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An environmental consultant provides advice on environmental factors to their commercial clients.An environmental consultant provides advice on environmental factors to their commercial clients.Environmental consultants advise on such areas as pollution, contaminated land and environmental policy. The role can involve fieldwork, conducting tests and surveys, collating and presenting environmental data and auditing processes for efficiency and environmental impact. Environmental consultants usually work in small teams. Gradireland (2019). A good honours degree is the minimum enry ualification in any environmental related subject. The skills required for this environmental management profession are business skills and commercial awareness, as environmental consultants operates in in avery commercial environment, communication and presentation skills are very essential, project managaing skills as time and resources are allocated to projects and need to be monitored and adhered to, organisation and good time management as well as obtaining a drivers license. (Prospects, 2018).

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Specialists in environmental consultancy carry out odour monitoring and advice on odour control   measures, experts also undertake personal exposure monitoring for occupational health assessments as wel l as designing, operating and managing ambient air quality and mateorological monitoring stations. Environmental consultants carry out environmental impact assessment, for example Acilia Ltd in leeds prepare air quality impact assessments and environmental impacts assessments for resoource consent and planning applications and to determine environmental compliance, specalist in that company prepare environmental management plans, quantify emission for industrial and transport sources, assess dust emission from queries and construction sites and investigate odour emissions from landfills and waste water treatment plans, they have experts who also undertake wind microclimate assessments for new high-rise developments and community consutations. (Acilia, 2019)

Consultants like attorneys, are proffessional problem solvers and their technical and scientifc abilities complements an attorney’s legal enterprise. Environmental consultants possess values such as a public service value, for instance if a client is buying a manufacturing facility and has expexpressed concerns about wether an ongoing business is inadvertently vioating environmental regulations an environmental consultant can provide a valuable feedback on such mattes thrugh an environmental compliance audit. The consultant evaluates the business’s compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, and helps establish environmental compliance goals and methods of attaining them. The audit may also evaluate internal conformity with expressed coperate environmental policies and procedure. Barrister magazine(1994). Other values of n environmental consulatnt can include strategic thinking, intelligent listening, flexibility and respect for diversity and equality.  CITATION Suz19 l 2057 (Suzzane, 2019)

 Environmental Consultants with less than 1year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of £21,963 based on 23 salaries. After obtaining relevant experience in Environmental consultancy(1-4 years of experience) I will expect to earn an average total compensation of £24,209 based on 226 salaries. If my career develops as mid-career Environmental Consultant with 5-9 years of experience, then I will expect to earn an average total compensation of £29,668 based on 87 salaries. An experienced Environmental Consultant with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of £38,716 based on 39 salaries. In late career (20 years and higher), consultants could earn an average total compensation of £49,821. (Payscale, 2019).

Years of Experience

Salary Expectation in £ including total compensation

Entry Level (Less than 1year)


1-4years of Experience






20years and higher


Tabe1 : Showing years of Experience and salary expectations.

Environmental consultancy is an office-based job with time spent outdoors on-site visits. This varies depending on the project, and their maybe periods where I will have to stay in the office for several weeks, and others I spend on the site because as consultants gain more experience, the amount of office based-work increases. Environment consultants usually work as part of a small multidisciplinary team although some contracts may involve conducting solo field work away from home.  (Prospects, 2018).


I already have a degree in a related subject where I learned, made good research, also did several projects on ecology, I also touched areas like sustainability and environmental management, minerals and waste, geology and hydrogeology. I am looking to gain more relevant work experience in this subject in the UK either by doing voluntary jobs, placements, part time paid job in any consultancy firm. After my postgraduate studies I am hoping to do a five days course on lead audit (ISO 14001), getting this extra qualification will be a big boost for me as this is also a major requirement in getting a job in any environmental consultancy position.I have had a previous experience in this field while I was doing my placement with the Lagos state parks and gardens agency in Nigeria, I am working towards getting a work-based placement now so I can link it up with my Masters programme, local councils may provide project placements so I am looking forward to applying with them and also volunteering myself to any opportunity I find in this field.

Alarge number of companies offer environmental consultancy services in the UK, and many of the smaller ones concentrate work in particular industries. Others specialise in particular work, such as environmental impact assessment or audit. Specialist recruitment agencies, such as Evergreen Resources and Allen & York, handle a larger proportion of vacancies in this sector. Jobs boards such as Green jobs also list relevant opportunities.I am looking forward to gaining site-based experience, such as intrusive ground investigation, ecological surveys and ground and surface water sampling. I am also looking forward to undergoing trainings with experienced colleagues as well as gaining specialist additional knowledge or qualifications by completing short courses, offered by training organisations and institutions. Some of which are assessed by exams and/ or a work-based project.

Membership of chartered institutions and professional societies can offer me career guidance, opportunities to network, training, conferences and events and webinars and informative publications. After the completion of my postgraduate studies I am looking forward to becoming a member of either Chartered Institution of water and environmental management (CIWEM) or Environmental management and assessment (IEMA).Argcas.(June 2018)

Working in this field for a few years and gaining as much relevant experience as possible I know I will generally progress to a position of a senior consultant when I have around five years of work experience. At that level I will usually be responsible for the management of staff, site investigations, contracts and allocation of resources, I will also be involved in business development, with responsibility for marketing the business to new clients and developing relationships with existing clients, as well as identifying an submitting tenders for new work. After a number of years in this role, I can move on to become a principal consultant, where I will shift my focus to team management and commercial development. Further progression to director level maybe possible. Alternatively, I can move into other related areas such as research and consultation or policy and campaigns. CITATION htt18 l 2057  (Skills required by a student , 2018)

My long term goals.

My specific career goals.

The skills needed to achieve each of my goals.

The skills I need to work on.

Actions I need to take to achieve these goals.

Education & Qualifications required to achieve my goals.

Getting a postgraduate qualification in Environmental management.

Solid reading, writing and analysis skills, communication skills, performing under pressure, creative and original, understanding other perspectives, self-driven, good time management, performing under pressure.

Creativity, communication skills and a good time management skill.

Improving my communication skills by reading lots of educative articles, making friends also setting a deadline for all my project in order to manage time.

Getting a professional knowledge and qualification in Lead Audit

Analysis and problem-solving skills.

Problem-solving skills

Enrolling for ISO14001 (Lead Auditor) course and start receiving necessary trainings and lectures.

ISO14001 (Lead Audit)

To become an Environmental consultant in the UK.

Business skills, commercial awareness, communication and presentation skills, IT skills, project managing skills, organisation and good time management skills, leadership skills and a Driver’s license.

Business skills, presentation and IT skills, leadership skills and my driving skills.

Attending business seminars, online CPD leadership training course, register and attending driving lessons.

A degree or qualification in Environmental management or any related subject, ISO14001 (Lead Audit).

Mid-career environmental consultant

Working and gained relevant experience of about 5-9years.

Decision making skills, strategic thinking skills, presentation skills and management skills.

Project management skills, presentation skills.

Online CDP project managementcourse, volunteer to lead company’s meeting to build presentation skills.

Online CDP project management certificate.

Experienced Environmental consultant

Working and gained 10-19years relevant experience

Decision making skills, strategic thinking skills and networking skills

Strategic thinking skills and networking skills.

Online CDP strategic thinking training course, volunteer to go for networking sessions with colleague.

Online CDP strategic thinking certificate.

Late consultancy career

Working and gained 20years experience

Must possess all of the skills listed above.

Must have worked on all of the skills listed above.

Done all required trainings and courses and possessed an optimum leadership skills.

Must have acquired all the necessary education and qualification in the consultancy sector.

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