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Kier Group plc is a leading company involved in construction, development and services specialising in building and civil engineering, support services, public and private house building, property development and the private finance initiative (PFI). The Group’s annual revenue is £2.4bn and 11000 employees are employed by it worldwide.

Kier Group plc deals in four divisions which are Health, Education, Custodial and Retail. Each of the Group’s four main divisions is focused on being best in its class. This rare offering of in-house capability, coupled with our strategic alliance business units, presents Kier as one of few organisations able to offer complete solutions for the delivery of a wide range of innovative schemes, frameworks and strategic alliances.

Operating from a network of over 50 offices nationwide, all of Kier’s locally known and well established business units enjoy particularly high levels of partnered projects and repeat business. The Group also operates overseas, including the Gulf, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.


By providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and through the

Sustainable and profitable growth, our vision is to be the most highly respected company

in the industry.

• Be enthusiastic, open and honest

• Be proactive, committed and safe

• Be a team


“By maintaining our core values and remaining focused on improvement and delivery, our vision will become reality.”


1. Understand the impact of projects and project management on strategic objectives.

1.1 Asses the purpose of project planning and management.

Planning is actually about thinking ahead. A project is a well-defined set of activities or actions that is completed in order to meet the project’s goals usually under taken to add value or bring about a change. Each task or activity has an independent start and end but they must be completed in a given sequence.

A project management is a process of planning and managing resources within a time frame in order to achieve the project’s goal. Project management is the discipline of defining and achieving targets while optimizing the use of resources like time, money, people, space, etc. the planning engineer coordinates following management resources: People/skill/manpower, Money, Materials/logistics, Machines e.g.: computers

Project management constitutes all the activities needed to plan and complete a project like deciding needs, cost estimation, appointing suitable staff, defining responsibilities, scheduling and arranging things for work.

Project management knowledge and practices are best described in terms of their component processes. These processes can be placed into five process groups are initiating, planning, executing, controlling, closing.

A typical stage project process framework

Organization frame work

  • Culture
  • System
  • System structure
  • Process

Before starting the project we have to understand the level of the strategic management

  • Project leader

  • Project team member
  • Upper manager
  • Project manager
  • Resources manager
  • Line manager
  • Product manager
  • Product user group
  • Project testers


Strategic Leaders

Strategic leaders are generally responsible for large organizations and may influence several thousand to hundreds of thousands of people. They establish organizational structure, allocate resources, and communicate strategic vision.

Strategic leaders work in an uncertain environment on highly complex problems that affect and are affected by events and organizations outside their own.

Strategic leaders apply many of the same leadership skills and actions they mastered as direct and organizational leaders; however, strategic leadership requires others that are more complex and indirectly applied.

Perhaps of principal importance because they exert influence primarily through subordinates, strategic leaders must develop strong skills in picking and developing good second-tier leaders.


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