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The two prominent families (the Montagues and the Capulates) from Verona are at conflict with one another. They have battled for quite some time but events have recently turned worst as a result of romantic relationship between two members of these conflicting families (Romeo and Juliet).Finally their relationship will end in death and the two families end their bitter feud and reconcile.(Clamon 9)

Act I

Gregory and Sampson are discussing how much they hate and despise Montague's The two are organizing how to defeat their men and sexually conquer their women. Their plan

is interrupted when Abraham and Balthasar, the two Montague servants came on their way. In their effort to determine the best way to initiate the fight without being held accountable, Sampson bites his thumb at the Montagues an act considered to be a strong insult. Abraham and Balthasar take offense and begin to quarrel with the Capulet's servant's verbally.Benvolio the Montague sees the fight and draws his sword to force for peace upon both parties.Tybalt the Capulet on seeing Benvolio's act retaliates and draws his sword also and tells Benvolio that he hates the Montagues as much as he hates peace. Consequently a fight breaks out with lords Capulet and Montague attempting to join it. Their wives forced them to avoid the brawl and prince Escalus soon reinforces the command. Due to the persistent conflict between the two families the priest suggested that future disturbances caused by the families will be punished by death.Immidiately, everybody leaves the scene except Lord Montague, Lady Montague and Benvolio their nephew. Montague wants to know how the fight started, and Benvolio explains. Lady Montague is not much concerned about the fight than is with melancholic son Romeo and asks her nephew Benvolio about his where abouts.Benvolio tells her that Romeo is wandering outside the city among the sycamores. This creates distress among the Montagues and forces them to confide that their son will hesitate to explain the source of his problems. On seeing his cousin approach, Benvolio tells Lord and Lady Montague that he will try to find the source of his problems. The parents quickly leave, and Romeo approaches his cousin Benvolio.He tells him that he is miserable because of a woman in love with called Rosaline and that she does not return his sentiments because she wants to live a life of chastity.Benvolio encourages him to forget Rosaline and that she shifts his attention to other beautiful women but Romeo insists that he sees no other beautiful women.Benvolio vows to prove him wrong. (Clamon 18)

Capulet and Paris, one of prince kinsmen walk as they discuss Paris' need to marry Juliet. Though happy about the request, Capulet insists that he should wait for about two years since Juliet is not yet even 14 years. Capulet consoles Paris and tells him that he will throw a party that would make him woo Juliet Perfectly. Capulet gives the list of invited guests to a servant called peter who could not read the list. At that moment Romeo and Benvolio wander by and fortunately Romeo reads the list aloud. This relieves Peter and he invites Romeo Mercutio to the farewell only on condition that they are members of the Montague family. Romeo agrees simply because Rosaline's name is in the list of the invited guests despite the fact Benvolio wanted him to go there to get his mind of Rosaline.(Clamon 23)

At Capulet residence, Lady Capulet informs the nurse to look for Juliet, soon Juliet enters the room and the nurse is told to leave so that Lady Capulet could speak with Juliet in private but quickly thinks well and instead tells the Nurse to remain so she can help her. The Nurse agrees and then goes back to Juliet's youth and brings out her child beauty and how she has taken care of the Nurse is optimistic that Juliet will one day get married.Here, Lady Capulet Jumps in with her question and asks Juliet whether she was ready to get married or not but Juliet in her reply suggested that she has not given the idea much thought. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that his husband to be Paris will attend the party tonight forcing her to agree the will of her mother and Juliet suggests that she will decide whether she will love him or not. Their conversation is shortened when the servant comes in and says that the feast is ready.(Clamon 27)

Romeo and his cousin Benvolio with their friend Mercutio together with other guests gather and walk to the venue of the feast. Romeo is worried about how they will enter into the feast without being noticed regardless of their masked faces.Mercutio attempts to cheer up Romeo by telling him to dance at feast but the ever melancholic Romeo says that he is too depressed to do so. Then Mercuto begins a famous speech about Queen Mab.Initially Mercutio is cheerful but soon becomes angry. As Romeo calms down Mercutio, he reveals a final bit of depressing news that his feeling about the party was terrible and fears that death is in the stars.However, Romeo proceeds with his friends to the party(Clamon 29)

The party begins well and the entire invited guest is having great moments. Romeo sees Juliet right across the room and forgets Rosaline immediately.Tybalt is angered by Romeo's voice and he wants to fight but Capulet intervenes and refuses any blood shed in his residence.Tybalt vows to revenge later. Meanwhile Romeo is so captivated by Juliet's beauty that he asks her for a kiss. They speak in metaphors that bring out Romeo as a pilgrim and Juliet the saint who can redeem him. Juliet stands still and Romeo eliminates his sin by kissing her. On realizing that the sin is now is in her mouth, Romeo kissed her again to take back his sin. Then the Nurse Interrupts and sends Juliet to her mum. As they leave Romeo just realizes that Juliet is the daughter of their family enemy the Capulets. Also Juliet realizes that Romeo was the son of Montague and was equally devastated as Romeo.(Clamon 30)

Act II

Romeo feels he should stay at Juliet's home because he feels that is where his heart belongs. He jumps over the wall into the orchard.Mercutio tries to mock his feelings for Rosaline but Romeo ignores, Benvolio and Mercutio go home.

