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Mt First Lovely Dog English Literature Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 5506 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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My father likes animals very much that he kept them since I was young. He had dogs. At that time, I was too young that I was afraid of them. I was small child and they were big monsters. So I didn’t like them. But, my father tried to make me become familiar with them. So he used to gave me chances to touch the little baby dog. He brought the baby to me every night for 5~6 minutes. The Big dog was scared, but the little baby was very cute.

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However, One day, one accident happened to me. It was about noon. There was nobody but only me in my house because my parents went to work. It was nice day until the BIG my father’s dog appeared. The leash of her was cut! Although I knew that I shouldn’t run away in front of dogs, but I was very shocked and frightened that I ran away. Surely she ran after me. But she ran just cause I ran. However I misunderstood she was about to bite me. I was too embarrassed that I fell down. The dog just passed me and disappeared. At that time, I was very shocked that I thought I had got bitten by her. And really there was a scar on my arm! But it was scare which is made by felling down to the ground. I could recognize it a few days ago.

After that incident, I hated dog very much until my family moved to here. My father likes mother nature very much that we moved to country side when I was 8 years old. Here is really deep in the mountain that there is a few houses. So it is nice to keep animals. Then my father started to kept dogs again. At first, my father brought a little dog that I loved her. As Yeappi(the dog’s name) became bigger and bigger, automatically I don’t hate big dogs anymore. Every evenings, my father and me used to walked around with her. She liked run very much.

And she was a good mother. When she raised her kids, she totally devoted herself. When she took care of her babies, they were the first important things to her. Guarding her babies was sure thing to her. If her baby excreted dongs, she ate it all to make it clean. And to delete the smell of baby from their enemy. I was moved to saw that. Also if it was very cold day, she dug the hole and moved her baby to there to make them warm.

However she was also aggressive like other wild beasts. I loved rabbit that Once I had kept rabbit. When he was a little rabbit, I could had him in my room. But as he grew up, it became hard to. So my father decided to kept him next to Yeappi’s home. My father and I thought that it is very good idea. But as soon as Yeappi saw my rabbit, she changed wildly. She tried to kill him!! We were shocked and my father saved rabbit very quickly. But it was late. Already one of ears of rabbit was cut. Sadly, my rabbit had gone after 7days. At that time, I hated and blamed Yeappi for long times. But she wasn’t aggressive to me that as time goes by I could forget that happening.

By the way, My father isn’t get along with a guy of neighbor. He is really ignoble. He tried to appeal his anger to not only my family but also Yeappi! He blamed and shouted to Yeappi whenever he passed her. Just because she was barking! Even he spitted to poor Yeappi!!! One night, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It was almost midnight. That night, she barked loudly. So he came to Yeappi, threatened her with long stick with shouting. I got angry that I got off with my mom and had a fought with him. I said to him “It is not a dog fault but our fault. Then you should visited my family, not dog. And you used to shouted to my dog with very foul words! How would you like somebody blamed you, If you were a dog? Surely you would hate him and bark at him, isn’t you? Also Your method is wrong! You could solve this problem with us not dog! And you are very rude! It’s almost midnight. It’s too late, don’t you know? You could visit us next morning!” And then, I wanted to fought with him more, but my mom made me returned to home.

And next morning, he made a trouble. Finally he destroyed Yeappi’s house! Oh my god. I hate that guy very much. He let off his anger to dog! Yeappi couldn’t express her bad emotion except for barking. How could do that such a poor dog! I can’t understand him and I don’t want to understand him either!!

Sadly, my father decided to let Yeappi go. I didn’t want to do that, but I thought it is torture to Yeappi. So I agreed with him. Since then, I couldn’t contact to her. I am really sorry to her.

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Thread: I don’t like animals.

Post: I don’t like animals.

Author: GA-YUN 5B KO

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 5:38 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 5:45 AM

Status: Published

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I have never raised cat, dog, rabbit, hamster and so on because my family, including me, do not like animals.

I do not like animals. Frankly speaking, I hate animals. From little animals to an animal of huge size, I hate animals. Of course, I like to see cute puppy or lovely cat but it is just a eye candy. I feel repulsion toward animals. There are many reasons that I do not like animals.

