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Domestic Waste Disposal Pollution

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Domestic waste disposal is an action that should be taken with a lot of concern so that it can lead to the reduction of pollution and high income that has to be spending in dealing with the effects that are caused by this waste. It is therefore important for a country to come up with policies that will lead to reduction of waste disposal in the country. This will be through training people on how to go about the disposal of waste and effects that are caused by poor disposal of waste in open places. This will mean that what a country will have to do is to come up with strategies that will be affordable by also that they can be able to curb this problem of waste disposable. Most countries are not able to get in conduct with policies and strategies that are important and what they have to do is to ensure that they reduce the effects if the strategies are expensive to them.


There are many wastes that pollute the environment most of these wastes are like human wastes that are drained into lakes and other water sources meaning that such wastes lead to pollution of that place where they are disposed. This is mean that high effects will be to the organisms that live in water and other places where people have to drain their waste. Threw are also other waste that result from chemicals that are used by human beings like pesticides that are very harmful when disposed to the open environment this will mean that what they are supposed to do is to take the right action that will lead to right disposal of waste so that they can reduce the effects that are caused by these wastes. There is a waste management outline strategy which is a short term strategy where by it considers waste collection practices that are both traditional and source segregation. In this strategy there are two basic types of collection systems that can be used and they include: bring schemes which are the act that public is supposed to bring materials to a designated site for sorting and dispatch for reuse. This is important as it ensure that the public has to come up with right directions so that they can ensure the right disposal is followed. The other method is kerbside schemes where materials are collected by the council from house hold. This will mean that what they have to do is to inform the families the time when they will be coming for this waste so that they can have the collection made at one place. (Daniel, 2003, pp, 67)

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This scheme has got advantages where there are greater recovery rates for dry recyclates and has additional benefits in promoting public participation in council's waste management operations which will mean that the public will be aware that council will be in need of the right disposal been carried out so that they can reduce the problems that are expected to rise from poor disposal of waste. The council should keep these people informed in that they should know the time when the council will come for waste so that they can be ready to invite the waste items like newspapers and magazines, cans, tins and plastics that have to be recycled. The blue bins are emptied by the same collection vehicle on the same collection day but during the alternative times the grey domestic bins are used this will mean that they will lower the collection costs that are related to waste collection. With the success of pilot scheme the council decided to expand it out across the local authority where they have assistance of collecting this waste. The collection service is a independent and in addition to council's cleansing services weekly refuse collection of domestic waste there has been the BTCV which has been carrying out similar collection schemes so that they can help to keep the environment free from waste disposal. There is the north Lanark shire council which will access the various methodologies that are followed so that they can make the right changes that will lead to the right collection been followed. This will mean that this council made not on the two schemes so that they can know whether these two schemes worked together or they are mutually exclusive and the collection that is made should involve a combination of several methods. Although kerbside has proved to be successful there is a clear evidence that there is additional systems and procedures that are required so that the right implementation can be carried out to make the right changes that will lead to more recyclable waste materials that have to breaking within the domestic waste stream. This will mean that the implementation that will be done will lead to more recycles that will be required to reduce the wastes that have been accumulating in the places that are not accepted. (David, 2000, pp, 89)

The blue bin scheme isolates materials such as newspaper and magazines, cardboards, tins and plastics for recycling while the BTCV scheme has the target to beverage cans, textiles and glass. This will mean that each scheme is responsible for carrying out its work that is set for it so that they can have waste been reduced in all the places in a country. With other waste streams then it means that a country will not have this waste been a danger to it but what they will do is to make changes that will lead to further recycle of waste. There are percentages that are related to house hold waste where a country has got to do something so that they can reduce these waste. This will mean that there will be need for other changes to be taken so that changes can be made to dispose this waste.

