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Theatre (from Greek “Theatron” – a place for spectacle) – is a sort of art, the specific means of expression which is the stage action that occurs while playing an actor in front of an audience. The most common and popular form of theatre is drama theatre. The main means of expression in it – is a word. The meaning of the events occurring at the scene, the characters the actors are revealed through words that are added to the text (it can be prose or verse), as stated in The living art of Greek tragedy.

At the end of XIX century in the United States appeared musicals. This stage work (both the comic and dramatic in plot), which uses forms of popular art, dramatic theater, ballet, opera and every day dance. In the operetta musical fragments can be inserted in the musical – ever, they are “dissolved” in action. Musical – is art for everyone. Plots are usually simple and the melodies are often hits. The history of the musical begins in New York in 1866 with opening a dramatic musical presentation “Black crook”. The success was overwhelming and unexpected. However rightful place among other types of musical theater musicals have won only in 20 years of XX century. These performances began to appear first in the U.S., and after the Second World War – on the stages of Britain, Austria and France. The most successful musicals have been filmed (“Cabaret”, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, “The Sound of Music”). Musical – is, in essence, “theater in the theater”. Here, as in the notion that suit strolling actors in Hamlet, there is a doubling of theatricality. One conventional hides another: “prosaic” balance – something that does not sing or dance – is perceived exaggerated reality – “the truth”, as described in The art & craft of playwriting.

It should e noted that today, many people did not understand, why should they go to theater, because they have TV that can replace it in all senses. There are night clubs where young people can revel. But despite this opinion, process goes on, interest in the theater increased. People are tired, tired from what they watch on TV. Nothing can replace classical music; nothing replaces the real poetry of this book. Theatre art has always been considered as an elitist. Only in the theatre you can feel actors play live, experience with them their emotions. In my opinion, theatre should live, if only you have an opportunity diversify your rest. And choose what kind of performance you want to watch today.

Children’s Theatre – is an animated fairy tale, which strikes children’s imagination and gives impetus to the development of talents. And for an adult ticket to the Children’s Theater is a passport to a child world, which always hear the laughter and the fairies live, where good always triumphs over evil in the uphill struggle. Today there is a wide variety of children’s theater, where actors are adults, dolls, animals and even children themselves. The choice of theaters is great, but the repertoire, as a rule, is stories that teach children to be kind and fair. I think there are several purposes of children’s theatre existence, among them: first, children theatre is a holiday for all kids, because theatre shows interesting fairy-tale world with familiar characters. Moreover, children’s theatre teaches children to be kind and fair, to believe in justice and fairy-tale. Second, in many theatres children play the role of actors. Thus, they develop their communicational skills; it helps them overcome shyness etc, as stated in Children’s Theatre: Family that plays together.

In my opinion, we need children’s theatre because our kids need it very much. Everybody knows how fleeting is childhood and how quickly our lives are filled with an abundance of problems. As a fact, children’s theatre is a special kind of arts which is characterized with special relations to children, to their world. Besides, children’s theatre helps us to raise positive qualities in a child and teach them right from wrong. Moreover, children’s theatre greatly facilitates the social adaptation of children. It contributes to a better understanding of others and helps express children’s feelings and thoughts, the development of the emotional sphere. Also, children’s theater helps a child to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of domestic and foreign poets, writers and composers. It broadens the mind of the child and brings his artistic taste.

“It should be noted that in the United States history of children’s theatre is relatively brief. Children’s Theatre began to grow and separate from classical theatre in the early 1900-ies”, as stated in Enough scare stories about children’s theatre, please. As a fact, rise of children’s theatre connected with Charlotte Chorpenning, which made great contribution in its development. She worked as artistic director in Chicago’s Goodman Theatre for 21 years. After her husband died, at the age 60, Charlotte Chorpenning began write plays for children. While writing plays, till the day she died, she managed for herself the repertoire for children’s plays. Among her most famous plays there are: Little Red Riding Hood and The Emperor’s New Clothes. As a rule, she premised that children would have desire to go and see the plays if they would recognize the titles.

History of U.S. children’s theatre closely related to Aurand Harris, Suzan Zeder and many others. Aurand Harris had explored new and different styles for Children’s theatre, including a vaudevillian show and melodrama story. Everybody knows his plays The Orphan Train or The Magician’s Nephew. As a fact, Suzan Zeder has adopted Ozma of Oz.

To sum it up, I would like to express my own opinion. Such arts as theatre and especially children’s theatre plays important role in our society. It helps us to develop, to become better, to understand such attractive and magnificent world of art.

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