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Story Titled The Accident

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 1014 words Published: 15th May 2017

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When we about to sit in a car, we usually take safety for granted. Many people don’t even realize the dangers when driving from one place to another. Driving has become routine. People can’t predict the dangers they face when driving, or even the tragic and disastrous moment when something goes wrong. I get asked this question quiet often, “Why I am so scared to drive a car?” August 6th 2007 is the date that I will never forget; that day changed my life. My perception, my thinking and social life was affected.

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It was the day when Ali got his license. It was 3:00 A.M in the morning, the air was misty, freezing and dark, and the streets lights were barely on. The streets were deserted and empty as if no one existed. It felt as if we were the only people in this city. There was a feeling of freedom but then something evil began to take its place, we decided to race. Even though the road was bumpy and uneven, the race seemed like a brilliant idea. Speeding up to 110mph we did not care about anything except going faster. It was fun and as far as I can recall, I was really enjoying it. Until the moment I turned my head to the right and saw Ali pointing with a smile, “better keep up boy” he said, this picture kept playing in my head constantly; at that very instant I felt the something wrong was about to happen. With fear I reduced my speed; just before I began slowing down, I heard a bang Ali’s car had flipped over, and the screech of grinding metal filled the empty streets. I used all my force to stop the car and get out. As the front wheel spun freely and oil was dripping to the ground, shards of the glass and other debris littered the crash scene like a piñata spilled candy after being struck. My heart was beating rapidly, and my mind felt as if it was frozen. I rushed towards the car and saw Ali struggling with pain as cold as death itself screaming for help; his face was covered with blood and his hand was stuck behind his back. He was jammed in a very awkward position. I tried to help, and kept trying until I realized my help was not sufficient I needed more hands. Thinking of whom to call, I knew the best thing at that time was to try to keep him calm. I quickly dialed Ali’s residence. I called five times and every time the answering machine went on. Frustrating and panic filled my head. I then dialed the police. Thankfully, they were there in five minutes, but those five minutes felt like years. Watching Ali struggle with pain was disturbing; I felt helpless and desperately wanted this situation to end.

Ali was finally dragged out of the car and was rushed to the Hospital; his condition was bad because too much blood had been lost. I finally got through to Ali’s parents. After an hour inside the emergency room the doctors were finally out, and what I was about to hear was something that changed my life. His spinal chord had broken. The doctors believed that he might not be able to walk. This was a very sad moment; his mother was crying hysterically, I still remember her saying “no, no, no this cant be.” Mr. Khan was constantly trying to comfort her, and she looked at me and shook her head with disappointment. At that very moment I felt that it was all because of me. I felt that I was not mature enough or responsible enough. I felt I had betrayed his parents; his mother always used to tell me to look after Ali. She thought I was the responsible one; it was hard to stand even a second there of her stare.

Ali was not the same; we never hung out the way we used to. He was quiet and lost in his thoughts, and whenever I went to his house, he would tell his mother that he didn’t want to meet me. He used to sit at home crying with disappointment when his attempt to walk failed. Every time I looked at him the picture of the crash kept playing in my head and his struggle to walk and his depression made me feel guilty every time I saw him. Eventually a gap started developing, and soon Ali’s isolation made him feel that I was the sole reason for this accident. The rare calls from Ali had stopped; months had passed and one day I found out Ali had moved to Dubai.

I used to wonder if I am or ever will be same the person I used to be. He made a difference in my life by always being there for me and caring about me. I used to be a happy and optimistic person. My closest friend Ali made a major impact on my life; it was a major shock; that guy used to be my best friend; we hung out together; we were partners and did almost everything together. This accident that was an act of immaturity, caused an event because of which I not only lost a friend, but a great person who was also a good athlete lose his legs. The worst part is that he still feels it’s all because of me. His suspetition made a big impact on my life; I used to doubt myself and my ability to make friends. I got so afraid that sometimes I didn’t even feel like tracing and locating him because I feel that even if I try to clarify myself it won’t make a big difference; I stayed quiet most of the time and getting along with people wasn’t my thing, I think it was all because I was conscious and I feared that I might end up hurting someone else. Through all of these thoughts and feelings, an annoying voice in the back of my head kept making feel that something could be wrong, that something or somewhere I must have gone wrong.

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Now four years have passed and I have no Idea of what Ali is up to, I never called nor I ever received a call from him, but now my views have changed. The car accident is and will always be a major moment in my life, it made me realize that God has a plan for every one and there is a hidden message behind everything. I had a great friend and probably best times in my life. Our life changes every second, this accident made me realize to value every single moment has as if it was my last, because it’s really difficult to predict when it all will be over.


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