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Thinking about my future life and career, long term aims for this MA are to build useful contacts in fashion industry in UK, gain a real insight into the Ethical Fashion Industry in UK, and hopefully complete a work placement at the Ethical Fashion Forum. In order to fulfill my project,I need to do the forecast research of the Ethical Fashion in UK and India in order to reach to the best topic of my research.

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To complete this MA, good time and project managementskills is going to be one of my most important challenges. Also, my strong focus would be on strategically planning and developing research skills. Fulfilling my learning agreement goals will give me new understanding and knowledge on the Ethical Fashion Industry in UK and India.

For achieving all of the above, I need to build innumerable contacts with the fashion designer, businesses and organisation concentrating upon sustainability in the fashion industry in UK and India. Formerly, I have made enough contacts and gathered information; I will then discuss and orate about my project proposal. Ultimately, when I get an enthusiastic response, by looking at the success of Ethical Fashion Market, UK, I will then exchange those ideas with Kakoli Banergee, Trustee, Satya – Jyoti Trust,India; to collaborate and formulate my project plan. If I receive a positive hope I would believe I have finally completed my MA journey, successfully.


Investigate into an Ethical Fashion market in UK and India



Investigate into an Ethical Fashion market in UK and India


Understand the current scenario of ethical fashion business in India and relate to UK. Research UK’S ethical fashion business; providea plan for making of a marketing body (Eco – Fashion Park) for ethical fashion producer group and artisans in India.


What is Ethical Fashion?

  1. Defining Ethical Fashion
  2. Sustainability and triple bottom line
  3. Finding out issues and practices of Ethical Fashion
  4. Reviewing history of ethical fashion
  5. Fast Fashion and Cheap Fashion
  6. What is the market size of Ethical Fashion?
  7. Domestic (INDIA) market research on the Ethical Fashion Business and Lifestyle.
  8. International (UK) market research on the Ethical Fashion Business and Lifestyle.
  9. What is sustainable production and consumption
  10. . Defining the sustainable production and consumption
  11. Domestic (INDIA) industry research on methods of sustainable production and consumption
  12. International (UK)industry research on methods of sustainable production and consumption
  13. Sustainable Fashion producer groups and their problems in India
  14. What are the various certification possibilities for establishing a sustainable fashion business in UK and India?
  15. Ethical standards and Labeling
  16. Trade Tariffs and Barriers
  17. What is value chain?
  18. Defining value chain
  19. Research into linking the national ethical fashion producers and international buyers and markets.


  1. Quantity: Case Study, Grounded Theory and Consumer reactions study.
  2. Quality :Observational Analysis


Investigate into an Ethical Fashion market in UK and India

  • 3. Primary Research: Focus on gathering information on ethical fashion from India and UK

    3.1 Interviews with key forum members of Ethical Fashion Forum, UK.

    3.2 Interviews with emerging fashion and textile designers in sustainable design in UK and India.

    3.3 Social networking, for instance, Face book,

    3.4 Fashion Business networking: Ethical Fashion Forum(UK), Designer Forum(UK), Ethical Trade Initiative(UK), Craft mark (India), Labour organisations, Manufacturers of Sustainable Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics.

    3.5 Personal contacts in the Fashion Industry will help me gain appreciable approach.

    3.6 Questionnaires and Videos of various artists involved in Sustainable Fashion practices.

    3.7 International trend and fashion show visits. For instance, London Fashion Week, London; The Cloth Show, Birmingham; Premier Vision, Paris

    3.8 Design institutes and government bodies

    3.9 Non – Profit Organisation, Satya – Jyoti Trust, India.

    4. Secondary Research: Focusing on Ethical Fashion Forum in UK.

    4.1 Co – work with Ethical Fashion Forum as a research intern, alongside an associate director, collecting research for EFF projects and events.

    4.2 To understand the implications of formulating a marketing body(Eco – Fashion Park) in India, for the sustainable Practioners.


    4.4Get reports from online Databases and Articles( MINTLE, GMID, JUST STYLE.COM)

    5. Literature Research: Refer to Bibliography


    In my view point ethical fashion is the exciting subject to study as it has been grabbing the headlines within fashion industry in recent times.It is the uniqueness in fashion that allows us to look at sustainability in innovative ways. Therefore, Fashion provides an opportunity of awareness for sustainability.

