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Causes And Impact Of Global Warming

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The global warming means that our plants temperature rises which happened as a result of the human activities and industries. Global warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing the world leaders in order to protect the planet and the future .The earth has warmed by about 1°F over the past 100 years.

Why it is happened?? The scientist in the past decades was not sure, but now they know that the most prominent cause being man-made pollution. This pollution happened because of the human activities that produce carbon dioxide or as known greenhouse gas, which traps heat within the atmosphere of the earth and contributes to global warming which is yet another. Large part of the pollution is happened because of burning the fuels in order to power the internal combustion engine vehicles and as we know that the number of the cars , trainers , ships & the air planes are increasing day by day without widespread alternative energy sources which actually increase the effects on the global warming . Burning coal to produce electricity as well as use it to move the trains is another meaning of fossil fuels that produce more carbon dioxide.

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On the other hands, the scientist found that the main cause of global warming is the human. The human attributed in increasing the carbon dioxide by their normal requirements such as breathing process, food, electricity and transport, but these requirements are increasing day by day, by the increasing in the number of the population that live in our planets. The agriculture contributes in global warming because the farmers use many different types of fertilizers and the dung produced by cattle which produce prominent source of methane that affect the atmosphere.

The global warming has many complications and has a huge affects in the earth. It threatened the human life & the quality of life in the direct and indirect way. Many statistics show that the number of chronic diseases and lung diseases has been increase comparing with the last decades which is associated directly to the global warming. The changing in the food supplies, water and the weather is the indirect way impact on global warming which leads the humans to be uncomfortable and threatened about his essential needs and requirements.

Similarly, the global warming has affected the other living things such as animas & plants and the increasing in the temperatures cause many animals species to lose their habitat like polar bears and tropical frogs. The animal migration patterns have been irregular and hugely affected by changing in the climate. Animal extinction is the most serious result of global warming , According to the Intergovernmental Panel on (IPCC), an increase in global temperature by 1.5 to 2.5 degrees will make 20 to 30 percent of species vulnerable to extinction, while a rise of about 3.5 degrees will make 40 to 70 percent species vulnerable to extinction.

On the other hand, the global warming impact on non living thing. The global cause change on the natural terrain characteristics of the earth such as the sea level to be rise several meters which leads to cause many of the low lying areas to submerge underwater and which could displace millions of people. In Maldives, is already starting to look for a new home because of sea levels rising .Melting huge amount of ice such as whole of the Antarctic ice sheet melts may cause the global sea level is expected to rise by 10.5 meters.

Also , The acidic rain and the climate affect the agriculture and the human architecture. The Acidic rain is resulted from combination of carbon dioxide with the rain which cause a massive crop failures over time . Moving the sands and the desert to the living area is another cause of global warming which usually called deforestation especially in the tropical forests for wood, pulp, and farmland. All of these factors has been contributed in 90% chance that 3 billion people worldwide will have to choose between moving their families to milder climes and going hungry due to climate change within 100 years.

Because of previous affects of the global warming , many scientists argue about the issue of climate change , some was thinking that it is a very slow process and it need years and years to affect directly the human life and be threatened .Other opinion was a against this opinion and they consider that they forget that the factors which cause global warming are rapidly rising and if we could not control it now at the present time it will be difficult to control it in the future and they expected that these factors will rise at a faster rate in the future.

I think that we have already done enough damage to our planets , and we may not live to face the direct consequences of global warming , but it is our duty to protect our planet now and control our activities in order to reduce the global warming or until the scientist find an efficient , working solution for global warming . It is our duty to gift a safty, healthy planet for our grand grand children and to the future generation . Also it is their right to have a healthy safe planet similar to that’s belongs to our grand fathers .

First: how global warming affects the UAE in particular ??

The global warming has been noted in all the countries in the whole world including the UAE . The global warming affects the UAE in many ways . It cause an increase in the temperature which affect the agriculture and the life under the sea .

Recently , the UAE News was warning the people from consuming some type of fish because its already dead by the phenomenon of red tides that attacks the UAE beaches specifically in Dibba & Al Fujairah . This phenomena not only kill the fish but it also affect the human overall health because it cause respiratory irritation like coughing, sneezing, and tearing when the red tide organism is present along a coast .

The global warming also cause the desertification where more sand move into living areas and affect the movement and transportation of peoples . Desertification may affect the agricultural crops because the tons of sands buried the crops & plants .

On the other hand , the UAE regions could significantly increase temperatures because of global warming which may affect the tourism in the UAE and influence the economy. In detail , the UAE economy depend mostly in the tourists and tourism , so any change or decrease on the total number of tourist that will cause a decrease in the financial income and economical problems .

The UAE life , despite being quite a small population , is contributes produce high amount of carbon dioxide which increase the global warming. The statistics of the UAE show that the increase in CO2 emissions is within the range of 33% and 35% between 1997 & 2006 and this precentage may increase in the next years (Energy Information Administration. , 2008).

The UAE has one of the highest carbon footprints on a per capita tonne basis in the world. In fact, four of the worst offenders are from the GCC – Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. (Global warming could displace millions in the Middle East , 2008)

Second : What should we do here ??what is the role of the UAE ??

