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Characters Description In Adventures Of Tom Sawyer English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 1104 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The adventures of to sawyer is a book about Thomas sawyer, the mischievous and imaginative twelve year old boy who live with Polly, his aunt, Sid, his half young brother and Mary, their cousin. They live in St Petersburg, Missouri, the Mississippi River town. It follows his adventures with his friend huckleberry Finn and his, love affair with Becky Thatcher, who is said to be his true love. As a young boy he is naughty and naïve but grows to be e defender of responsibility and respectability. They, one day witness the murder of Dr. Robinson by Injun Joe. They decide to testify when they realized that someone is being tried for the murder and thereby endangering their lives and find it necessary to relocate to an island in Mississippi for safety.

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Tom Sawyer

He is a read-headed shy but mischievous child who gets into trouble without even trying; he envies the freedom and lazy lifestyle of his friend Huckleberry Finn. He skips school to go swimming in a nearby pond. The teacher has no problem believing that he was behind the destruction of the book cover due to his naughty character while all the while it was Becky Thatcher’s deeds. He is torn between wanting to be a free spirit like his friend Huckleberry Finn or pursue his true love, Becky Thatcher. Tom is also a lovable character and that is the reason why Becky Thatcher is so fascinated by him. Heat one point took a beating meant for Becky Thatcher for destroying the cover of a book in school. This also shows his loving nature and his chivalry of being a good man.

Following the play it is evident that tom sawyer is a trustworthy and true friend to Becky. His friendship to huckleberry Finn, the town loner is an indication of his good heartedness. He also has a great imagination. This is shown when he plays pirates, faking is own death and painting the fence. He is also, though rarely, a responsible young man. He testified at the trial of Muff Potter after he thought to have murdered Doc Robinson. Tom is also very persuasive as he was able to convince his friends to his chores on more than one occasion. He also manages to persuade Becky Thatcher to be engaged to him which she almost does. He is also superstitious evident in the fact that they went to the grave side accompanied by huckleberry to experiment the “cure” for warts.

Huckleberry Finn

He is an honest trusting loner who is free spirited and homeless living a simple life. He is tom sawyer’s beat friend. His free-spirited mature comes to show when he says he will buy pies and sodas when tom sawyer asks him what he would if he had a trunk full of money. He is pretty much just like an orphan because his father is the town drunk. As long as no one finds it offending, he usually sleeps wherever he pleases. He is adventurers and worldly and encourages tom sawyer to be like that and that leaves tom sawyer spoilt for choice between going with him on adventures or staying with Becky. Huckleberry Finn also poses some bad trait like drinking, smocking and swearing caused by his lack of going to church or school, no one expects him to do so. He is also superstitious evident in the fact that they went to the grave side accompanied by Tom Sawyer to experiment the “cure” for warts.

Injun Joe

Injun Joe seems to be the villain in this play. He is a ruthless evil murderer who takes out his anger on anyone gets on his way. he kills Doc Robinson and the as if not enough, he frames the town drunk, Muff Potter for the murder. He is a chauvinist and a bully as he hates everyone especially women. He expresses that there is not need for killing a woman but rather disfigure her face. He goes for the vulnerable and weak to make himself seem and fell strong and powerful in a psychic way. he is vengeful s shown when he expresses his motivation for revenge on Dr. Robinson and Douglas the widow his actions mostly motivated from unadulterated malevolence from beginning to end he is malicious probably caused by his personal history involving others mistreating and alienating him when at his early childhood days. He is artful and cunning, displayed when he disguises himself as a mute and deaf Spaniard at one point in the play.

Becky Thatcher

She is the daughter of Judge Thatcher. She has yellow hair with braids, fair skinned, shy and is described as very pretty. She is naïve when she first sets foot in town an tom is immediately drawn to her. However she soon matches him, tom, as strategist in romance and soon the two device means and motives to make each other feel jealous. She is very trusting shown in the play when they get lost in the cave, she says that she trusts tom with her life. She believes in tom’s ability to get them to safety. She likes Tom’s bad boy image yet she still maintains her kind and sweet nature.

Sid Sawyer

He is Tom’s younger brother, described as a sickening good and sweet boy. He is jealous towards his brother on his part and always wants to get tom in trouble. He is sly and sneaky as he can smile at you, look you straight in the eyes and then stab you in the back. He shows superficial model behavior while inside he is mean spirited. Te warmhearted Tom who behaves badly thus becomes his direct opposite.

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Aunt Polly

She has taken up as the guardian of Tom and Sid since the death of their parents. She is very loving as she is torn between punishing the boys when they disobey and just letting go and loving them as her own. She is a kindhearted and simple woman just trying to figure out the balance between love and discipline. She is always at her abortive attempts to keep tom under control as she worries for his safety. This makes her a caring person and she only wishes to be loved and appreciated.

Muff Potter

Although he is the town drunk, everyone likes him. His is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is generally a lovable character and gets mixed up in Dr. Robinson’s death. He is extremely gullible his naïve trust make it easy for Injun Joe to convince him that he is the murderer

Joe Harper

He is Tom’s longtime childhood friend, who is compassionate and pitiful as he quickly feels homesick at Jackson island and has a hard time going along with the adventures Tom and Huck are having. He wants to go back home, and misses his family and is not too proud to say so. He is a mirror character of tom and eventually his place as Tom’s sidekick is taken by huckleberry Finn.


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