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End of Conventional Oil

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Oil is one of the most important fuels that are being consumed these days. Most of the industry depends upon the oil as they sue it as the fuel. The producers of oil are gaining a large amount of money after trading the oil. Thus the importance of oil is also imagined as it is considered as the black gold. It is also referred to as the blood of the earth. Thus the large amount of population that is using a huge amount of oil each year and that is reducing the reserves of oil. Due to various natural hazards like the ozone depletion the chemical reactions that converted the organic material into oil cannot take place properly and that is a hindrance in increasing the oil reserves. Thus there is a huge threat that the oil will be finished soon. There will be a huge impact over our lives with the depletion of the oil.

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There are some people who refer oil to the excrement of the devil or it is also considered as the black blood or the blood of the earth. Whereas there are a lot of people who would agree that the oil is the blood stream of the economy of the world. This is one reference that can have many contexts and arguments. Thus in some ways the crude oil resembles blood as when it is exposed to the air, it scabs. It is viscous and organic and moves quite easily through the pipes without creating any sort of friction. The cold oil also coagulates. The oil also supports the fungi and bacteria as it is not sterile. The oil carrying pipes might be found cogged with them growing inside. (Mills)

At times it is also referred to as the blood of the dinosaur as it has some link to the ancient living creatures. Most of the geologists have the point of view that it is not easy to support this ideology with the strong proof and there was no such link of oil with the living beings. But still there are a number of scientists that believe in the idea that the oil was formed in the water and that later converted into some organism named plankton and that was later dragged into the sea and fed by some sunbeams and then they died and buried in the sea.

We are moving form an age of cheap plentiful energy to the age of limited and expensive energy. Thus there is no alternative source for the development of energy that can replace the need of the oil or the natural gas. There is a perception that if the coal is used then we survive for decades is also not correct on the whole because that is only true when the rates of the coal do no change at all. The end of the oil does not mean that it has to dry out completely, thus it also means that if it becomes very expensive then we will not be able to use it. That will be end of the era when we got the cheap fuel and beginning of the era where fuel gets too expensive to be used. (Nersesian)

The oil exporting nations have a motive due to which they are pushing the world to be dependent over the oil and thus they are trying to do their business. Oil is the most expensive business and thus the oil trading nations tend to earn a large amount of money in this business that is why they want that the industry should be dependent over the oil so that they should earn a large amount of money.

Oil scarcity and the energy crisis will have a huge impact on our lives. Currently entire industry ranging from the domestic use of vehicles to the industrial use and the other machines are all dependent over the oil. The healthcare and the medical centers are also dependent over the oil for the transportation and other services with the oil shortage the price of the transportation and other service will increase resulting in the collapse of many industries. This this will not only kill the employment but will also close many industries resulting in the lack of education and health facilities.

The oil is completely different thing then the wheat, wheat is something that can be grown each year resulting in the increase of the amount. The amount of wheat consumed each year is met by growing it the next year. Whereas the oil that was formed in the 4 Billion years, has been used in few centuries. It cannot be grown again as these reactions do not take a day or two to generate oil.

Large amount of the engineers are working in the oil industry or industries that are very closely linked or dependent over the oil. So if the oil is depleted then the engineers will be jobless. This will highly affect their career and will cease the career opportunities for the people that are interested in this profession. (Lovins)

Oil can be replaced by some alternative sources of energy like using sticks and carrots as a fuel in the cars or the use of the carbon free cars. In the electric production where a large amount of fuel is used for making electricity, the other sources like solar energy, wind energy and the tidal energy can be used to make it. And thus the oil can be replaced but it is hard to provide an equal amount of jobs to these people as well. The most invaluable source of energy ever discovered is rubbing. When the hands are rubbed they form some energy and heat and thus it is of no much use as the energy is very less and it vanishes in a very less time.

The product that I enjoy and that consumes fuel too is a car. It is the most essential thing these days. And it costs a few thousand dollars. The cost pf the car will be way more and it might range to a few lack dollars as the cost of construction will increase to a large amount. That is why the construction cost will increase and that will increase the purchase cost as well.

The green revolution contains a large deal of fertilizers derived from petrochemicals taken out from petroleum. These petrochemicals are formed from the hydrocarbons and ammonia and thus they are easily available by the plants. Thus the green revolution has a large amount of petrochemicals as these are also not harmful for the plants and forestry.

The 9 billion people will have to find the alternative sources of food and they will have to choose the other form of food. They will have to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets that do not contain hydrocarbons. That is the only way the food demands can be met.

Without the cheap oil the engineers will find some other source of energy like coal or the gas. That will help them meet the demands of the energy needs in the world. The end of cheap oil will affect all the people and every sector in this world as everything is completely dependent on it and the engineering career will be highly affected as we will not have enough jobs to work in and the wages will also be less.

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Petroleum is one of the most essential things in the today’s world. The cheap oil is the most important factor of every industry as it is used as a fuel. With the depletion of the resources of the cheap oil it has become very important that the other sources of energy should be found so that the world should keep on working smoothly. The transportation, food, industry everything is based on the oil. The countries that are trading oil prefer to increase the sale and to expand the use in vehicles. With the finishing of the oil the jobs will be reduced and the people will lose their jobs. Oil can be replaced by some alternative sources of energy and in the electric production where a large amount of fuel is used for making electricity, the other sources like solar energy, wind energy and the tidal energy can be used to make it. Alternatives to oil need to be adopted for our benefit.

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