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Short Story Analysis Tennessees Partner English Literature Essay

838 words (3 pages) Essay in English Literature

5/12/16 English Literature Reference this

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The end of the story began when the roamers spread in the Sandy Bar that Tennessees not only a gambler but also a thief; he proved all this roamers when he became a Highwayman and robber every person he found in the Red Dog; however, it was unlucky day for him because Judge Lynch catch him and sent him to the trial. Moreover, The Judge asked Tennessee’s Partner to define his friend action, but Tennessee’s Partner had another deal; he offered 700 of raw gold to buy his friend. Judge Lynch considered it as bribe, so he gave an order to hang Tennessee’s. Few days and Tennessee’s Partner become sick until he died above Tennessee’s grave. As we can see, the story develops in chronological order where the scene and time are organized where every scene lead to the next scene.

Their were 4 characters’ involved in “Tennessee’s Partner”: The Narrator, Tennessee’s, Tennessee’s Partner and Judge Lynch. First, Tennessee’s Partner was the Protagonist of the story; moreover, he was flat and static character. In addition, Tennessee’s Partner was short and heavy person who had unmoral sunburned redness and square face. On the other hand, Tennessee’s was the Antagonist, flat and static character. The unnamed narrator was the first person which his role tell what he witness; the reader can tell when he/she read this line “I do not think that we ever knew his real name. Our ignorance of it certainly never gave us any social inconvenience, for at Sandy Bar in 1854 most men were christened anew.” Last character was Judge Lynch which he is the secondary, flat and static character.

The story describes the western life in 1854, and the issues in that decade where gambling, crimes and using guns vastly was something normal; however, their will be always a court to fight the criminals. Moreover, the writer’s through the light and showed the events that illustrate Tennessee’s and Tennessee’s Partner relationship even though it’s hard to tell what the secret behind this strong relationship. From the reader view, it seems that the environment and the people who surrounded Tennessee’s Partner lead him to bond with Tennessee’s, for they treated him as nobody and ignore him as person; however, human nature always look for social life which is a fundamental needs, so Tennessee’s Partner prefer to considered Tennessee’s as a best friend no mater what happened rather than to be alone.

The writer tone was humorous especially in the parts of conversation when he used west accent. When the reader read the text it will sound as a tall-tale oral tradition. For example, “It ain’t for me to say anything agin him. And now, what’s the case? Here’s Tennessee wants money, wants it bad, and doesn’t like to ask it of his old pardner. Well, what does Tennessee do? He lays for a stranger, and he fetches that stranger. And you lays for him, and you fetches him-and the honours is easy. And I put it to you, bein’ a far-minded man, and to you, gentlemen, all, as far-minded men, ef this isn’t so.” .

The symbolism in the “Tennessee’s Partner” story was the rain where it happened in the last scene; moreover, that symbol refers to the new life and the bleak day. However, it was new life for Tennessee’s Partner for he will eventually met his best friend the reader can tell from this line “And so they met.” And also sad day because it was the day where Tennessee’s Partner died and no one came too asked about him or gave a respect for this man.

The style and the language used in the “Tenseness’s Partner” was in the tradition of local-color realism which is part of American Literature .Moreover, the old west language on the story helped to reflected the people and the place in that century which helped to support and develop the character and the action. In addition, the sentences were tall and the language was informal in some part.

On my opinion, the “Tennessee’s Partner” story is very interesting story, for it exposed you to the western life and shows you how the people lived in that decade. Moreover, the story description was amazing especially when the sitting described on the story.


American writer how been known by his great stories and poetries. He Born in NY city, and he lived all his life in California. The most successful story he wrote was “Tennessee’s Partner “.

Pointe of view

The point of view was told by the unnamed narrator; he just says what he witness. Moreover we only know he lived in the Sandy Bar. On the other hand, we don’t know what Tennessee’s and Tennessee’s Partner thought.

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