The Story Of Artemis Fowl English Literature Essay

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The story of Artemis Fowl takes place in Ho Chi Minh City during the modern day or 20th century. The story begins in the summer and is about Artemis fowl, a 12 year old mastermind and the protagonist of the story ; hence the title "Artemis Fowl". Artemis lives with his sick and weak mother in a machine. Artemis also has a bodyguard, named Butler, that travels with him everywhere he goes. Butler is not only his bodyguard but also his friend and companion. Butler is tremendously loyal and listens to every command Artemis throws at him. "Artemis Fowl" is mainly about Artemis meeting the LEP, a group of fairies with magical powers. The sprite that Artemis and Butler meets is extremely messy and is obviously an alcoholic. When they first confront her, they notice that she is very dirty, covered with mud, wearing old rags, and begging for wine. The sprite has a book, which is what Artemis wanted in the first place. Artemis wanted the book to learn about the history of the fairies and their culture. Artemis then tricks the fairy into giving him the book for 30 minutes, where Butler takes photos of every page and then later uploads them onto his computer where he has a copy of the book.

The main conflict in the book is about Artemis' family. Artemis' dad, a genius like Artemis, is not mentioned much in the beginning of the story. There is a reason for that, Artemis' dad is captured by the Russian Mafia when he tried to become an honest business man. He had a ship full of cola drinks for trade that sank and that's when they lost all their wealth and fortune. Artemis attempts to regain the fortune and wealth that the Fowl family lost. Artemis goes on his quest to regain the family fortune by using the book of the fairies and attempt to steal the fairy gold for his family. Regaining the family fortune is not the only reason why Artemis wants to take the gold, he also wants to help his weakened mother. Everyday Artemis sees his dying mother and that urges him to find some kind of money. Artemis' mother sleeps in her bedroom all day. Juliet, a maid, takes care of Artemis' mother.


The story's protagonist is Artemis Fowl. Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old mastermind and genius. He is one of the few that know about the existence of fairies, the other few being his bodyguard, Buter, and Juliet. Artemis's intelligence is highly developed compared to doctors, professors, and even psychiatrists. He reads more pschycology books than psychiatrists. Artemis can pass every test you throw at him. He has made the medical minds confused, and even sent many of them to their own hospitals. Artemis is obviously a child prodigy. Artemis uses his intelligence for criminal activities. For example, he uses his intelligence to trick the fairy into giving him the book. The fairy book was in fairy language, but that was no problem for Artemis. Artemis attempts to translate the WHOLE book from fairy language to english. He does so by trying to translate the language into Latin roots and even Greek roots. From the Latin or Greek roots he translates to english. Artemis can fluently speak many languages including "Gnommish". (The fairy language) Artemis is not athletic, but his intelligence makes up for this. Artemis is the type of boy that spends 10 hours in front of the computer screen. He doesn't do what the average kid would do and play games, instead he does heaps of research of fairy history.


I think the title of the book "Artemis Fowl" is appropriate for the story, but I mainly think it is not appropriate. First off, I think the title is appropriate because the main character of the story is named Artemis Fowl. The story is about this character and that's about all that tells. On the other hand, I think the title is not appropriate because I think it is a little bland and dull. All the title says is a kid's name and nothing else. With a title like that, it doesn't catch a reader's eye. I think a better title would be something like " Artemis Fowl and The Great Fairy Adventures" because that gives a little glimpse into the story of what it's going to be about. With that type of title, readers, especially kids are much more likely to read this book.


First off, this book is very good. The book just lures you into Artemis's point of view of his great adventures and quests. In this adventure filled book, readers will experience how intelligent Artemis is and how much he misses his father. Reading this book brings you along with Artemis and Butler as they meet many mythical creatures such as trolls, dwarves, and of course fairies. When finishing this book, you will already be in the library looking for the next one in the series. In my opinion, I think teenage readers would enjoy this book the most. I think this because this book is full of magic, prodigies, mythical creatures, and adventures. These elements are what teenage kids read the most these days, so this book is a wonderful book for teenagers.