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Human The Cause Of Global Warming Environmental Sciences Essay

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Part of: Global Warming

The increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and the troposphere influence the changes in the climate. Carbon dioxide emitted due to the burning of fossil fuels which usually trap heat. This has a significant effect on the various components of the Earth’s eco-sphere. Global warming is more likely to be a phenomenon that comprises of climate changes. This change includes changes in air, temperature, winds, ocean, and other earth’s climate. Generally changes in climate can be a combination of several natural forces that are happening over the various diverse timescale (Houghton; Warming overtakes predictions).

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History of Global Warming:

Global Warming occurs due to several causes, such as natural as well as human activities. Pollution and emissions are caused by human activities which lead to changes in global climate. In this world, human are responsible for global warming. Various reasons are responsible such as growth of population, industries and environmental degradation. All these activities are performed by human but this have negative influence on the environment (Global warming).

The history of global warming is underlined according to the years. They are:

1800-1870: The first industrial revolution occurred and measured carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.

1896: Global warming was calculated for the first time due to the emission of carbon dioxide witnessed on a global scale.

1930s: Global warming was accurately confirmed and reported in the late 19th century (The Discovery of Global Warming, 2011).

Thesis Statement:

Humans are the cause of global warming for several reasons include industry, population growth and environments degradation.

Industrial Revolution:

Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history which had negative consequences on Global Warming.

During the 1700s and 1800s, some drastic changes took place in the daily lives of individuals and these changes in the economy occurred because of the development of industrialization globally. These changes termed as Industrial Revolution in the economy was a turning point in the world that has negative consequences over the population. It also restricts the growth of individuals as well as nations. Basically, the transformation of workers based industries to the machine based is typically termed as Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution is the substantially beginning of the era of energy consumption, burning of fossil fuels, and emission of carbon dioxide that are continuously declining the quality of air in the environment and increases global warming (All About Global Warming; Global Warming 101, 2007).

Transportation is one of the greatest contributors to the global warming from last five decades. “Transportation accounts for 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States-two-thirds of that from automobiles and other vehicles-and many others developed and developing nations face similar challenges.” (All About Global Warming)It is analyzed that transportation has significant impact on the economic sector. Transportation is mainly depends on the petroleum products which increases emission of carbon dioxide in the environment. It is observed that transportation is about third of the country which is changing climate rapidly. In the worldwide cars, airplanes, trucks, ships and other vehicles are the means of transportation. In this industrial revolution, competition is going to be high day by day and it has adverse effects on economy. Reducing emission by controlling the transportation is the vital step for fighting against the global warming (All About Global Warming).

Factories are the means which facilitate development to the economy in the worldwide. It produces goods as according to the needs and wants of each individual by analyzing market. “One of the best ways to reduce global warming is to use renewable energy that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases.” (All About Global Warming) Some of the factories emitted gases due to the activities of human being in the factories. Usually carbon dioxide emitted due to the burning of fossil fuels which usually trap heat. This affects the living mechanism of human beings and cause Global Warming (All About Global Warming).

Electricity generated from the various means such as hydro electric dams, solar power, wind generators, geothermal power and any other means which releases carbon dioxide in the environment. “Climate change, specifically global warming, has captured the attention of people worldwide and has inspired more debate and action-personal, political and corporate-than perhaps any other environmental issue in history.” (All About Global Warming) Electric power is generated from the burning of fossil fuels like natural gas, coal and oil. This burning of fuels releases Co2 into the atmosphere. Coal burning plants are the main source of electric power in most of the countries. The electric power contributed in the increase of global warming. The conversion of electric by various means may be helpful to the people as well as environment (All About Global Warming).

Population Growth:

The world’s total population rose to 7 billion people. The population of the world is growing rapidly with the pace and it is not easy to stop its growth. The growth of population is the root of all problems related to the environmental and climatic changes. This growth pace of population is rapidly clearing woods and forests from the environment and world have scarcity of agricultural land. This turning of huge forest area into the agricultural land has significant impact on the environmental climate. As per the data, the world’s total population reached to the 7 billion. One day if this surplus of population is not restricted then individual will run out of land. This increased population rapidly enhancing global warming (How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems).

Over Consumers of the fossil fuels and goods are contributed to the global warming. “”Trends such as the loss of half of the planet’s forests, the depletion of most of its major fisheries, and the alteration of its atmosphere and climate are closely related to the fact that human population expanded from mere millions in prehistoric times to over six billion today,” (How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems). This rapid growth of population is increasing number of consumers in the worldwide. But in the recent time consumers are over from the limit. So for fulfilling the requirements of each consumer, society has maximized the usage of natural resources which resulted as scarcity of sources in the environment. Consumers are normally produces greenhouse gases by burning of fossil fuels and which produces carbon dioxide. So if consumer will be over then they will more increase global warming.

Life Style in the recent time is going to be a status symbol for consumers and which have contributed to the increment of global warming. Today, people are more concern for their living standard. Lifestyle highlights the usage of various standard products in the market. It comprises of various transport vehicles that are going to be status symbol for people. Consumers are purchasing cars and vehicles in order to maintain their lifestyle. “While population numbers in most developed nations are leveling off or diminishing today, high levels of consumption make for a huge drain on resources. Americans, who represent only 4 percent of world population, consume 25 percent of all resources” (How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems). This excess usage of transport vehicles increases emission of carbon dioxide which is the main cause of global warming.