First reason that I do not like animals is fear. I am afraid of being bitten by animals. Dog, cat, rabbit, hamster and so on have sharp teeth. They have menacing teeth. Especially, big dog has huge jawbone and large teeth. It is very scary to look. Because of this, I do not want to go near them.

Second reason that I do not like animals is hair. I do not like touch animals that have hair. It is terrible that I touch them or they touch me. It feels weird and odd. Also, when they move, their hairs are falling out. The hairs can trigger allergic reactions such as coughing and wheezing. Therefore no matter how cute an animal looks, I hardly like to stroke, pet and touch.

Third reason that I do not like animals is dirt. Of course, family pets are clean but I think that animals that wander the streets are very dirty. They live streets so they are certainly filthy. Animals that wander the streets can not wash their bodies so they have the possibility that they have diseases. Also animals that wander the streets may have diseases that can transmit people. For example, people can be infected with rabies. We have to be careful of it. Because of this, I do not want to go near them.

Fourth reason that I do not like animals is noise. Animals are very noisy. Animals make a noisy sound. Typical noisy animals are dog and cat. When dogs bark at a person, it is very noisy. And the sound can frighten a person to death. Furthermore, cats mew. Around the apartment building that I live in now, there are many cats. Every nights, they mew as a group. Cats sound like a baby crying. It is very horrible sound.

Last reason that I do not like animals is my experience with animals. When I was young, my grandmother raised a dog. One day, the dog gave birth to two pups. The two puppies were very cute and lovely. Because I was young, I was bold. So I tried to bring the two puppies from their mother with no definite idea. Suddenly the mother dog attacked me to regain her babies. I was greatly surprised and I screamed loud. It was fortunate that I was not hurt but I was very shocked by her sudden action. From that day, I took a strong dislike to stroke, pet and touch animals. I became afraid of animals. That experience made me dislike animals.

For these reasons, I do not like animals. Of course, I like to see cute puppy, lovely cat, little hamster and so on, but I do not want to touch them. I just want to see them. I do not want to go near animals.

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Thread: Animals are our friends!

Post: Animals are our friends!

Author: HUI-YUN 5B LEE

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:26 AM

Last Modified Date: November 25, 2010 12:18 AM

Status: Published

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Animals are our friends!

I like animals. Sometimes I find some animals at unexpected places and I get smiled. For example, I met rabbits accidently which were feeding on grass when I was exercising at Sara-bong. And when I climbed the Hala mountain, I heard dim sounds like something is passing. Soon I find a beautiful roe which was looking at me curiously. Also we can easily happen to meet dogs which help a man who is visually handicapped when crossing the street. In addition to these animals, there are various species of animals and our ecosystem consists of them. 

 However these animals are suffering from human’s selfishness. Environmental disruption causes large temperature changes and ecological adaption. As results of them, many animals are threatened with extinction. Besides, indiscriminate poaching has placed many animal species in danger of extinction, too. For example, poachers capture many whales cruelly to commercial exploitation. And some people hunt animals like raccoons, rabbits, tigers or so, then skin them and made a fur coat in the name of fashion. Crocodile is used for many accessories such as handbags, fashion belts and purses. Even dog meat is very popular and healthy food for some Koreans. Last year, I have watched a documentary called “Tears of the Amazon”. According to that,  some people in the Amazon also ruthlessly capture unique animals in Amazon and sell them off for a living and it made some species to disappear.

We should stop being cruel to animals, because animals are on an equal footing with human being. Human has no right to determine other animal’s existence. Animals are our friends. We can easily understand it by imaging our selves in animal’s position. To build this kind of view of world, it is good for us to remind a Indian chief’s letter.

In 1850, the Indian chief wrote letters to white mans who force Indian to yield possession of their land. “How dare you buy and sell sky and land? We think it is very odd. We can’t own sacred sky and twinkling water, how dare we sell it? All things of this land are sacred. We are the part of the land and land is part of us. Flowers are our sisters. And deer, horses, eagles are our brothers. A rocky mountain, wild flowers, pony and human are family. ……We thought about your proposal to sell our land.  We want to suggest some conditions to you. I have seen a lot of rotten water buffaloes which white people shoot and throw away. You have to serve animals in this land as your brothers. What is human being in the world without animals? If all animals are gone, human will die because of loneliness. All creations are related, so the thing which happened to animal can happen to human, too. Although we sell this land to you, love this as the way we love it. Please protect and love this land sincerely for your sons and grandsons.”

