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Report on Location Suitability for a Whale Watching Lookout

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Geography
Wordcount: 3388 words Published: 29th Jul 2021

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Executive summary







Executive summary

The report gives an in-depth and vivid description of the very interesting and knowledgeable geographical report regarding the suitable location of a whale watching look out. The report clearly mentions the beauty of the whale in the Australia and the beaches where the enjoyment of the nature with the geographical location is made and searches out. When there is a topic and discussion regarding the whale watching then the first thing that comes to the local Australian citizens and the tourist is of the whale watching and this report clearly mentions the watch of the whale with at least having the 45 species of the whale that are found in the assize were and there is the rise in the number of whales every year. There are beaches and headlands around the coast where there is offered the potential to look the whale with the beauty of the nature at 3.8 km SW of burden has been vividly covered in this report by the NSW office of environment and heritage. The paper in the next report has make the practical approach on the grounds of what are the sites that are suitable ,unsuitable, most suitable like factors for the whale watching in the regions that are explained in this paper earlier. The report suggests that often at beaches and bays the whales are seen as the migrating one shifting from one point to another. Study says that the whales are the important one for the people of the central coast. In the next section the report is made regarding the sites that the people enjoys of the whale walking and doing the natural acts that makes the sense of pleasure to the people. The report suggests that there are top most sites where the largest part of the ocean is made visible by the nature. The report studies regarding the vegetations in the royal national park with the facts of the height of the forest and the shrubs and trees they have. Finally the conclusion is seen at the last part of the report with the recommendations for the royal national park.

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This report maps those locations in the park where the view of the ocean is possible. The ocean view in the national park put the icing on the cake to the beauty of the sea shores when the whales makes a long jump and this become the phenomenon of the beauty of the nature. Following are the locations in the park that has been covered by the report regarding the geographical research on the ocean view. This report makes it clear the time, length and the direction in the national park is given so as to avoid any inconvenience.

  • The walk of the burden road to the Marley is the direct route where the ocean could have the visibility and the beaches with the scheduled areas are at the greater extent that with the big Marley they host the sand dune and lagoon. The beaches are not made in the patrolled conditions and they may cause the threat and to avoid it steps of preventions are necessary to be taken. There is a water fall that puts the nature and the geography combined with the length of 9.7 km, climbing 245 km, time is approximate 3 hrs 30 mines and it is l9cated to the 3.8 km SW of burden.
  • When the ocean is to be viewed with the nature then on the loop there are present some of the grand ocean views that can be seen with the rock selves that are secluded and some of the aboriginal engravings are also present there. There are also present the walk streets that make the community of burden link to the road of the gibbon beach with the time of 5 hrs and direction included is .1 km NE of burden with the length 6.8 km. from the gibbon head o the Shelley beach there is the management trail through the heath that describes the ocean covering of the national park. There are the side steps that decide the lookout.
  • While making the exploration of the coastline of the national park the place is so with the beauty that one can have a walk to wet the toes at the said little barley beach, burden being the great place to have the walk has the bite to eat. The ferry can also be cached from Cornella to burden that is the excellent way of the walking. The walk will give the great view of the ocean here the enjoyment of the nature with the flora and fauna is seen is enjoyed.
  • When there is a walk from the smallest town of the burden to the largest of the royal national park, the ocean view is very great as the experience that comes from the walk heads towards the heath and the rock shelf. The walk then is made descend to the walk beaches and a lot of opportunities to enjoy the nature are seen as regards the enjoyment of the swim and lagoons are seen here.


A vector approach has been used.

These are the best locations from where the oceans can be viewed by the vistors.Royal national park that is 29 km south of the Sydney has become the source of attraction to the visitors where the visitors are grabbing all the opportunities not to miss the global park. When these sites are continuously visited by the people then the location of these areas are known at the cost of the geographical surroundings that covers the wide range of he part of the royal national park. In the said circumstance the report is putting emphasis on those area where the ocean view as residing in the national park is made possible and the above mentioned sites are all the way possibly the best destinations to cover the range of the ocean to make the RNP more pretty and beautiful in all the aspects of the geographical locations and conditions. The percentage t what point these area shows the ocean view is about 23.67% and few of them have been listed above with their length and time with the direction. The location of the ocean view has been made earlier.