What should the UAE do ?? Because of the high percentage carbon dioxide , the UAE governments and people should cooperate together in order to reduce the outcome gases and control its impact on the global warming .

Recently , UAE has become a member in the earth hour and encourage people to switch off the electricity for 1 hour in order to reduce carbon dioxide gas which at least will help to reduce the affect on the global warming . UAE do not view the earth hour as only electricity shut down, but they also view it as a chance to educate the people about the global warming and the importance of the cooperation to solve this problem , so as we observe from last couple weeks , many people from different age and gender were worry for the mother earth and they involve in the earth hour .

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In 27th of January 2009 , the UAE signs statute establishing the International Renewable Energy Agency, IRENA , the purpose of this agency is to focus in renewable energy is one of the key solutions to the current challenges facing the world’s energy future and the global warming . Many countries are involve in IRENA and they foster the production and use of renewable energy through different approaches. The UAE believe on the importance of energy as a main driver for the economic growth and they trust that renewable energy is crucial to the world’s future safety .

The UAE governments launched the Estidama Program and the Pearls green building rating system which would become integrated into the building code and the launch of the Emirates Green Buildings Council . The Estidama Program can be considered as an important step towards low carbon emission buildings in the UAE which buildings plays a key role in protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption and checking on energy efficiency . This would help to improve the energy usage and the water required for cooling properties in the hot summers.

Similarly to Estidama program , the UAE government started to develop the world’s greenest city in Abu Dhabi . The government started before several years to find a friendly way to produce the energy with minimum amount of gases , zero waste city, a silicon valley for renewable energy. Masdar city will be the global home of Renewable Energy .This city focuses on the complete value chain of the renewable energy sector and claims once ready , it will be a carbon neutral place to live where no cars will be allowed to enter. Masder is the new clean future for our next generation and it is the model to encourage other cities to follow . Masder support the human right & believe in the future generation rights , so it is very unique , modern idea .

The government of UAE encourage the renewable energy and believe that it is the future . The solar-hydrogen energy system is one of the newest energy that used in the UAE , in order to reduce the pressure on the oil usage and to find new technology that is friendly to our environment . The government put many precious awards to encourage the people and the companies to use this clean energy source . Zayed Future Energy Prize Awards is one of the biggest energy awards that encourage the clean, alternatives energy use inside our country and the prizes reach up to $1.5 million Dollar. All of this awards are reflect the view of our governments which summarize in few words when HH General Sheikh Mohammed said “In commemoration of this humanitarian approach, the award was established to recognize and motivate creative minds and innovators in the field of renewable energy, with the ultimate purpose of maintaining a healthy and clean environment for future generations,”

The UAE government put many Policies and legislations to reduce the energy demand . For example , the government put many roles to reduce the number of the cars use in the streets by increasing the fuel prices . In Dubai , and recently Abu Dhabi started to put fees in some parking which is usually lied in the middle of the cities . There is something new called ” Salik ” which is means in Arabic open or clear , and it is the latest generation technology in tolling, working without battery , it is like the street fees which is mainly purpose to avoid the traffic jam and reduce the number of vehicles , so the amount of the gases will be reduce especially in the main streets .

Also , the governments in the UAE try to reduce the burning the fuels by encouraging the population to use the big buses rather than the private cars . In Dubai , for example , the governments try to reduce the number of the cars by building the Metro which connect multiple places in the city , and they are thinking now to connect all the UAE cities together in order to reduce the total number of cars in the country and make the transportation more easy & safe .

What about us ?? the people role in the UAE is very important in spreading the awareness about the global warming . Understanding and believing of the problem is the first steps . The mother earth give us everything we need for life and its is very important to give her back by protecting her and stop the damage .

The people role is to spread the knowledge through the awareness campaigns and Media . We have to teach ourselves and our children how to reduce our carbon foot prints in order to avoid the global warming from being very serious problem .

I think what the UAE government does now is very important, because they believe on protecting our planet , but I think it is not enough to make a huge reduction in the bad outcomes gases . UAE government should increase the fees on the public taxies and private cars , so this will encourage the people to use the public buses or the metro . Also , they should be more strict on the laws & policies regarding the manufactories because it usually produce high amount of toxics . The recycle process should be a law and not a suggestion and any manufacture do not follow have to pay fees or even close it because the environment and its effect on our health is more important than production items .

The people and government should cooperate in order to get the high benefits .

Conclusion :

Summary & support the thesis + opinion .

My notes :

IT is still not enough , tax for the private car ,

In the UAE, and as an important oil producer with the fifth largest proven oil reserves in the Middle East, we also believe on the importance of energy as a main driver for our economic growth and sustainable living. UAE trust that renewable energy is crucial to the world’s future prosperity.

Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030 establishes a clear vision for sustainability as the foundation of any new development occurring in the Emirate and capital city of Abu Dhabi. This commitment is a reflection of the values and ideals of our nation. The tenets of sustainable living in the Middle East is the guiding force behind Estidama. More than just a sustainability program, Estidama is the symbol of an inspired vision for governance and community development.


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