As the Indian chief said, animals are our precious companion. They are precious just the way they are. They live not for human but for themselves. So we should protect them from our selfishness. We can take up a positive action by starting from a little things. For example i can protect bird nest which is located near my balcony. Because protecting animal’s habitat is beginning of the love. And we can sometimes try some vegetarian diet while reminding of animal’s right to live. If we perform these little but important works, the relation between human and the other animals will be improved and go meaningful. I hope more animals to have their stable habitat and get a right to live their own life. For that, human’s support is essential.

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Thread: To my unforgettable pet, Ban-di

Post: To my unforgettable pet, Ban-di

Author: JI-HAE 5B BAK

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:01 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 9:03 AM

Status: Published

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Dear my precious pet, Ban-di

When reading this forum topic first, you rushed upon my mind. You are a dog. And I’m human. But that was not important. You were same as my family. Although you are no longer with me, I’m still miss you. So I want to recollect memory with you through this forum.

Do you remember when we met for the first time? I’m eight years old that time. And you were just one months old small puppy. My family began to talk about your name. Finally we choose your name. It was Ban-di! It means a firefly in Korean. Because you have shiny golden hair we choose that name. I was excited because I lived you. But you were whining all night. It was because you were scared. I felt sorry for you. So I brought you to my room secretly. When I petted your fur, you went to sleep peacefully. After you went to sleep, I went to sleep near you, too. Although I was scolded by my parents (my parents doesn’t allow to raise dog in the house because I have asthma), I was really happy because you could sleep peacefully.

We have become close after the day. Even though we were different species, I felt you understood my feeling. When I was happy, you were glad with me. And when I was sad, you shared my sorrow. When I was crying, you come to my side quitely. Then you started lick my hands until I stop crying. It was a great consolation to me. I still miss your comfort when I get depressed.

You were a very thoughtful dog. But you were also jealousy. I brought up you and other dog ‘Buk’ at the same time. One day Buk gave birth to puppies. Puppies were so cute. So my family’s attention was on newborn puppies. Than you became sulky. So you went up on the roof and never came down expect meal time. By than, I understood your mind. So I gave much attention to you. Only then you came down to the ground. Even now I’m funny at the thought of it. It was jealousy but very cute behavior.

Even though I brought up you, I was afraid of dogs which are not my pet. One day I met a strange dog on the way home from school. It was not far from my house. But I couldn’t move because I was so frightened. I just screamed. Just at that moment you appeared! Although you were smaller than a strange dog, you barked fiercely. The dog ran away fortunately. You saved my life! I’m so grateful to you.

Now I write about our last day. It was a rainy day. Just as I was leaving home, you come to my side slowly. And you looked up at me. I told you to enter your house in fear of you got soaked in the rain. But you didn’t enter your house. Instead, you looked up at me for a long time. Although your behavior was strange, I went to school so that I wouldn’t be late. I received a text message from my father that day. The text messages runs thus. “Ban-di went to heaven. Please pray for Ban-di.” I burst into tears. I remembered your eyes that morning. I felt so sad I couldn’t stop crying. It was for the first time that I lost my love ones. I cried my eyes out. So I took an early leave from school and went home. And I eventually absent from school next day. There were so many memories that we made together the tears didn’t stop running.

Ban-di. How is everything with you in heaven? I still miss you so much. I could never put into words how much I miss you. Even though we lived together almost ten years, it seems to take more than ten years to forget you. No. I can’t never forget you. We won’t live together any more, I will cherish every moment we have been together. Ban-di! Please take care in haven. I love you so much!

from your unforgettable family, Ji-hae.

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Thread: We need to protect animals.

Post: We need to protect animals.

Author: JI-WON 5B HUH

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 7:06 AM

Status: Published

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I like seeing animals in zoo. And I also like to go aquarium and see many kinds of fish or to watch a dolphin show. But I can’t keep animals. Because I cannot touch or go near animals, even small. And I’m afraid of animals like dogs, chickens, ducks, and so on.

I’m particularly scared to go near dogs. There was experience about this. When I went my aunt’s house during Chu-seok, there was a big dog. A dog was kept on a lead. So I tried to go near the dog with my cousin. But I failed because of dog’s barking.

