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The Relationship Between Man And Woman English Literature Essay

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1st Jan 1970 English Literature Reference this

Thesis: Developing a healthy relationship between a man and a woman is a challenging endeavor. The step from a relationship to a commitment of marriage passes several stages. A man marries a woman for who she is and not for who she trying to be.

Audience: Fellow students and Dr. Janssens

Purpose: To illustrate the possible challenging factors for a woman and a man in a relationship; to nurture and maintain all the way to the altar.

Everyone heard the story about the prince who marries the town maiden. Or the handsome eligible bachelor who could have any girl he wants, nevertheless who falls in love with an ordinary woman who is difficult to deal with. At the wedding, the guy feels like luckiest guy in the universe. Meanwhile, his family is popping antacids wondering, “Why her?” Then the speculation starts: “Is it the cooking? Is it the sex? Did she brainwash him?” What they are dying to do is pull the guy aside and ask him point-blank, “Why are you marrying such a bitch?”

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Four years ago, after my 36th birthday party once again I ask myself a question, “Why are you still single?” I was never a kind of women that would chaise a man and push him into a commitment. Nevertheless, I have always wondered, “What is that one thing (or perhaps more) that blocking me from finding my soul mate? So, one day, I was in a book store and I could not take away my eyes from a title that said, “Why Man Marry Bitch?” I have to admit that I have never thought about any married woman being cruel or damn, instead I always have thought that they were most fortuned woman in the world. So, with curiosity of “what is behind this book title”, I brought the book.

S. Argon is the author of the US national bestseller “Why Man Love Bitches” and “Why Man Marry Bitches. The author has contributed to more than thirty magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Esquire. Her books have been featured on prime-time sitcoms as well as on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox Magazine, and the View and are published in more than twenty languages.

In “Why Man Marry Bitches” S. Argon is not giving another “how to fetch a man” advise. This book captured my attention not by it remotely suggesting that I am incomplete until I find my “better half.” This book challenges convention, broaden our understanding of why some relationships don’t progress, and modernize the way we think, about how man chooses his soul mate. The author encourages woman who feel like doormats to develop a sense of independence.

When the author uses the word “bitch”, the woman she is describing is not cruel or mean. Throughout the book the author uses “bitch” in a “tongue-in-cheek” (Argon 12) way. As the author claims, this term “intent to be satirical” (53) However, content of the book is faraway from actual meaning of this word, so I think the title of the book has to be magnetic for all types of woman, including married and single. In my opinion, married woman would “stay away” from this book as title offends her even in the context of the book “bitch” described as a strong, secure, independent woman. Therefore, the title of the book might drop down the number of readers that are concerned about the book cover. Moreover, readers of this book might be man as well as woman in order to understand both sides of conflicts in relationships.

The plot of this book is following. As a physiatrist and relationship expert, the author questions hundreds of man and woman in order to solve each and every aspect of relationship, leaving nothing unsolved. Throughout the book, the author draws several conclusions, attached with graphs of surveys that she researched over the past ten years. Every other page includes “Relationship Principle #” according to results of survey and different perspectives on a particular situation in relationship between man and woman.

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The author claims that when woman thinks that she “need to need a man” (25) she is wrong. I agree with the author as I think woman should have sense of independence where she can see and perceive things with broader mind. For example, in the movie “Closer” Natalie Portman asks Judie Law, why he is madly in love with the photographer (played by Julia Roberts) “It is because she is successful?” “No. He said it is because she doesn’t need him.”(78)

Another interesting fact from the book says, ” There is nothing more puzzled to a man than something he had to wait for, work for, or struggle a little bit to get.” (40) Who would argue with that? Not me. I believe that men are natural-born competitors. When a man is in pursuit mode, he gets the same feeling he gets when he’s playing a slot machine in a casino. He can lose ten times in a row, but he’ll still be on the edge of his seat thinking, “I’m almost winning.” Every time he thinks he is losing, all women have to do is “sweeten the pot.” If his woman asks him to fix something, she makes him feel like a winner. If she convince him he had a great idea, he is winner.

In conclusion, “Why Man Marry Bitch” challenging woman and man to look beyond their capability of problem solving in relationship and make an effort to understand, to respect ones opinion, to open new challenges, to like and to love, but to always keep that ” silky curtains” between two genders. No matter how equal and powerful each gender can be, there are always “break-points” when one could do not more than other and so one could need no more from other, however, still could love and cherish each other. Finally, “Why Man Marry Bitches? Perhaps man marry woman because …

Once upon a time there was a princess. Along came a prince who asked her if she would like to ride on his white horse. She said, “I’d like to take a ride on your horse, but I cant right now because I’m a little busy getting my own horse. Go ride off into the sunset without me, and I’ll catch up to you a little later.” Suddenly, the prince is dumbfounded. He is never heard anything like this before. Something clicks inside him, and it starts a fire within him that he can’t put out, because she doesn’t need him. And then he says, “I have to be with her for the rest of my life.”(225)

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