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Studying The Life Of Queen Mary Tudor English Literature Essay

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It is said the queen Mary Tudor was born in the year of 1516 to England’s former king Henry that eighth and her mother Catherine of Argon. Context from http://departments. Kings.edu/women_History/Marytudor.html stated that “Mary lived quiet life as a royal princess until 1527 when the king began to seek annulment of his marriage to her mother.” King Henry was very anxious to bear a son. The same web site, in the same document verbalized that ” since Catherine had not produced a male heir, Henry feared that if Mary inherited the throne civil war might result. Further in the article it was expressed that ” since the pope refused to grant an annulment, in 1533 Henry’s Bishop dissolved the marriage and allowed Henry to marry Anne Boleyn.” From this marriage Mary received a half sister named Elizabeth. This document produced more information it was stated, and I paraphrase [ Henry executed his wife and accused her of adultery conspiracy]… Later on as King of course Henry still wanted a son. He married again to Jane Seymour. This marriage brought fourth Henry’s long desired son, prince Edward. When Henry finally had a son it was said that the way his daughters were treated changed. The same article actually stated that [ when Edward was born Mary and Elizabeth was treated as royal bastards]… After all these different acts it is very evident that something not so extraordinary was going to come of it. “Bloody Mary” was ready to attack!

It was not until 1553 that Henry’s son Edward died, by this time it was said that Protestantism was spreading rapidly.

http://departments. Kings.edu/women_History/Marytudor.html presented fact that [Mary’s cousin Lady Jane Grey was put on the throne]… It later stated that by ” July 19th Lady Grey had been deposed and Mary was the undisputed queen.” It’s said that it was not until November 30,1553 that she was officially coroneted onto the throne. Once Mary got on the throne it did not take her long to live up to her name “Bloody Mary”. Her tactic was to make sure that the England church was catholic and that the power was hers, also that she revenged her mothers hurt.www.greatsite.com expressed that “Mary first began to earn her unofficial title of “Bloody Mary” when she had her cousin, lady Jane Grey, executed to prevent any possible power struggle. How at any point could it be okay to kill a family member because it’s felt that they will reign over you? This is one of the first acts of absurdity that Mary exclaimed as Queen but not the last one. In today’s society this is one of the many acts that would have you behind bars or in the insane solemn.

As it would be in today’s society Queen Mary was frowned upon for her actions even during her time. Her plan was simply to avenge her mothers death and restore the catholic church, but by any means necessary.

www.catholicpamphlet.Net stated that ” her burning of almost 300 protestants made the people hate her and Rome.” The article also stated that she [ married her cousin Phillip the 2nd of Spain, with her killings and this marriage a war was caused with France and the loss of a place owned by England called Calais]… http://departments. Kings.edu/women_History/Marytudor.html stated that [ the marriage of Phillip the second had caused the queens subjects to become apprehensive to her because Spain was looked upon as archenemies]… Just as her father had protested before, her heir to the throne cased civil war to break out maybe not with Spain but with France. Bloody Mary wanted to see a full catholic nation but was breaking some practices of Catholicism.

The acts of her labor were definitely unfruitful and plain out wrong. www.fjcollza.com voiced that “the catholic church committed many injustices, and just for an allegation, and accusation with out evidence the church hierarchy accused people of heresy , thus burning them to the ground. […] Even though this was an allegation Mary Tudor was actually having it done to those who refused Catholicism. www.fjcollza.com also stated that [ the catholic church actually condemned the practice of cremation]… In today’s society a lot of “true” people believe in “practicing what you preach” which according to sources was not being done back in those days. How can a person expect something from another pupil if they themselves are not producing that thing? Hurting people and killing will never make a situation better but only create a bigger one.

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Even in today’s society it is said that Queen Mary has left scars on the nation of England. www.greatsite.com stated that “the reign of Mary Tudor the first of England’s five queens regnant has left an evil memory behind in the land she once ruled.” It is strongly showed just how bad it really was and how it’s followed along ; when www.gretasite.com brought up a “hate campaign” in the article. The author expressed how [ the campaign is against Englishmen that followed the lineage of Queen Mary]… They also stated that even to this day this hate campaign propaganda is present.

Though many people had sympathy in the writings and findings of Queen Mary she was still absurd in the way she handled things. The facts stated prove that she needed help and justification, not the lineage of 300 different murders committed during her reign by her “subjects”. Queen Mary did a lot to accomplish having a catholic nation which was in vein because it never happened during her term on the throne. As today’s world would be she was even frowned upon during her time period. The facts and historical text have shown that Queen Mary was yes battered and destroyed thus leading her into an absurd rage. http://departments. Kings.edu/women_History/Marytudor.html stated that Queen Mary died in 1558. This being the end of her term and acts on the throne. The cause of death was different from site to site. Her evil deeds of death are left unsolved therefore having to have been un necessary from the beginning of her time. Never justified or giving the stamp of approval.



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