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Misuse of Environmental Resources

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A.What is the issue:

Misuse of environment resources means wasting of our raw natural resources which leads to unbalance in the nature elements. This can be caused by two ways direct and indirect. For example, cutting forests to use their wood is considered as direct misuse; at the same time lacking of trees is reducing the amount of oxygen in the air and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is an indirect way of misusing.

The significance of the issue:.B

In the past, human beings adopted its home and clothing and their food plants on the environment, animals and other components, but what is happening now is a drain in all forms of environmental resources like living plant, animal and non-living resources, soil, mineral and energy resources, and this is attrition problems to the environment . .The water is the most important reason for the persistence of life on this planet, because its uses are many and varied ,and the amount of water on the surface of the Earth is not fixed and it will not increase ,for this reason the subject should be taken more seriously by looking for ways to conserve water and keep it .The metal is the basis of industry and economic power ,hence it is important to maintain it . the increasing in the number of the world’s population is causing a rapidly drain and increase the cost of extraction , it is known to us that this energy had been formed since millions of years and are not renewed, the throbbed they need millions of years until the other is made up again. As for the wealth of plant food source, which is very important “in our lives, they are also harmed by cutting trees and burning of forests, overgrazing, being done by some ignorant shepherds and other things without thinking about the value of these trees that are a major source of food and energy in the body as they contribute to purifying the air from the exhaust gases such as carbon dioxide and also contribute to “the process of transpiration in increasing the amount of rainfall. remained livestock is one of the most important sources through which a human on the protein needed to build his body and his bones and teeth, however, there are many species now threatened with extinction because of fishing in the breeding seasons.

So what we see from the above is that we need to protect our environment and its resources, use it in the right way in order to protect ourselves and our planet .

Why are you choosing this issue:.C

In the UAE there a lot of natural resources that are misused , in our project we are trying to explain what are this resources and how they are used in the opposite way and what are its effectives on the society ,its so popular now a days , we need this resources to help the people and give them the attention to use it in the write way.

D.Sources used :

We have made around the university to ask the 20 students about our topic “misused of natural resources in UAE” and there opinion on it we have asked three questions which are :

Q1) What are the natural resources in UAE in their opinion?

Answer was: 10 girls gave an answer of the petrol resources of petrol resources.

5 girls gave an answer of the solar and energetic power.

2 girls gave an answer of the pearls and sea.

2 girls gave an answer of the oil source.

Q2) Are those resources used in a proper way ?

Answer was: 10 girls said (yes)

5 girls said (no)

5 girls said (some used properly and other no)

Q3)In what ways we can use this sources properly ?(random 5)

E.What are the reasons of the issue:

There are many reasons for this issue such as increasing population and their consuming , the unawareness of some individual and groups with the serious of the problem, the development of industry and trade like trading in ivory, the luxuries living standard of rich people to match their needs. Also we have “deliberate negligence on destruction of natural resources” like dumping factory wastes on soil and land, last but least no restricted laws to be applied in order to protect and preserve our natural resources.

F.What are the effects of the issue:

1.On the Individual level :

  1. Consuming the amount of fresh water.
  2. Air pollution.
  3. Sea life pollution (lack of food).
  4. Lack of resources for the next generations.
  5. Depletion of petroleum and minerals resources.
  6. Extinction of some kinds of rare animals and put the lives of the rest endanger.
  7. Decline the developed countries because of the wrong environmental behavior.
  8. Creating hybrid organisms could match the new environmental conditions.
  9. Crack in the life chain.

2.On the National and Global level:

” You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.These words were said by Gandhi; those words were said to the people who misuse the environment, even though they know that this affects the world, now we are using a lot of the natural resources, as a result we have a lot of consequences, such as acid rain and smog.

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In this new age that we are in, we use a lot of electronics, but the thing is these electronics, they need a lot of fuel to work which is a great loss because later on with time there won’t be any fuels for the other electronics like cars to transport us or the air conditioner to cool us down, all these factors will vanish with time and we won’t be able to keep that same standard of living if we keep using the resources carelessly like we are now.

We never wondered when we use up the fossil fuels, and they are no longer useful they end up in our lakes or oceans the bad thing is that this water has to be purify it because of all the pollutants that are present in the water and the people who are gaining from all this is the big businesses they clean the water and purify it. Even the big businesses have some waste that they don’t want to deal with the waste that they have left from the purification so they throw it back to the water which they don’t really care about its purity and the victims are the people who will think to drink, eat, or shower again with this water, and many more thing happen to us when the water in not pure which affects our body and our ecosystem.

G.What can be done to resolve this issue:

You might think it’s hard to solve, but it’s easy. If each one of us plant one small tree in his house, it will contribute in protecting our environment.

A lot of people use cars even into the nearest place to their house, and of course they are not the only one who does the same thing, more and more do it.

Instead of using cars, bicycles r good option. Easy to ride and doesn’t cause a lot of damages or pollution to the environment.

Start with yourself, think, and imagine a clean environment, better world and healthy people.

How about walking, it’s good for both your body and your world

Even for the people who must uses their cars every day, use refineries, do u know what that polluted air can cause to human health and your environment.

Recycling!! had any one of u thought how much it can help in protecting our environment, people probably through stuff they use way, instead of that lets try using them in good ways again ,of course not everything but there is something that can be useful again such as papers , plastic , also try to reduce the amount of using it , instead use paper bags and cardboard containers, Even a simple habit of buying in bulk can save a lot of packaging material , see its very easy things do and very small m but it makes huge difference with our environment , help us to green our world.

”Treat the Earth well: it was not given to you by your parents , it was loaned to you by your children” ancient proverb”.

Society projec

52 section

Team members:

  1. Dina Amr Salem. Group Leader.
  2. Reem Ebrahim Kader.
  3. Mina Raafat Al Baali.
  4. Ghada Mohamed.

Work plan:

  1. paragraph A, E, F, the presentation, andforming the report. Dina Amr.
  2. paragraph B and F. Mina Raafat.
  3. paragraph C and D. Ghada Mohamed.
  4. paragraph G and the brochure. Reem Ebrahim.


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