Migration is the mechanism for human being to adapt diversified living circumstances. It is part of natural resources which is based on the seasonal movements of fishing communities, pastoralism as well as long term phenomenon. Global warming is progressive in nature and have significant impact on the population. Industrialized countries also contribute far more to climate change, ozone depletion and overfishing than developing countries. “And as more and more residents of developing countries get access to Western media, or immigrate to the United States, they want to emulate the consumption-heavy lifestyles they see on their televisions and read about on the Internet” (How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems)

Global warming causes flood cycles and storm which increases the level of sea. This rise in sea level affects the populated regions in the worldwide. When these diverse climatic changes create unbalanced circumstances then it resulted as human leaved their areas in order to search alternatives. Global warming as an resulted for migration and usually seen in this society (How Global Population Growth is Creating Serious Environmental Problems).

Environmental Degradation:

Environmental degradation problems are caused by human activities. Environmental degradation is the corrosion of the environment though the reduction of natural resources, ruin of ecosystem and disappearance of animal and plant species. It is resulted by the human activities that have directly or indirectly increased from the time when Industrial Revolution came in light. Environmental degradation is resulted in several ways such as individual actions and also caused weakening of natural resources. Other then these, environmental degradation is also caused due to the natural occurrence which also damage the environmental resources. Some human activities like burning of fossil fuel, mining, pollution, deforestation are lead to environmental degradation (Habitat Destruction).

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Deforestation is the phenomenon of cutting trees in order to make spaces for industries and houses for rapidly increasing population. As it is known that trees plays imperative role in the balancing ecosystem but this excessive cutting of plants for the usage of human activities is damaging the environmental balance. One of the major drawbacks of deforestation is it dislocate the cycle of water. As trees are responsible for its disrupt the water and liberate moisture in the environment. “As population increases, humans use more land for agriculture and cities and towns spread out ever-widening areas” (Habitat Destruction). Excessive cutting of trees serves climatic changes. Trees contain major part of the carbon dioxide and during the photosynthesis process it locks environmental carbon dioxide. But deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere along with this burning of fuels emitted carbon dioxide in the huge amount these integrally trap the environmental energy which resulted as increase in earth’s temperature and this increase in temperature near the earth’s surface causes Global Warming (Habitat Destruction).

Food Supply is the problem which is lead by the increased population in the worldwide. As per the analysis, around seven billion of population is measured in all over the world. This rapidly increased population affects the supply of food in the worldwide because resources are limited but conversely population is increasing with pace. If the population will increase with this pace then it will be difficult to feed each individual. This causes global warming with the increasing population (Global Warming 101, 2007).

The Waste Production of good and products in the environment have adverse effects on the growth of individual as well as society also and it also leads to global warming weather directly or indirectly. “Every year these emissions currently add to the carbon already present in atmospheric carbon dioxide a further 7000 million tonnes” (Houghton). Industries produce material as per the requirements of society for fulfilling their requirements but at the time of manufacturing finished goods some wastage of products are produced indirectly which affects the atmosphere and destructing the balance of ecosystem which causes global warming (Houghton).


In the today’s world, some of the people do not have faith that the global warming is resulted by the human activities and it also affect ecosystem. Although they believed that global warming phenomenon is lead by the natural process. In their view all the warming problems are the resulted by natural uncertainties.

Refutation of Counterarguments:

People believe that natural uncertainties are responsible for the global warming and human activities have no affects on ecosystem. It is completely denied because in reality human activities are responsible for the increment of global warming. Their activities such as transportation, population growth, and excessive use of energy resulted global warming in direct or indirect ways.


Global Warming is caused due to natural as well as human activities. Pollution and emissions are caused by human activities which lead to changes in global climate. Human are responsible for global warming. In the rapidly changing environment, competition is high and consumers’ needs are increasing day by day for overcoming this problem there is need to take certain possible steps for the betterment of society with control over global warming.

After analyzing the cons of global warming there is need to put effect in order to restrict global warming in the atmosphere. Following recommendations are made for minimizing this major problem:

Greening Transportation: It is analyzed that transportation sector is the more responsible for the emission of fossil fuel. Some technologies for energy efficiency are available for the less usage of energy. This techniques aid to save money as well as environmental assets.

Boosting Energy Efficiency: Nowadays energy is used by various means such as heat, energy equipments etc. This can be controlled by minimizing unnecessary the usage of energy products.

Revving Up Renewable: The renewable energy sources like wind, solar, bioenergy and geothermal are the available and researched technologies that may meet the level of energy needs. These techniques are very cost efficient and also identical for the atmosphere.

Managing Forests and Agriculture: A people can flight against the global warming by reducing the deforestation and agricultural emission. For this purpose there is need to develop awareness among the individual about the global warming and its causes and then motivates for trees plantation. Increased number of trees can flight against the global warming.

Developing and Deploying new low Carbon and zero Carbon Technologies: The development of new technologies for low carbon may possess time. So the current researches are good enough that may reduce the global warming.

Phasing out Fossil Fuel Electricity: For reducing the usage of fossil fuel, it is mandatory to take positive corrective action according to the climatic changes. Certain step should be taken such as no new plant of coal burning, shutdown all coal plants etc that may somehow minimize the effects of global warming (Solutions to Global Warming).


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