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If one is deciding to have the tour to see the many of the whales singing and it is to be observed with the whale watching vessels then these are equipped with the hydrophones where the passengers can look out it. This sensitivity of the devices is such that state of the art under water is applied and hence the migration of the whales has most importance. The whale watching is the past time for the both that includes the locals and the travelers and this year around between 16,000 and 18,000 whales passes the NSW coastline and according to the NSW national parks and wildlife the figures that has been revealed show as the 10% increase in the numbers of the whale passing year on year. Following are the suitable places for installing the whale watching platforms

  • Weemalah Cottage: this is the best site where the whale watching platform could be established. The place is the best for the swimming to the fishing on the river where the scenic beauty of the nature can be seen with the intense growth of the whales at the large number. There is also explored the lush waterfalls that are on the minified falls and one can spend the lazy afternoon with the riverside views from the warumbul area and one can go to see the goannas and wallabies that is eastern to the water dragons hat is sunning on the riverbanks and it makes the situation ideal to have the platform for the whales. After making the spend of the day one can have return to the weemalah and cam have the whales singing and dancing with the sun set.
  • There is another platform for the whales and it is the royal coast walks that are present along the coastline of the national parks and it is one of the best places where the whales are always present on the migration. It is and can be said that is the best tourist destination for all where the whale experience is only a minute distance and one can at the greater extent enjoy the migration of the whales at the larger extent. When one makes a walk of the 15 km from the coastline then there is an expected challenge that involves the awesome experiences that is filled with the thrills and the excitement that is regarding to the whale platform. The beauty of the nature is observed when the different geographical locations as mentioned above are visited and the whales are the rarest species also countable as the endangered species are the best to find at this platform there are also the secluded Marley beaches where the long distance can be made at the ease cost. With the frame of the 180° up and down the spots will like to have the guests and the southern right whale is seen as the frolicking that is below the sandstone cliffs that are present offshore of the sea.
  • Northern era campground is another best suitable platform where the whale platform can be made established. Here one is free to bring the luggage and foods and can have the review of the whales at the greater extent. The position of the staid place is at the coastal track that is to the south of the gray beach and it makes a great spot for the surfers. The top three are; bundeena, Marley and gibbon.


Somewhat suitable places

These includes the places like Lola falls campground it is said that nine ever thought that one is near to the city and far from the civilization is best explained by the said area. It is the great nature place when one is looking for the great adventures. Although the place is restricted by the authorities to some extent but the places are at the best to be used by the travelers and the locals. If one is having the desire to look out the whales then one can definitely watch it with the carefulness and this can be said that just take opt the train to have the place visit for whale beauty and its scene. When it is passing through the heath lands there are wildflowers where one can take the bath. One has the opportunity to make the camp set aside and get the enjoyment for the trip at this context. The map represents how this area is somewhat suitable for the whale watch. The whales are not in so much quantity in the particular area and it can be said that the whales at most times occurs in the few regions that gas been listed above by the report. The camping and swimming like activities are common at such places. Some other places that are somewhat suitable are bonnie vale campground and also include the north era campgrounds on some of the factors.

Highly suitable place

Wattamolla is the picnic spot and it is highly suitable place for the family and the individual’s to come here and they can have the plenty of the enjoyment in the given task.

Unsuitable place

Wedding cake rock is the unsuitable place for the whale platform as this place is at such a high rock that there is always the danger to the life. The department working for the welfare of the whales has consistently reported that while making the decision to have the whale platform visited the most important thing that is to be considered is of the place and it is necessary to make the platform and the places chosen by the said travelers or the locals. With the 10% increase in the field of the tourism the tourist are always in the search of the making some new spot and by mistakenly they forget to receive the facts and knowledge of the whale platform that ultimately leads to the dangers and the threat to the life. There are various places where the whale platform is built by the government of Australia for the purpose of the tourist destination and the best one is the place of the bundeen road that gives the walk of the enjoyment of the beauty of the whales.