Figure 1 was retrieved on April 25, 2008

The north Lanark shire will require investigations to be done so that they can be able to isolate waste. This will mean that the blue bin scheme that does not segregate glass and can be expanded will be changed so that it can cover this waste that is to be isolated. The alternative to isolate the waste will be at source which will be to continue wit the traditional refuse collection service rather than the land filling of waste. This waste will be transported to materials recovery facility where they are inspected and recyclable material retrieved. (Bonnie, 1998, pp, 78)

This will mean that there is need for the council to have partnership with levenseat recycling so as to try this method. The waste will be delivered to levenseat facility where materials will be extracted for recycling. From the report that was taken from the levenseat facility about 36% of household waste could be recycled. This meant that the option that was made for expansion was effective and the need to have infrastructure been put in place so that they can have easy transport of the waste. This will be to have council or be by private contract that will mean that they will have the waste within the time that is required. But this method has got disadvantage in that it does not induce public to take responsibility to waste as in the case of segregation. Both systems have to be implemented so that they can bring about methods that will lead to have domestic water stream been diverted from land fill. (Bonnie, 1998, pp, 56)

In the recycling of plastics there are complication issues this is because the plastics are not all recyclable, there are different types of plastics that have different properties meaning that there is need to have separation which is time consuming, there is economics of recycling that is not favorable meaning that the market will be affected regularly. The recycling will lag behind due to the fact that many European countries, lack subsidy which will indicate that it will not be possible to have changes that will lead to success in recycling. This will mean that it will be expensive to undertake this task of recycling of plastics.

The reasons that lead to segregation of plastics include: there is necessity to have separation of different polymer types so that their different properties can be taken into account during the time for reprocessing. There is need to have thermosetting plastics so that they can be heated and reshaped into different objects that are required. There are different segregation approaches that can be followed so that plastics can be recycled which include post industrial segregation where the collection of plastics before they enter the municipal solid waste stream. In this approach then plastic waste is usually collected as only one type or more and they are clean and economically attractive for recycling to be done. (Ben, 1999, pp35)

There is the post consumer segregation where collection of plastics is done after they have entered the municipal solid waste steam. These plastics which have mixed polymer type and very contaminated require additional steps so that they can be cleaned and separated meaning this approach very expensive. This will mean that what they require is the automatic sorting as it is faster and more efficient. There is the processing where after sorting has been done what follows is the bailing machines that compact bottles and the bales are later transported to a reprocessing factory. In this factory the bales are broken and bottles are cut into granules where the granules are washed and dried then passed through the metal detector to remove ferrous contaminants and they are finally passed through a dedusting unit, which removes the lighter particles and they are packaged and ready to be used by re manufacturers. This has proved to be the only way the could be used for recycling of plastic. But the government has been in need of a waste strategy that will be bale to meet the target that for waste recycling and recovery. The targeted are based on collections rather than the actual recycling that has to be done through commercial or industrial; processing. This will imply that there is need to have changes made so that they can know where to begin and the government has appreciated the need to develop markets so that they can pull materials from waste stream which is in need of high income so that they can fund the action that is concerned with this recycling. The waste resource action program that has to be achieved should be able to create markets that are for recycling of materials. (Ben, 1999, pp, 45)

The north east MSW best practical environmental option

This plan is important because it sets the strategic targets that have to be followed in domestic waste disposal. This plan has details of the ability of local authority to achieve the proportion of the BPEO for north east. In working with other organization there has been methods that have been used so that there can be waste prevention. This implies that the waste strategy groups have been in work so that they can come up with the right methods that will lead to waste prevention. This has been important in that they have tried to encourage local people to have their own waste prevention plan which will mean that they will be in need of tools and techniques that will lead to right waste prevention. There is need for national recommendations to policy makers and others on instruments that will lead to success in preventing waste. (Alex, 1990, pp, 26)

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There is need to reuse and refurbish waste in that the required activities that are responsible for this action should be taken so that they can lead to provision of employment and produce goods which would be used . There is need top have significant increase in the quantities of materials and forward them to re processors for recycling. This increase should be made to segregated kerbside collections of paper, plastic, textiles and other materials that arte required. This will lead to reduction in the dangers that are caused by poor disposal; of waste and at the same time they will earn a country income as the recycled products are sold and bring income to these people. This means that it is important to have domestic waste disposal and segregation so that people can earn income that will change their way of survival where at the same time it will be a benefit to a country in terms of income that is gained from the recycled products. This means that it is important to have segregation so that a country can experience changes that will lead to changes in living standards of people at the same time they make the public aware of what they are supposed to undertake. (Alex, 1990, pp, 23)


Waste disposal and segregation is very important because it leads to changes that are important to a country. This will mean that they are supposed to know how to go about waste products that are disposed and they should be important so that they can be recycled and lead to change in status of people. The waste strategy groups are supposed to do their work so that they provide the waste prevention measures and other important things that are required.


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