    Many sustainable practices and movements are gaining momentum and moving towards mainstream. Green buildings, interiors, home products and even green weddings and events are flourishing, yet fashion is when embraced in sustainable ways, holds even greater impact potential. What is also unique to fashion, more so than other sustainable pathways, is that it is a large vehicle.

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    Ethical fashion also interested me as it focuses on ill practices in the factories, poverty reduction, environment education, production and consumption issues, with a strong attention on workers health; in relation to the fashion industries.

    Ethicall fashion at a global level has captured my interest, for the very simple reason, that London fashion has stepped forward to promote ethical fashion clothing. Top shop, Marks and Spencer, Zara, Next, Europeon Fashion chain and USA Banana Republic are all specialising in “going green”. With a strong focus on Ethical Fashion Forum(UK), I want to know how to create such a not for profit organisation, where the ethical fashion producer group, from field to factory to end product, exchange ideas, collaborate and communicate effectively on various sustainable practices and events .My knowledge in Ethical Fashion from UK wouldthen allow me to provide the plan of making a successful marketing body (Eco – Fashion Park) for Ethical Fashion producer groups and artisans of India, in India.



    1.1 Clarity of thoughts: Think deeply for filtering clear and in-depth information.

    1.2 Assessed: Being able to decide the best final research topic.


    2.1 Quick and Accurate Reading: discover to read relevant topics and fast. Also to improve summary and note taking skills, to be able to apply useful data resource at time of compilation of my project.

    2.2 Assessed: Allowing myself to make reading list and note takings habits.


    3.1 Professional Writing and Presentation Skills: enhance my English speaking and writing skills, professional approach towards any assigned task and submissions.

    3.2 Assessed: Confidently being able to articulate and present myPGC Presentation and Learning Agreement.


    4.1 Project – Planning and Self – Time Management Skills: Producing a comprehensive project proposal with a proposed approach, research direction and schedule to be followed.

    4.2 Assessed: Being able to produce a timely submission of Project Proposal.


    5.1 Professional Knowledge: History of Ethical Fashion Design, Business and Industry, increased awareness of Ethical Fashion Business in global context.

    5.2 Assessed: Being able to approach future research phase professionally.


    6.1 International Work Experience Placement: Co- work with Ethical Fashion Forum to gain more knowledge about Ethical Fashion

    6.2 Assessed: Possible Case Studies and Personal Growth of improved interactive skills.


    7.1 Research orientation skills: Improve my research making skills, by self understanding and implementing them in my dissertation.

    7.2 Assessed: Being able to make a research oriented MA Dissertation in the last phase of research.




    Project Proposal, presented in the PGC stage

    Project related information collection and analysis, using the primary and secondary research methods

    Learning agreement: refer to this document

    Self time management


    Project Management: refer to the project time frame

    Learning Contract Summary Form

    Plan of learning resources inside the University (Oct- Nov 2008)

    • Reading relevant magazines and books in library and using library learning resource to get the marketing report which I need
    • Attend the lectures that are related to my project proposal
    • Attend undergraduate lectures of Fashion and Textile Management.
    • Ask questions about y research from my tutor and supervisor
    • Multiple photocopies of magazines, journals, report and books from library

    Plan of learning resources outside the University (Jan-June 2009)

    • Observe the magazine market from news, reports, blogs, forum on websites
    • Make contacts with the relevant industry or hopefully find a research internship with Ethical Fashion Forum, UK, which can help me gain the knowledge of Sustainable Fashion and Textile industry.

    Maintain Chronofile (My Research log book)

    Academic support

    Keep in touch with supervisors and professors during doing the project

    Use the library learning resource to obtain any relevant report that I need.

    Practical learning

    Try to contact as many Fashion Designers, Sustainable Fashion Producer groups, consultancy’s and not for Profit Organisations.

    Interview the people who relate to my project proposal and learn the skills of communication.

    Identification of learning needs

    • Suggestions from my supervisor and tutor
    • Lectures which are related to my project proposal
    • Latest reports and news on fashion, design and ethical fashion market
    • Collect a lot of documentariesrelated to sweat shops and sustainable Fashion and Textiles.
    • Learn to get the opinions from different people and understand Ethical consumer and producer groups in UK and India.

    Also interact with fashion students and make videos asking about their buying attitudes towards Ethical Fashion Clothing.

    • Skills to summarize the information that I obtain during the research
    • Skills to take a precise note from interview (primary research) and books and video (secondary research)

    Identification of non-learning resource needs

    Access to university computer which has professional software to produce my document and adjusting photos and pictures

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