There are highly suitable sites that exist as the whale platforms. These are some of the picnic spots and somewhere is situated the waterfalls where the beauty of the whales with the natural enjoyment is taken at the large place. Some of the following best and highly sites are mentions in the points that are as follows:

  • Wattamolla; wattamolla is one of the best picnic spot that is for the purpose of the family. This spot has become the adventurous spot when it comes as the platform for the whales .as said earlier this spot too can be included in the list of the highly preferred platform for the whale watching because the location and its geographical conditions with the longitude and latitude in the right direction mentions that it can be used for the reason of the said purpose. There is the gentle greenery and also present is the torrent after downpour. When it of accessed by the coastal all then it has the clean and sheltered beach where the possibility to have the watching of the whale is higher and with the picnic other enjoyments that are related may be take. Behind the beach is present the lagoon where the creek tumbles over the cliff face.
  • Curracurrong: the most spectacular place in the view of the waterfall and that of the whale watching platform is this place where the geographical locations completely fits the situation and all the conditions are favorable to the look of the whales. On the windy time, there are strong winds that blow with the foot of the cliffs where the water is back again. The only access that is made is the walking tracks and the location is around the 40 minutes.
  • Winifried and anice.These are the best place when it comes the talk to establish the whale platform for looking of the whales. It is described as the 7 meter high windred falls that are made with the step trail and it is cut down to the pool that is below the best view. After the main walking is the maianbar road and there is situating the anice one where the platforms to have the whale look out is possible at the greater extent. The picnic spots can be well described as the whale watching platform. They are best viewed as the rock ledge from the point of view of the platform. It is beyond the falls that is on the eastern side. In this way the top three positions remains the same and the same spots have retained their position.

The areas are all visible to the site Marley arecronulla, Engadine, Sutherland, Sylvania, sans souci, little bay and matravile. There are various reasons as to why this site is nearer to the ocean. It is understood that the ocean can supply the enormous amount of water vapor with which the some of the places may have the visibility based on the grounds of the fact of the next to the ocean. In the Australia in order to have the oceans next to the places it is important to have the cold ocean water and the mid latitude cyclones and the tropical systems and the mountain ranges that blocks the moisture that is involves the movement from other regions makes the site nearer to the ocean. The geographical extent of the area with the geographical direction makes it as the run head of the climate and the moisture and humidity gets transfer from the lace of one point to another. When the temperature of the water is in the cold state then the less moisture is absorbed that will make the evaporation from the surface of the ocean resulting in the ocean water that is all warm. When the process of evaporation is carried out then the coldly salt water is not carried away. When the ocean is full of the water then the factors like rainy, snowy and the conditions that prevails like the wet and dryness are the factors that impact the areas and make the site prone and near to the oceans. There are various other reasons followed with the geographical extent that makes the area nearer to the ocean and its water. The processes involved as to the lifting up of the air to the precipitation are the factor that makes the site near to the ocean and these systems makes thee location under the right circumstances. When the surface area of the sea is considered then the approximate surface area is around 360, 000, 000 km2 so this demland sea is considered instead of the dem because the unscientific approach of making the average depth for the depressions is make calculated around the 73m where the accurate average depth is totally less than that of the non uniform nature when it is taken to the respective areas. In this ay the demland approach at the best can be used.


The report clearly mentions all the data and statistics with the geographical location and the office of the environment and heritage can better use this information to fit at the places where the whale platform can be establishes with the uniformity in the nature. It is also advised and suggested in the report that the said OEH is required to use the data as per the instruction that is provided in the forms of the information. The OEH is required and recommended to be very careful while making the selection of the sites that suits the whale at the larger extent. The finding is based on the question of as what is the best place or the spot for whale’s platform has been discussed in the above section.


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