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Summary Of A Fly Went By English Literature Essay

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Published: 1st Jan 2015 in English Literature

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This is the last book Dr. Seuss wrote and by far one of his best pieces.’ It is both emotional and inspiring to all. The psychedelic colors and textures are captivating and extremely difficult to resist. I know I can’t help but stare when I pass it by in the library

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The message of this story book explicitly states: Life can be extremely difficult at times, BUT, we will be just fine if we keep to our goals and keep our chin up when a problem arises.

This storybook shows small details that have existed in many other books he has written. It has been noted that there are two errors in his rhyming meters at the start of the book.

Don’t bother introducing this book to your children, they will most likely find it themselves, just bring them to the bookstore!

Don’t you hate those fat, lazy flies that taunt you while they fly around your kitchen on a hot summer day? All you want to do it cook in peace but no”zzzzzz’ by your ear, over and over again.

A Fly Went By is about a young boy whose peaceful daydream is interrupted by a pesky fly who is fleeing from a frog. The boy tells the frog that he mustn’t chase the fly because the fly then zooms by him. The frog responded by saying he was only fleeing from a cat. Each animal claims that its running from something else. When the last animal is a man, he claims he is running from a Monster!

Monster? Really? Or is it a lamb with its foot stuck in a bucket? Will the boy ever have peace a quiet by the lake again?

The characters in the book are very much humorous and amusing. The illustrations are very colorful as is the vocabulary throughout the book. The book is quite lengthy for the simplicity of the plot. However, it is not likely that you will be able to put the book down out of boredom. It is an adventure that will keep you smiling from start to finish.

The storybook is a must read for every child at the elementary level. The story is about a poor girl trying to sell matches in the street. She is very cold but too afraid to go home fearing that her father will beat her for not selling enough matches. The little girl finds a place to sleep for the night and lights the matches to keep herself warm. During this time she finds herself imagining a Christmas tree and a holiday feast. She reminisces on the time she once spend with her deceased grandmother. Her grandmother was the only person she can remember that treated her with love and compassion.

The next morning strangers find the little girl dead surrounded by burnt matches. The little girl had a smile on her face. The strangers were sad to come across such a young girl dead, however, they did not know the wonderful visions she had and the delightful feast she had with her grandmother.

The style and technique of the story is hypnotizing. The words Andersen uses are entrancing. You will not be able to put the book down until it is finished. The illustrations are calming and tastefully colored. Although this is a tragic account of a young girls death, the story touches the hearts of every one of its readers.

Is trying new things hard for you? Do you like to stay in your comfort zone? Ham and eggs seem pretty comfortable to me, except ‘.when they are green! Sam-I-Am is on a quest to convince Mr. Negativity that green eggs and ham are delicious despite how different they might be.

This storybook is a comedy at the least, the illustrations will have your child or student laughing for days. The word not is used eighty two times.

”’. after refusing green eggs and ham eighty two times and that not being sufficient enough, I would try them too!

This is a great book to teach in a classroom. First graders can touch upon their rudimentary phonics skills, memory, and outright enjoy saying ‘No!’ When reading this book out loud there is no way you can avoid jumping out of your seat with expression.

The moral of the story is important to young children because trying new things is essential to life.

This is a classic Dr. Seuss storybook. It is written in anapestic tetrameter and contains three short stories. It has caused must controversy over the years, however, kids and adults can not keep from purchasing this storybook.

Yertle, the king of the pond, tries his best to stand on his subjects in an attempt to reach to moon. Unfortunately he fails and falls into the mud which ultimately has him dethroned.

If you are a fan of Seuss there is no way you can avoid this book! The cover itself lures you in and brings you on a roller coaster of deep thought. It appeals to all the ages and can be referenced to many aspects of World history. The illustrations are typical to the style of the Doctor in’ keeping up with the abstract characters and plots.

Reading this book is like eating cake on your birthday, you just have to do it!

Growing up can be difficult. More often than none children feel as if they are ‘not good enough’. They sometimes feel ugly, dumb, overweight, or lonely.

‘I am too ugly even for a dog to eat,’ the duckling thought.

In this storybook the bitter text and plush artwork express the endless appeal for this tale of affliction and atonement. This storybook reaches out to readers of all ages because we have all been there at one point in time. The ugly duckling overcomes the hardships and appreciates the uplifting conclusion.

The Ugly Duckling teaches the lesson that some things are worth waiting for and that a pleasure deferred is often the best one of all. Patience and time are always on your side.

The illustrations are spectacularly true to life because of the subtle details in watercolor. You will never forget a read like this.

Trying to teach your child a lesson? Don’t know where to begin? A Light in the Attic is a wonderful approach to casually deliver both lessons of moral and mischief. Following the teachings of Silverstein will eliminate the whiners, spoiled brats, and defeatists of the younger generations.

A Light in the Attic is a baptism to the wonderful world of poetry. Silverstein shows poetry in a different less conventional way. He has sparked the attention of young children for years. His words are full of spirit and show life from unexpected angles.

If you need a wake up call or are stuck in a rut, take the time out to read A Light in the Attic. You will rid yourself of your nagging, greedy, and lazy tendencies and know that it is time for a change. This is not a self help guide, it is simply the truth.

If not read the book for its influence but for the expressive pen-and-ink illustrations. I give this book four stars!

Everyone has fears, the world can sometimes seem strange and unfriendly. It is important to have a friend that will stick by your side through the thick and the thin. In a nutshell this is the friendship of the frog and the toad.

