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Disaster: The Nepal Earthquake

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Major Event: Disaster

The Nepal Earthquake

Picture of collapsed buildings after an earthquake in Nepal

; Figure 1: Mounting damage

Presented by: Steven Eu Su Shian 



A tragedy happened two years ago on April 25th, 2015 in an Asian country called Nepal. It also; known; as “The Nepal Earthquake”. It caused a lot of difficulties to the Nepalese citizens and also it drew a lot of attention from the people around the world. The purpose of this report is to provide; information about The Nepal Earthquake. This report will pay particular attention to the effects after Nepal Earthquake happened, the economic impact and also the effects on the Nepalese citizens.


The information for this report were all found from the Internet. Besides, there will be some recommendations in the concluding part.


A) The effects after the earthquake happened

After the earthquake happened, Revd Lewis Lew described that the effects of the tremendous 7.9 magnitude that happened in the 80 km far in northwest of the capital city, Kathmandu and the after-effect after an hour were “shocking”. Besides, according to the National Emergency Operation Centre, at the minimum 3617 people were killed by the earthquake, and also above 6500 people were injured during the earthquake. On the other hand, more than hundreds people from the neighbouring countries such as China, India and Bangladesh were also killed by the earthquake. Moreover, huge damage to the assets and the substructures such as banks has been reported in Kathmandu and the distant villages, access to which has been split by the mudslides. Furthermore, according to Dean Revd Lewis Lew, plenty of buildings collapsed, particularly those in old Kathmandu City. And also, a lot of survivors were in bad shape, they were all waiting for the medical treatment.

Picture of Injured people receive treatment outside the Medicare Hospital

; Figure 2: Hospitals in the street

B) The economic impact

The early evaluations of the economic impact caused by The Nepal Earthquake were astonishing. The total of the economic impact in Nepal is evaluated to be above $10 billion USD, which is also 50 percent of the country’s gross domestic product-GDP (https://qz.com/409848), according to the Nepalese government. Next, the Nepalese government could also spend as much as 5 billion USD or even more than that as the budget for the different kind of infrastructures such as houses, highways or bridges. On the other hand, the damages and destruction of the apartment buildings and houses caused by the earthquake has had a serious impact. The rentals, housing price and the land price could possibly affected by; the earthquake . For the examples the house prices might increase, and also the rental distension could also happen in Nepal. It might also increase the burden of the citizens in the future.

C) The effects on the citizens

After the tremendous earthquake that happened on April 25th, 2015 in Nepal, according to the United Nations (www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32492232), eight million Nepalese citizens were affected, which was more than 25 percent of the country’s population. Besides, eight million people from 39 different areas were affected, and the major problems were lack of food, water and electricity supplies. Furthermore, according to an American doctor Rebecca McAteer (www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32492232) majority of houses were destroyed. Not only that but also most of the citizens were being displaced and the young people had to leave to find the work. Moreover, the camps were also set up on a park, with the rubbish around such as paper plates, packages, and plastic glasses. One of the men who was living there with his spouse and his four children said that they were not going home even though they were still able to live in their house. He explained the reason why they refused to live in their house was because of they have heard the stories about more earthquake and after-effects. In addition, the hospitals were also not able to handle the massive numbers of the citizens who were in need of the medical treatment. And this caused some of them started to complain on the medical service.

Picture of people in Nepal cremating bodies after an earthquake

; Figure 3: Cremating victims


In conclusion, it would be useful if we could know more about the Nepal Earthquake that happened on 25th, 2015. As the report mentioned earlier, Nepal Earthquake has caused a lot of troubles and difficulties to the Nepalese citizens. For example it caused massive numbers of death, food, water and electricity supplies shortage, economic impact and also the displaced problems. From the information, perhaps the Nepalese government can begin to implement some methods to prevent the next potential earthquake .For instance the government can organise a conference about an earthquake such as what should the citizens do during the earthquake, or government can also begin to plan a better evacuation plan for the citizens so that the government and the citizens can be well prepared for the next earthquake and minimize the effection after an earthquake.


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Figure 1. Damaged houses. Adapted from: ‘,20 Pictures reveal Nepal’s heartbreaking Earthquake devastation,’ By Nicole Werbeck, and Mallory Benedict, 2015, April 26th, National Geographic, p.1. Copyright 2015 by National Geographic.

Figure 2. Survivor after the medical treatment. Adapted from: ’20 Pictures reveal Nepal’s heartbreaking Earthquake devastation,’ By Nicole Werbeck and Mallory Benedict, 2015, April 26th, National Geographic, p.19. Copyright 2015 by National Geographic.

Figure 3. Heartbreaking moment for the victims family. Adapted from: ’20 Pictures reveal Nepal’s heartbreaking Earthquake devastation,’ By Nicole Werbeck and Mallory Benedict, 2015, April 26th, National Geographic, p.8. Copyright 2015 by National Geographic.


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