And there are another experience about dogs. In last summer, I went my friend’s house to play with her. But there were two dogs, too. And because my friend knew that I’m very scared of dogs, she saved me from dogs. So I could enter her home safely. But the problem occurred when I came home. When I came out from her house, like before, she tried to save me from her dogs. But she failed and two dogs surrounded me. And I was too fearful because two dogs reached my legs. In the end, I cried. Like these, I’m very scared of dogs.


So I hope that I’m not scared and I can touch dogs someday. Because I’m scared of dogs, not dislike or hate. And because of fear of animals, I was indifferent to animals and I don’t like chat about animals.

By the way, these days I take more interest in animals. After I watched two articles through internet about animal abuse, I changed my mind. One is “The death of Maltese”, and the other is “The Cat, Eun-bi incident”.

First, “The death of Maltese” was that after Maltese dog was born, it breed for ten years, because of his owner for making money. Because the owner forced him to breed, Maltese eventually become ill terribly. And the owner left him alone, Maltese was died in the end.

And “The Cat, Eun-bi incident” was similar the story of Maltese. In one efficiency apartment, a woman in twenties hit her cat severely and throw it outside the window.

I was very shocked by reading them. And I also feel terrible after watching them. Frankly speaking, I was very angry that people act that. The owner of Maltese was very selfish and greedy. Also it was wrong act that Eun-bi’s owner teased the cat. Thinking, it is natural that we should not do such acts. And such conducts are unacceptable. But what’s the idea of the such acts and why do that? I saw one comment in article. “People are the most important than any others. So what is the problem?” This comment makes me angry and I felt ashamed as a person. And it does not make sense. Because animals have the rights and it is not important thing that who is more important. And animals are living things, not our toys.

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And after seeing two articles, I thought carefully about animals rights. I think that animals have the rights. I read in a book that in Korea, differently other nations, there are some people that kill pets or wild animals mercilessly. Nevertheless these people weren’t punished or were punished lightly for these acts. So some people have no regard for mistreating animals. Therefore we need to prepare bills and protect animals from animal cruelty.

And I wish that animal abuse no more occur. Along with this I hope that I’m not scared and I can touch animals as soon as possible.

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Thread: My lovely pet Pump.

Post: My lovely pet Pump.

Author: MI-HWA 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 2:07 PM

Status: Published

Overall rating: 

My lovely pet Pump.

Since I was a child, I loved animals. I thought that animals is very cute. So I wanted to raise animal. But my parents did not like animals. Therefore they refused my request. When I saw dogs and cats, always I wanted to pat dogs and cats.

Meanwhile I became a second year in middle school. I went to my friend house, that time I saw a animal. This animal was very cute and tiny. This animal seemed like mouse. My friend introduced her pet. This animal is included species of hamster. Since that time, I dreamed about raising hamster all day. So I pressed my parents. But they refused my request. When I went to home after school, I tried to persuade my parents every day. After all my parents permitted my request. My parents suggested some rules. First I raised hamster and cleaned hamster`s fur. Second I did not bother hamster. Final I paid entire cost about hamster. So I had saved pocket money for a few months. And I brought a hamster. I called my pet Pump. Only I saw the Pump that I felt happy. I had trouble to take care of my pet because I raised pet first and I did not understand what my pet wants. One day I did not know that my pet was hurt. A few days later my hamster walked lame. I was surprised and shocked. Right now I took my hamster to animal hospital. Veterinarian said “If this hamster not treated, it walk lame hamster`s whole life.” I was so sorry.

While we spent a year, we had a happy times. One day, when I went to home after school, I had a strange sensation. So I wanted to go home as fast as I could. When I arrived home, I saw the hamster. The hamster was lying on the bottom. I thought that Pump was sleeping. But Pump groaned with pain. I was embarrassed. I did not know that what I have to do. I took my hamster to animal hospital as fast as I could. Veterinarian said “Hamster is tiny and weakly animal. So hamster is susceptible to colds. If hamster catch a cold, hamster can die. I am not sure that this hamster treat completely.” I received drug and took my hamster to home. I kept my hamster drugged. And I waited that Pump would get the better of sickness.Suddenly Pump groaned with pain again. Anything to took the pain away from my hamster. Just I could pray for my hamster. But the pray did not work well. My lovely pet died. I cried all day and I could not eat anything. People said “Forget the hamster. And you buy any other hamster.” I did not agree their opinion. My pet pump is not the same other hamsters. We spent precious time had delightful memories.