The Frog and the Toad Together teach lessons that are essential to life, some of which include, patience, courage, and willpower. The illustrations are beautifully sketched using sweet watercolors in accompaniment with simple vocabulary of text. The storybook is easy-as-pie and pragmatic, yet hilarious and witty.

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These two friends are unstoppable and can figure out any problem they face. Reading this book will create a sense of nostalgia and have you longing for your childhood friend; as for the children they will appreciate what they have.

If you took my suggestion and read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie , you’ll most definitely like If You Give a Moose a Muffin by the same team. This time it is the moose’s turn to wander into the kitchen and enjoy a homemade muffin with blackberry jam.

I guess this might be worse than a mouse in the kitchen’. but that’s just my opinion. Read this storybook and make your own call.

This story ends where it begins. The pages are filled with color and excitement. Some might add aggravation to that but hey- kids don’t usually understand the agony of having to clean a kitchen on a daily basis. Numeroff and Bond are a fantastic team that seem to never let their readers down. I recommended this storybook as well as all of their others!

Ralph S. Mouse is a friendly and courageous mouse that lives in a hotel in California with his family. After finding the friend of a lifetime and receiving a cool new motorcycle (Keith- The Mouse and the Motorcycle) Ralph’s troublesome cousins are getting in the way.

Not only are his cousins causing trouble but Ralph’s janitor friend, Matt, is in a sticky situation because there seems to be more mice than usual in the hotel. Ralph needs to get away and help protect his motorcycle. He finds a way into the classroom via his young friend Ryan.

Isn’t it safe to assume that a mouse in the classroom would not be an ideal situation? Nope, Ralph is a hit with the other students. However the party doesn’t last forever. Find out what happens to Ralph and what condition his precious motorcycle is in after his adventures in the classroom.

Ralph S. Mouse is an exciting animal adventure novel and is great for a young reader. It is an excellent way to teach the importance of friendship and teamwork. Ralph shows his readers the value of loyalty and respect. Try it out and let me know if you decide to befriend the next mouse that is crawling through your walls

Come enter a fantasy world where mice ride motorcycles and become best friends with humans’..

The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel in California with his family. They live off of crumbs and enjoy adventure. The only fear Ralph and his family have is the housekeepers who, of course, strive to keep the hotel clean and mice free. When Ralph meets Keith a vacationer at the hotel, everything changes.

Keith and Ralph show true friendship and support for one another. When Keith is sick, Ralph is there by his side finding aspirins on the floor. When it is time for Keith to check out of the hotel, he gives Ralph a toy motorcycle to keep.

This book is fun and easy to read. It is a good choice for a book club with a variety of reading levels. This book will help teach children lessons on respect and kindness. This is a kid tested and mother approved book for ages ten and over!

What will it be this week Judy? Oh, just saving the world.

Judy Moody is yet again out on another adventure. What could it be this time? Ah yes, to save the world. Her first attempt entails entering a design-your-own-band-aid contest and ends with a protest that involves living in a tree. The idea that finally works is to collect enough recyclables to raise money to plant one hundred new trees in the rain forest. Yes her methods are mad, but her heart is in the right place.

The Judy Moody series were inspired by a third grade teacher, and shows the true enthusiasm of elementary students.

Judy Moody is a moody, impulsive, and energetic young girl filled with ideas. The art and detail of the cover are hard to pass by in the book store. It is truly a fantastic series to follow and relate to!

I always loved the first of winter. Not too cold but cold enough to snuggle by the fireplace and watch cartoons with the old man (?)’ Sometimes we would even read some books. One book that became quite the tradition in my family is, The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming. This is a picture book for the age range of four to six.

The book begins on the first day of winter where a snowman has been given a gift, and everyday after he is given something new. After ten days the snowman is completely clothed and accessorized.

This storybook is filled with stencils and cotton montages that emphasize the winter scene and a soft-as-snow appearance. This is a great book to read on snowy night with the family.

After reading this story book your children will know exactly what to steal from your closet to dress up frosty !

Do you not know what true friendship is? Well, the story book Rainbow Fish will teach you the wonderful qualities of a true friend. This book is ideal for young children beginning in preschool into the early grades of elementary.

The Rainbow Fish is filled with bright colors and glitter. It is completely mesmerizing! The pages are textured and and filled with excitement. Not only does this story book appeal to the eyes, but it also teaches’ important lessons on sharing and friendship.

We all know how hard it is to convince a young child that sharing is essential. The Rainbow Fish helps children to understand that material possessions are not the only things in life. It emphasizes that happiness includes sharing our lives with friends and families!

I recommend this story book to all!

What happens if you give a mouse a cookie? To be perfectly blunt; your children will be entertained for quite a while. Numeroff brings her readers on various adventures of a mouse and his cookie. Not only will your children be satisfied, but you will be enthralled that this tiny rodent did not snack on a cookie at your house! Don’t be deceived, a creature so little can make a big mess!

Who knew mice could be so demanding? After a glass a milk, this mouse is ready for his next request. At least he knows to use a napkin! This book is a wonderful choice for children when deciding on a bedtime story. It is also a wonderful tool for helping children read whom have memory deficits.

Numeroff is a creative genius whom created this story along with other tales of goodies and pets. Her stories follow a sequence of events that allow for our young readers to easily enjoy a comical plot. Bond illustrates beautifully with a variety of color that immediately catches the eye. You can not miss this book on your book shelf! This book is recommended for ages three to five.


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