the health care information. Most of diseases are now have advance versions and it can be controlled on initial stages. Research has changed the world of science and latest equipment have changed the information data storage (Glasby, 2014).

  • General practitioners & through word of mouth
  • Newspapers, TV & Radio
  • Movies & Documentaries
  • Internet & Social media
  • Books & Magazines
  • Leaflets & Pamphlets
  • Posters research papers & Journals

Research journals are considered the most important source for sharing the expert opinion and educators’ study it. Books and magazines are also share information and it is also useful technique for data distribution.

3.2      Monitor how different perspectives gleaned from reliable sources on a                specific health and social care issues have changed over time.

From the research of history, it has found that millions of people died with suffering from fever. Hundreds of diseases in past have meaning of death as there is no cure of these diseases. But now perspective gleaned, and reliable resources have changed the health and social issues by controlling various factors. In medical, health and social care there is no permanent issues as it changed over time. In society, people get information through social media and there is no time to confirm or judge this posted information. There are lots of recipes of health care that are available online that damaging the users. The secure and accurate health tips are also available online and sharing on social media. Sick people need medical care services and social care play important to cure the diseases. Here, I have selected the diseases that have presented in news media by professional doctors for public. Media present the both positive and negative aspects about health and social issues. It has great influence on contemporary health and social care issues (Anon., 2013).

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Social care has great influence on the people attitude, thoughts and behavior. People quickly learn about different things and adopt it by watching on social media. Health issues are now common in various countries and internet has become important source for sharing the information. People especially young are research on internet and embrace the theories and perceptions related to health. Looking smart is most important on each stage of life and people seek for medicine and avoid heavy exercise. Health tips information related to health and social care change the mind of new generation. Attitude plays important to adopt the change and control the minds (Glasby J. , 2012).

According to psychologists, attitude or care is the thinking of strong mind and it can be changed. Video’s play important role to understand the various health related issues and guide them about the prevention or cure of disease. Different ways of information related to health and social care present have great influence on thoughts and behavior of people. In developed countries and underdeveloped countries, people have great influence of social media. Social care has changed the new trends and new fashion is introduced. Solid knowledgeable information in videos influences the mental condition of millions of people. According to psychologists, minds perceive the various things and embrace from other thoughts. Therefore, different ways of information related to health and social care present have great influence on thoughts and behavior of people (Glasby J. , 2012).

3.3      Assess the relevance of the findings to health and social care practice              locally

Health and social care practiced locally is based on international standards. Health issues are discussed on media are considered the major source of information sharing and contain a lot of knowledge about health and social care issues. In media top ranking source for sharing the information is television. Television reports and discussion with professional expert’s doctors, professors have great knowledge and information. The information holds the diseases and their cure techniques, tips. Professional expert tips are important to resolve the health and social care issues. Research publication, media reports, expert opinion, professional advice, newspapers, books, teachers and journals are considered the most important source for sharing information on public level.

Health and social care has great influence when information is shared with them. People do not have source to confirm this information and they completely rely on media reports. Demographic data using by media in reports has great influence on human minds and the expert opinions or words change the attitude, thoughts and behavior of people. People suffering from health and social care issues rely on radio and newspaper reports. Young people spend their all-time on face book, twitter and You-tube. Childcare and schools follow the weather report and depend on warning given by professional doctors on changing season. Health and social care area is changing issues on media and people believe on these reports. Similar way, gynecologist or midwives gives opinions on TV ads and in magazines (Bates, 2011).

3.4      Analyze the factors that have influenced the development of different                 perspectives over a period of time.

From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that development perspective completed over period of time. Form the analysis it is found that books are important source for disseminating the information. Newspapers are important for sharing information on daily basis and movies gives complete information. Health and social care contemporary issues are also presented in form of documentaries and through film. Internet in this modern period is one of the fast sources for sharing the information all over the world (Mbogo, 2016).

From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that political issues is based on research stories by various reports and by government agencies. From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that information has solid reasons and grounds that’s why people believe on these reports presented by media. It has been seen that media reports contain informative and educative purpose. On other side, it is noted that most of media reports based on moral panic or stereotyping. It has now become more challengeable for people to confirm the responsibility, dependability, trustworthy and logical information. It has been seen that on health and social care issues media has presented inaccurate, non-reliable and invalid information. From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that put question on the reliability and validity of sharing information. Political and religious factors control the sharing information in various regions of world. From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that lust for wealth has also challenged the reliability and validity of sharing information. It has been noted that public can assess the reliability and validity. From the analysis of issues related to health and social care it is found that health and social care by searching on various channels and not to depend on one source only (Observatory, 2012).

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Understand the likely influence contemporary perspectives on health and social care issues have on the development of services.

4.1 Analyze the extent to which local attitudes reflect those found at a national level.

From the analysis of local attitude it is found that on national level people has great influence of media and it reflect the health care issues. People are more conscious about their health and research on internet. Health and social care issues are creating awareness in people. Most of the reports on media have valid information on national level and it help in controlling or preventing the issues. The contemporary issues related to health and social care discussed in media give attention to people. It plays vital role in developing a healthy nation as strong body has strong mind. Care is the most important element to prevent themselves from diseases (Bates, 2011).

4.2 Evaluate the validity of public attitudes and behaviors in relation to a specific issue.

Public is more concern about their issues and show their attitude and behavior on health and social care issues. Public has solid reasons and validity to point out these issues. Research is important source for collecting the latest knowledge about diseases. Public attitude and behavior is based on latest research done by the researchers or scientist. Research holds the knowledge about the diseases and prevention techniques. It has techniques to control or cover the issues. Research related to health habits and health services is shared on media.

Health and social care is now considered as fourth powerful pillar in state and in global world. Media has set the thoughts and shake’s opinions on various political or health related issues. The theory of conspiracy has changed the world. Health and social care has various ways to influence the attitude and behavior of people related to health and social care issues.

4.3 Justify possible consequences of contemporary thinking for health and         social care provision and services.

From the latest survey reports on media, it is determined that contemporary health issues are very serious and government seriously working on these issues. Media reports are playing vital role in creating awareness with other departments. Public have complete information and guidance related to contemporary health care issues. People thinking for health and social care service have been changed as latest technology has changed the method of care. Public has awareness on controlling the health issues and special health warning messages change thinking of public (Anon., 2013).


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