I was changed because of this happening. Frankly speaking I do not understand animal rights before I raise my pet. Now I think that animals also have valuable life as people. Sometimes, people think that people have power and strong than animals. So they ignore animal`s right and bully the weak animals. I think that this thought is very wrong. If I did not raised my pet, I do not think animal`s rights.

Sometimes I think Pump. Until I miss Pump. Once in a while I think that I want to raise pet. But when Pump died, I was in so much pain and I was so sad. If I raise pet again, Sometime I will see death of pet. Therefore I am little scared. I think that I can not raise any other animal.

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Thread: Scare and pity, but animals are our friends.

Post: Scare and pity, but animals are our friends.

Author: MI-JIN 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 10:41 AM

Last Modified Date: November 21, 2010 10:52 AM

Status: Published

Overall rating: 


When I think about animals, I feel two emotions. One is scare. The other is pity. 

 First, I’m scared of animals. Especially, dogs. I don’t know why I’m scared of them. When I was 7 years old, I had been walking along the street nearby my house. At that time, I heard tinkling of a bell. I thought that maybe this sound is bell of dog collar. After a while, I could see a dog. That dog was skinny and had sharp eyes. I was very scared. Because there were just I and dog on the narrow path. So unconsciously I started to run. Then, a dog also started to chase me. I ran fast desperately, as fast as I could. But the dog’s speed was very fast. So I was almost bitten by that dog. I barely get out dog by hiding in a neighbor’s house. 

 Also, I’m scared of cats. Because cats have dreadful eyes. So I can’t stare at cats for a long time. And cats are very fast. So cat suddenly appear and disappear in my sight. Besides, cat did not avoid human these days while cat in last days were scared of human and avoided us.

When I see picture or TV scene of animal, I say, “Oh, what a cute! That animal is very pretty”. But if I really meet animal, I feel scary.

And my best friend have a pet dog. That dog’s name is BOM. BOM is little big but he is very cute. He wag his tail when my friend come back home. That behavior is lovely. So, sometimes I want to have a pet.

Therefore I decided to have a pet, hedgehog. I thought that hedgehog is small, cute, pretty and charming. I collected many information about hedgehog like picture, food, lifespan and way to keep them. I eagerly anticipated hedgehog. But when I saw really hedgehog, I was sad. They were very cute and charming as expected. But I was scared of them. So I failed to have a hedgehog.

 Second, I feel pity for animals. Especially, abandoned dogs in street and animals that living in zoo. People irresponsibly abandon their pets. So abandoned pets wander around street. They can’t bath and eat any food. So they get dirty, have diseases and finally they die. And I feel pity for animals that living in zoo. When I was 10 years old, I went to the zoo for the first time. At that time, I was very excited and I think that animals were cute. But I went to the zoo in middle school student, I wasn’t excited. Because animals of zoo have living in cage. So they can’t have freedom. And they have hard training for visitor. I feel pity for them. 

In 4 years ago, I went to the Thailand. In there, I rode a big elephant on back of elephant. And trainer rode on neck of elephant. Riding elephant was very exciting. But I saw the trainer have a hook and threatened to elephant for prevent people can hurt by elephant running fast or stand up. At that moment, I felt very sad and angry to trainer. 

Still, I’m scared of animals. But I think human and animals are partners that living together. So I want to try to get rid of my fear to animals. And I hope that trainer can realize their behavior like threatening to elephants is terrible. Besides, I really want pet owners to keep their pets to the end and raise them by loving heart. Because I don’t want to see abandoned pets anymore. Finally, I wish have a lovely pet. I will challenge to raise a pet.

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Thread: change!!!!!

Post: change!!!!!

Author: SAE-EUN 5B KIM

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 10:36 AM

Status: Published

Overall rating: 

When I read this forum title, I was surprise. Because these days I was interested in animals. Just now, I watched TV program ‘Men’s Qualification’. This program title is about stray dog. There is one man that don’t like dog. The man lives with stray dog. Little by little, the man loves the dog and communicates. After watching this program, I want to grow dog. I want to feel contact between human and pet. In fact, I don’t have feeling about dog. But conclusively this program makes me change my viewpoint. I will write my viewpoint’s change for animals.

