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Wings Of Desire Plot Analysis Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 1106 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Wings of desire one of the movie reveled in the DVD could have twisted out to be one of the best movies. A hugely commended and multi-award winning movie including best directors for Wenders at Cannes 1987.Two invisible angels come to guide the people of post war and later they are dissatisfied with their immortal state. The movie is later remade into City of angels staring Nicolas cage and Meg Ryan.

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Sky over Berlin published in 1987 in German as the original language and was remade later into city of angels in 1998.The main director was Wim Wenders who was assisted with Peter Handke who was the screenplay and Henry Alekan as the director of photography.Major actors in the movie includes Bruno Ganz (Damiel), Dommartin(Marion), Otto Sander(Cassiel), Curt Bios (Homer the aged poet), Peter Falk (Der filmstar) and Nick Cave (Himself).The 128 minutes long movie was produced by Berlin Argos films in a black and white format and distributed by Orion classics of US.

The film is set in West Berlin in the late 1980s at almost the end of the cold war. The film follows two angels Damiel and Cassiel who roam the city unseen and unheard by the people observing and following the thoughts of a woman and a man who thinks his girlfriend no longer loved him. Damiel falls in love with Marion who lives alone in a trailer and likes dancing and listening to music. He later changes by shedding his immortal existence and lives a physical life where he joins his woman he desired for long. Cassiel taps into the mind of a young man who commits suicide and lives her tormented by the experience, the movie ends with a strong message to be continued.

Desson Howe (1998) is a staff writer with the Washington post. According to him Sky over Berlin is the most appropriate title to the book than the use of Wings of desire. He says wings are more a towering vision that appeals to the eyes and the spirit. He continues to say that “wings’ is closer to poetry and music than linear story telling. Following the pity and collective benevolence the angels listen in without judgement but Damiel realizes the tactile.Damiel fills to express his eternal desire with the mortal to come home like a human being to do the normal routine and this is the time he meets Marion. Can we tell if Damiel will forsake the eternal?

“Wings,” like most Heaven-and-Earth films, ties up its assertion with romantic ribbons but, in Wenders’ view, such a conclusion is the ultimate union of life’s dual opposites, the physical and the spiritual, German’s East and West — as well as its Nazi past and occupied and uncertain present . . . It’s also one of the best endings you can expect for in a movie. And “Wings” is one of the best movies you can see.”

According to Anthony Leong in some cases the life they live is pretentious and they cannot provide a sense of hope and instill confidence. They only watch and unable to effect the tragic progression of human events. Main important differences between the two films are the importance of the narrative. Whereas “City of Angels” was a more conventionally planned romance, “Wings of Desire” is a pondering and indirect film that emphasizes form over function. This film is a short episode that aims not to tell a complete story in its one hundred and twenty eight minutes; it is a film about moments. More could have happened that the angels observed and listened from that could have left out but replaced by the lyrical presentation of the film. “Wings of Desire” is most likely one of Wenders’ most ambitious and brilliant films. Despite accusations of being obscure and pointless, it is an essay that one can learn from. From the nice and attractive images and the seductive flow of the movie ‘Wings of desire’ is a movie that must be watched or experienced.

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` According to Janet Masline (1998) the ”Wings of Desire” is damagingly overloaded towards the end of it. The extremes of language, the ceaseless camera movement, the firm fancy have the final result of exhausting the listeners down. The flashes of real delight that spring out of the Directors visionary methods grow fewer and fewer as the film proceeds, and they are long gone by the time it technically comes to life. Mr. Ganz, who conveys great longing before reaching his decision ”to take the plunge” and an attractive eagerness thereafter, is left in a kind of midpoint, and the film is, too. This comes as an assistance of sorts, but it’s also far less effective than must have been intended.

I personally believe the conclusion of the film provides imminent situation into the meaning of existence and being in love. Romantic metaphors and elegant conversation are among the delights and the personality of actors Ganz along with Peter Falk that adds to the movie’s taste. The film examination provides a chance to view some of the expressions by the actors like Ganz. Many find this film faulty and exaggerated, but I think “Wings of Desire” is a creative masterpiece of world cinema. The film is slowly timed but attracts one to view the film living him or her wonder whether it was a real episode or a mere dream. The films presentations of actions are mostly motivated by its images in a poetic manner, counting the animated faces of the actors. Also, the art of having the thoughts of troubled souls expressed in a voice-over recitation assists in shaping the film’s story. The plan is deceivingly easy on the face, but it is as well profoundly echoing.

Watching the movie the strength out way the weakness. Making it worthy to watch and purchase the movie. One enjoys the musical and flowing mood in the predominantly German film an unconventional movie that kept me fascinated from start to end. The stunning part of the movie “Wings of Desire” is the look of the movie. Alekan’s photography is seductive, caring, and thrilling. What I found mainly impressive was the manner the film’s picture making seemed as if one was watching it in a reversed manner, in itself was like seeing from side to side the eyes of angels. I moreover appreciated that the pictures were not afraid to stay behind on Berlin’s nationals and surroundings. The film is in black-and-white and shows that what happened was observed as of an angel’s position of view. There are also scenes in vivid color, which illustrates that it is happening from a human’s point of view.


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