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I have always had the zeal to be involved in top management roles in our country hence the reason why I want to enroll for admission in Masters Degree in management. I have realized that when I develop the already acquired knowledge in the undergraduate level will remain competiti8ve in the diverse management field. When I am admitted to this course know I will gain invariable knowledge through the interaction with my lecturers, classmates as well as other members of the Education fraternity. There are several careers available to people with Management knowledge both in the public as well as private sector (Murphey, 2009). When I enroll in this course, I know I will benefit massively through the rich learning environment available to the learners. Here I will get pivotal contacts of both the professional as well as the business people. Such contacts will come handy in times of looking for better career prospects in the management field.

I intend to positively impact the way the classroom lectures are undertaken. This is I will achieve by making the students more proactive. For example, through building teamwork I hope to ensure that the students become involved in the classroom discussions. Class discussion will primarily assist other students comprehend practical management practices drawn from the classroom lectures so that they can make positive contribution in the society especially in their workplaces. Students will highly benefit from various management skills that may coincide with their career path. They should also be endowed with the knowledge to make them self employed and run their enterprises to become profitable ventures. As a scholar my skills in research will benefit my assigned group-peers during project undertakings. Similarly, I also intend to strengthen the existing interaction avenues available to the students and if possible form new ones. This is because I believe when the students are given an avenue to interact then they can influence each either to make positive contribution to our society. Based on my relational skills I intend to actively participate in the planned institutions alumni forums in an attempt to positively inspire other students, and perhaps communicate positive image to the community.

Based on past familiarity, I have realized that students have a lot of zeal to participate in the community development projects. This I hope to bring in as I pursue my program by organizing projects which will proactively involve my fellow classmates. Some of the student mobilization activities to engage my fellow students include community clean-ups or hospital visitations. I also intend to organize such activities as blood donation campaigns from my fellow classmates as I believe we have the potential and the capacity to positively impact the community health. I also intend to mobilize my classmates to volunteer in non-profit organizations which assist the less fortunate members of the society. According to Murphey, (2009), such undertaking assists the student to enhance team work capacity, entrench cooperation skills, and possibly assist in community development through their innovation skills.