When I was little girl, I liked animals. And I familiar with animals. Because my grandfather love animals. So my grandfather raised pets, chickens. I went to the grandfather’s house, I played with animal. And my grandfather even raised dears. When my grandfather told about raising deer, my family opposed. But my grandfather was stubborn. Finally my family tired and allow that. Then I wanted to know why adult did not like raising deer. Because I was happy, when I listened my grandfather raise deer. Just, I was happy that I have new friend.

This mind that I like animals continue to elementary school. When I was elementary school student, I raised rabbit. She’s name is coco. One day, on my way to home, I found old woman that sell chicks. So I wanted to but chicks. So I tell to my friend that buy chick together. My friend agreed my suggest. So I bought one chick. I arrived at home and I call my mom. But my mom didn’t like chick. So I felt sad. Because I expected that my mom praises me. But my dad tell me “my daughter very good girl, because you can love other animals” I was very happy. So I really loved my chick. But my chick died. So I was very sad. My father and I went to there mountain at the back. And we buried chick and prayed for my chick.

After this happening, I didn’t grow any animals. But I grew animal. When I was elementary school student, I grew rabbit. She’s name is pipi. I was received her friend. In fact my friend grew pipi. But she will transfer to another school. So my friend’s mom did not agree that grow pipi in new house. So I decided growing pipi. pipi didn’t like bath. So I was surprise that rabbit don’t like clean. For example pipi always has darkness fur. Because she dind’t shower since pipi came my house. pipi was dirty. But I loved her. But pipi escaped house. So I cried two days.

So I don’t have growing animals. Because I have feared that my pet will die or escape. But I want to grow baby dog now. While I watched TV program, I think many thing. Life that communicate pet is very beautiful. And life with pet doesn’t alone. I’m happy. Because I am ready to grow pet. In fact, one year ago I don’t grow any animals. But I can pet again now.

Animal can not tell. So I think that we protect animal and love them. So I don’t understand person that throw away their pet. Think about pet’s hurt. And I think that owner have to have a sense of responsibility. And there were many stray dogs in Korea. This stray dog will die in seven days. So I am very surprise. Because stray dog is very poor dog. So I think that need public policy that more protect stray dog.

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Thread: I like you and miss you

Post: I like you and miss you

Author: YOO-NA 5B LEE

Posted Date: November 21, 2010 9:07 AM

Status: Published

Overall rating: 

I like you and miss you

  Recently, pets have been called ‘companion animal’. I think that it is really true.Our family and many my friends are keeping many kinds of pet.

Actually, I don’t have directly experience like keeping pet or animals. But I have some experience about animals.

When I was a kindergartener, my grandmother have a baby dog. Then, I and my cousins went to the grandmother. By that time, baby dog was very cute, lovely and small. So we started to make a dog house with my fathers help. Although we had bad skill, we made the dog house hard. the great part of making the dog house was made by my father. My father nailed the panel and sawed the designed wood panel. I and my cousins also help my father. For example, we was designing the dog house ,carrying wood panel and decorating the completed dog house. After my father completed the dog house, we decorated the dog house with paint, watercolor and several kinds of item. And then we want to give a name to dog. So we really worried. Finally, the name that we thought is ‘beak gu’. ‘Beak gu’ is very common name. We can see this name anywhere country. But our grandmother’s dog is very white and cut. So, we think that ‘beak gu’ is matched well. When we decorated the dog house, we made a notice board. We wrote that ” this is beak-gu’s house” . Because of making house day is winter, we covered the warm blanket in the dog house. we was very happy to make house. Because we was very very love ‘beak-gu’. Happy feeling was filled with my heart. Then, we brought the dog in the dog house. And when we brought the dog in the house, I said to dog that please live happily with my grandmother. I did not know whether the dog was happy or not. But now, I think that the dog liked the house to jump in the dog house that time.

Till then, ‘beak-gu’ is so small. we can hug the ‘beak-gu’. After some years left, I couldn’t hug the god ‘beak-gu’. ‘Beak-gu’ grew up very fast. So I was very surprised. to speak honestly, I was afraid with our dog ‘beak-gu’ a little bit. When I went to my grandmother’s home, grown ‘beak-gu’ ran to me. That acting means that playing with me. But it is a little scary to young girl. Now thinking, I am sorry to


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