The Hobbies And Lifestyles Of Different People English Literature Essay

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Hi all, my name is Chia Peiny and my friends used to call me "apple" but not in my friends circle in UPM, because there's another "apple" in our class, haha. I'm come from Sekinchan, Selangor which is famous with paddy field and sea food, a place with great sceneries and great people, is a definite must go. If u guys wish to have a fresh air for your travel or to have a meal of fresh seafood, I'm very welcoming to bring you guys go around.

I have no many hobbies, except from travelling if time and money permits. I am more of the bag packing type of girl rather than the ones who stay in a luxurious hotel room sun tanning. I am one who wouldn't mind walking for hours and hours just to experience and submerge myself in the local culture and lifestyle. I would mind getting lost and finding my way in a total new and foreign city. I love freedom.

Favourite drinks and food? Oh yeah, I love cooks of my mum! It's the best ever and non-comparable. hehe. I am a coffee lover, although it's not good for our health, as what my mum used to scold on me whenever I'm drinking coffee, but I just, can't stand with the life without coffee :) 

I have a big family, with 3 elder sisters and 2 younger brothers, my granny stay with us as well. I grew up in a poor family, my family isn't rich but nonetheless, my parents try to provide the best for all of us. Since i was in kindergarten, I already have to learn how to ride bicycle. It's of course just a childhood activity for most of the children, but for us, we HAVE to learn .That's because, both of my parents have to work and we used to take care of ourselves, for example, went to school, tuition, and surely, went to help my mum up. My dad is a foreman, since his salary can't afford to a big family, so my mum have to work as well.

My mum is a hawker, since young, we have to help her every day. It was the best memory for me and my siblings, although we had to work compared to our friends who are come from rich family. We came across fire at my mum's stall, everything gone in the fire, but luckily, the government set up a new hawker station for all the refugees, so that we can start over again our hawker life, until now. And so for my dad, he is not only a foreman, but he has to help my mum before he go to work, in the evening, he part-time job is a farmer. He never blame on us, never blame on anything about his contribution to this family. I do feel that they are really worked hard just to earn a living. We can absent to school when it is raining, but our parents can't. They rather go to their working place under the rain, with a raincoat, even it is raining like cat and dog. It's all because, they want to left the car for us, just don't want to make us sick due to the rain. Although we are poor, but we are happy. I love to stay with my family!

As a student of BBI 2421, I hope I could score an excellent result in this subject. Work hard and strive for it, without retreating; only marching forward.

TOPIC 2 The Climb


by chiapeiny on Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:05 pm

I love this song indeed. I even shared it to my best friends when i was in form six when our STPM was around the corner. I remembered it was after my trial exam, the result had been knocked me down and I was not confident to face the real exam after few months of the trial. Same goes to 3 of my best friends. We had our study group everyday and since we always mixed around with each other, our relationship is getting closer, even up to now. We support each other whatever problems we faced or whenever who was in trouble.

Anyway, credits should be given to my study group buddies. Those guys had helped me a lot, especially the leader, feel sorry to him indeed. As what he had done, what he had sacrifice, just hope us to score better in exam .He was trying so hard to help us. Even we had bring him down or affect his result ,but he never give up, although motivation is running high, however our stamina was still running low.

I do appreciate having this group of people that supporting me all de ways. I appreciate having them for giving me advices to lift my spirit up, but it doesn't works.(my result say it all~)From the result, I just realized that I'm not as great as I thought I was. I ruin everything in my path.

The truth is, I was afraid, I don't know which path should I take, I don't want the same mistake happened over and over again .When I found out this song one day from radio, it inspired me! Its lyric just matches to my condition at that moment."Keep on moving, Keep climbing, Keep the faith" I highlighted this lyric to my friends, I wrote "hope that v can strike for the best and with top spirit in this last moment, never lose!!!" in my post. It works! One of my friends had more spirit and work harder than usual. In conclusion, this is a very good song in inspiring people, advice people to be optimistic in anyway.

TOPIC 3 Beautiful of Friendship

Re: Topic 3

by chiapeiny on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:05 pm

There is much kind of people in this world that we can't expect to meet with. It's just like we can't be able to expect what kind of people to be our friends. They are normally separate into different group according to their mutual style and habit.

In a new strange environment, we are more likely to join others start from the conversation, from the activities, from the behaviour. After a period, we would adapt to her/his way of talking, her/his behaviour, his/her attitudes and we automatically define the person as your friend.

In my life, I have met a lot of friends from school, national service, working place, and university. Of course, they are from different background, religion and races, but fate had brought us together to be friend, it makes us to behave in our live.

For my circle of friend, who we know each other since primary school, are closest to me. I love them, seriously I do. We share everything with each other; we have sad moment, as well as luminous moment. Although right now each has their proper place to continue their own journey, but we will never separate with each other. Once we have holidays, we will hang out for gathering and trips as well. This is so called "friendship".

Topic 5: Leadership courses: Necessary or waste of money?

Re: leadership courses

by chiapeiny on Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:23 pm

When I was a little kid, I loved to see aeroplanes as huge as big birds, roaming the skies freely. I loved to play with Barbie dolls and secretly wish to be a princess with long silky hair like them, dressed in beautiful long dresses, waiting for my prince charming to appear on his white horse. I loved to play Chinese jump rope as well as hide and seek with my very first best friends. I wonder how we could come out with those ideas since we were just a kid somehow. There was no any elder who leading us, it is all about strong imagination and creativity of children.

