Analysis Of The Poem The Collar English Literature Essay


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The poet is fed up, he is in doubt. He is thinking of abusing God's gift: "Freedom". Within temptation, he questions his mission in life. He longs for yesterday. He thinks he sold his soul and he's furious because he feels regret. He demands redemption. He states again his emotional and uncertain decision to "abroad". As he was drowning in his rebellious feelings, his conscience rescued him from his blackest thoughts, waking his tender side and restoring faith.

One of the most interesting aspects of the poem is its title, mainly because throughout the entire poem we don't find the word "collar". Herbert tries to uses his title as a pun. This word has different meaning: One that means a band of leather that surrounds an animal neck or a slave collar because Herbert thinks of himself as a slave to the Lord. He spent his entire life serving his Lord with no return. He is in a state of revolt, trying to free himself. He remains in a state of anguish until he hears the word "child". Actually, it's his interior voice. It is this voice that alarmed him to his true relationship with God. Moreover, the past tense is used frequently and this mainly to show us that the situation of the poet is nothing but an experienced one .It's a biblical allusion to many others like "Adam and Eve". In addition, we all go through times of doubt, questioning life's mysteries. This poem is nothing but a reflection of fury and antagonism toward God and his creation. It shows us that God is willing to listen to our grievance and criticism and brings us hope even in the case of despair, frustration and anger. This poem is one of my favourite because it shows me that the supremacy of this scene consists of rebellion, love and sympathy rather than in reason and arguments. The word ''Child" is enough to affirm Jesus acceptance and unconditional love .He doesn't explain or quarrel, his simple word is enough to affirm his acceptance and love for men. God is always present even in our worse scenario to give us hope and guide us in the right direction. He is keen to help us and restore our faith for it's the only way to answer our questions.

At the end, George Herbert poems echo God relationship with men. They are a concrete example of our life and how God is always present even in our worst case-scenario to give us hope and optimism. In almost every poem of Herbert, God is seen as ''Love" and that by the presence of him in our life we should fear nothing because he is on our side. As in the Poem "Easter wings" when Jesus is present in our life, our heart amplifies and when Jesus is out of our life, it become full of despair, anger and frustration. God has sacrificed the life of his own son to lift us from our sins. It's by his resurrection that we find eternal freedom and happiness. God is the ultimate freedom in this world .If it's up to me to decide my life I would definitely as Herbert prefers a one that gets me near Jesus. Moreover, the poem '' the collar'' shows us that no matter how we feel lost and confused, Jesus can help restore our faith. Finally, every one of us has a weakness point and a point of doubt in their lives, but God is always present to restore our faith and brings us freedom of the soul. I believe that God created us in his image and he's always there to help us and shower us with his unconditional love.

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