Romeo is hiding in the orchard and he sees Juliet through her window. He quietly professes his love for her with comparison of worldly various beautiful elements. He continues hiding while Juliet laments her predicament. When Romeo is certain that Juliet is sentimental he makes his presence known. Juliet is angry and startled at first because of his private invasion by Romeo. Juliet demands to know why he is there and how he got there. He tells her the power of love for her made him climb the wall, her demeanor softens. They proclaim their love to one another and it is evident that they are both commited.The Nurse calls Juliet but before she leaves she assures Romeo that they will have their word of marriage tomorrow. They regretfully part but excited about what the day will bring.(Clamon 30)

Friar Lawrence comes into the play while he tends his garden. He says that some flowers and plants can help in medicinal purposes while others can cause horrible things. This he turns into a metaphor for people's actions that battle for good and evil is within the hearts of men. At first Friar Lawrence believes that Romeo slept with Rosaline and justifies Romeo's change of heart with a say that young men love with eyes not with their hearts. Lawrence is convinced by Romeo that his love for Rosaline is genuine and that his wish was to marry Juliet immediately. Though reluctant, Lawrence gives his consent hoping that marriage will end the feud between the two families. Before the departure of Romeo, Lawrence advises him to slow down as they stumble that run first.

Mercutio and Benvolio are worried about Romeo's where about and Tybalt who had vowed to challenged him to duel despite his melancholy. Before any further speculations Romeo appears. Romeo appears to be in a better mood than he was last time. Soon the Nurse and Peter enter the scene and Mercutio pokes fun at the Nurse till she decides to speak to Romeo in Private. As they leave Mercutio and Benvolio reminds Romeo to find them at his father's home for dinner. The Nurse becomes suspicious of Romeo's intentions when she is initially angered by Mercutio's behavior. However she is relieved to hear that Romeo is planning to marry

Juliet is anxious for news from the nurse. The Nurse arrives and avoids giving Juliet the good news and complaining that she is unwell. Finally the Nurse tells her the good news that wedding will take place in the evening.(Clamon 31)

Romeo and Lawrence are waiting for Juliet in Lawrence's cell. Juliet enters and exchange vows with Romeo.Lawrence perform the wedding ceremony.


Romeo tries to make peace in a confrontation between the Capulets and the Montagues because he is now the son in law to the Capulets.Mercuto is stabbed by Tybalt and he dies. Romeo with rage kills Tybalt.(Clamon 32)

Verona citizens (Montagues and Capulets) and the prince enter the scene trying to figure out what has happened.Benvolio explains everything to them. The prince vows to deport Romeo out of Verona and if seen within Verona shall be killed.(Clamon 34)

Juliet waits for night fall to be with Romeo. She gives the Nurse the ring to so she gives it to Romeo. She is eager to spend the first and the last night with Romeo.

Romeo is hiding at Friar Lawrence's cell. Lawrence suggests that Juliet spend the night with Romeo and then flea to Mantua the light of the following day.(Clamon 46)

Paris returns to Capulets on Monday evening to be updated on marriage preparations. The marriage is planned for Thursday. Capulet orders his wife Lady Capulet to tell Juliet the good news before she sleeps assuming that their daughter will obey them.

It is Tuesday morning, Romeo and Juliet awake and exchange the last kiss then Romeo escapes through the window. Lady Capulet enters in and Juliet denies the plan to marry Paris. Lord Capulet threatens her and vows to force her marry Paris.(Clamon 50)

Act IV

Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence. He tells her to pretend to agree with the parents then on Wednesday night she will take a potion that will make her sleep deeply and appear dead.

The wedding is pushed forward to Wednesday because Juliet has pretended to agree to the plans of her parents.(Clamon 52)

Juliet tells the Nurse and her mum that she wants to be left alone since she does not any kind of help. Initially she is afraid that the potion will not work and also think that Lawrence is trying to kill her to hide evidence of the marriage between her Romeo. Finally she dismisses her fears and drinks the potion.(Clamon 63)

Last minute preparations for the wedding are under way.

The Nurse tries to wake Juliet up but soon concludes that she is dead. The rest of the family members joined in to mourn. The farewell party is turned into a burial ceremony.

Act V

It is Thursday morning and Romeo gets the news from Balthasar that Juliet is dead.Balthasar does not have any news from Friar Lawrence. Romeo buys poison to kill himself and leave this world with her beloved wife.(Clamon 145)

Friar Lawrence learns from Friar John that the letter did not reached Romeo and asks for a crow bar to sneak to the Capulet's tomb before Juliet awakes.

Shortly Romeo arrives and tells Balthazar that he wants to retrieve her ring. Inside Romeo meets with Paris and they figth.Romeo kills Paris.(Clamon 147)

Romeo stands before Juliet at death. He gives her the last kiss and drinks his poison. He dies by Julie's side. Friar Lawrence comes in and noticing what has happened, he flees from the scene before his role could be revealed in the tragedy.

Juliet wakes up and and on seeing that Romeo is dead and no poison is left for her she kisses him and stabs herself dead. Soon the Capulet's and the Montagues arrive at the Scene and all the suspects are called in. The prince is told what happened by Friar Lawrence after demanding to know what happened. Capulet and the Montagues shake hands and the long feud between the two families that has caused shed of innocent blood is ended.(Clamon 150)