But what is happening nowadays is, children need not to have such imaginations, such games ideas, because dealing with the high technology invention today, there are various games that children can get from internet just by a finger click. The issue that should be concerned about is children are indulging in computer games. It not only decreasing their playground interaction but also ends up with adverse effect on their social skills in the future.

So, I think parents should send their children to leadership course; it is a very good chance to build up their interpersonal skills as well as leadership skills start from development stage. As we all know, there is a growing demand and high competitive in the fast-changing market place, high salary and good jobs are fast disappearing. Adopting a leadership skill is no longer an option, but it has become a basic requirement while applying a job, or else, you must be left among the others. All in all, I seriously think it is necessary for the purpose of nurturing the children's character development and one of the ways is by making it as a compulsory subject in school.

TOPIC 6: Nails in the Fence

Re: 6

by chiapeiny on Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:46 pm

From the story above, it showed the importance of controlling our emotion in life. Basically, people throw their anger to someone just because the "someone" did mistakes on them. Everyone has emotion, we can't be able to control it sometimes, yet it is vital for us to discover the ways to control it. Just like the outcome of the story, after you put your anger on others, people will get hurt and the scar will never be healed.

I am a hot-tempered kind of people. Yes, I do lose my temper sometimes. It happened around one month ago, when my whole family went for a vacation, except me, since I had to sit for my tests. I felt so upset and angry, even keep rejecting their calls. Yet, they never give up to text me, call me, and apologize to me. I know it's hurt to them, especially my parents. When time flies, after taking a deep breath and try to think from opposite perspective, I finally realised that was not their fault. The most I am thankful to is, when I lose my temper, they never fight with me. Whenever I am down and helpless, they are always ready to lend their hands to give me a help and lend me their shoulders to cry on. They guide me to the right way; pull me away from the wrong path. So friends, try to learn to think in different perspectives when there's argument with others.

Re: Topic 6

by chiapeiny on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:23 am

nithiyaa157392 wrote: From the scenario above, I have learnt that we should control our rage. Rage can lead to many troubles and misunderstandings among relations. We cannot take back the vehement words after we fling it off. Words thrown in anger can leave a scratch mark in people's heart. Rage can lead to many dire problems in life.

If I am in a bad temper I used to rebuke people but at the end I will feel for my inaccuracy. I will barely realize of it after I hurl the words. One day, I behave the same manner to my lovely mother when she awakes me from my siesta. I was not fully awake and I showed my temper to my mother as she made me awake halfway. :oops: My mother went off from my room silently. I sense my mistake and spoke to my mother. She advised me in a proper way to change my attitude. I apologized to my mother and she told me the same story by replacing the fence with a beautiful car. Then only I realized that how much my words disturbed her heart. My eyes sprout out tears to ask for the forgiveness again from her. :cry: Till then, I minimize my anger for such a silly things. :!:

Hey Nithiyaa, actually I have gone through the same condition with you. I was throwing my temper on my mother sometimes, and she always advice me to change my attitude as well. She told me that, to behave a well manner is very important when we step into society and it should be practice when we interact with people. I agree with you by saying that "Words thrown in anger can leave a scratch mark in people's heart", yea, our mum would definitely get hurt of our vehement words, but they will never give up guiding us to a better direction. ;)

Topic 7: Giving your dreams a shot

Re: Giving your dreams a shot

by chiapeiny on Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:31 am

I fully support this program as it is a very meaningful program which is not only can explore more and more talented career in our society, yet they get the chance to distribute to the community. This could be brought up many positive returns to Malaysians indeed. This kind of programme can foster creative thinking and develop planning skills in career. It boosts up self-esteem and gives them a sense of accomplishment where their ideas are being recognized by others.

If I could have a chance to take part in this programme, first, I would start to ask myself a question before comes out an idea: "how could I become so useless to the fact that I wasted years in life by doing nothing?" Well, it's not how great your contribution to the society is, yet, it is about your awareness on the changing of our environment that matter. For me, I will think of the ways to abort disaster that happened nowhere. My idea is about invention of a new technology which we are able to predict where and when would be the disaster happened. By this invention, humans' life can be saved and such environmental and economical destructions can be prevented.

TOPIC 8: A Graduation Speech

Re: 8

by chiapeiny on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:04 am

I do agree with the sentence 'making mistakes is part of growing up'. It's one of the stages of life that we have to go through no matter what. It happened unconsciously and we would realize we have made the mistakes. No one can control the consequences or the result; no one could able to back to their past and change the solution. Can't deny that it will be painful when you did a mistake, yet it is vital to gain experience throughout the process. The more mistakes you have made, the more you gain.

There're the same cases happened twice in my life, when I was graduated from secondary school and Sixth Form. I was just like standing on a cross road, don't even know which path should I choose to continue my study. Due to my family financial problem, I had limited choice; local university is the only choice. The conclusion was, I got offer from UPM. Though it was my first choice but, it was not my favorite course. What to do? Just try for it. And now, I have gained my interest on it. Because I know that, what we are doing now, and even what role we act as today, are definitely predestined. It's obviously show that, life is so unpredictable and can't deny will be affected by external factors. We can't even assume we can take control of the current circumstance and future in our life. We need to try whatever obstacle given, try to adapt it, and try to afford it, for our own good.