Analysis Of Go Ask Alice English Literature Essay

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Alice is a girl of 15 years. She has few friends and is very uncertain. Then she goes to a new school. It regards them as a new start, she wants to get many friends at her new school. Again, this does not succeed her and she has few friends. She's just Beth, a Jewish girl, a friend. She can get along here very cooperative. When it is summer going to summer camp for Jewish children, Beth and Alice can not count. Alice goes to her grandparents to. Then she Jill, a girl from her old school, against. Jill asks if Alice wants to come to her party. Alice is happy because she has never heard a group. In the evening, Alice goes to the party. At the party brings Jill bottles of coke into the room. In some of these bottles of LSD appears to sit, including in the glass of Alice. This is the first time that Alice comes into contact with drugs. After this experience, Alice decides not to use drugs anymore, it does not succeed her. Soon she wants to try marijuana, they also used more peppillen and tranquilizers, and later she sniffing drugs and syringes.

Then get her grandfather a heart attack and a few days later, she goes home, she wants nothing to do with drugs. Then she gets to know Chris. Chris brings her back to the peppillen and then she gets even a friend, for which they are dealing.

Chris and Alice are on one day about the whole thing to ponder and then they decide to go to San Francisco and a new start to begin. San Francisco is not all too good. It is very difficult to find a job and when they finally have some, they are among the drug correctly. Eventually they set up their own shop on what is going well. Then they both homesick and decide to go back to their parents.

At school, Alice lost her friends because she no longer used. Alice should be careful as its neighbor, there will be a girl from her old friend group and who is bothering her. Alice then call the parents of the girl and the girl goes away. If they come to school the next day she called traitor. It will be really bullied. Alice finds this and it is very difficult for her to not return to drugs to begin.

Then Alice's grandfather died, making her very engaging. She invents how her grandfather is eaten by the worms. Soon after grandmother is also dead so they still feel rotten. Ms. Larsen, the neighbor has a car accident and therefore Alice helps with the housework. As she eats a bowl of peanuts. She turns and sees through her body glowing worms eat. She tries to worm her body to pull off but they continue. She puts her head against the wall and screams the whole neighborhood together. The neighbors hear and call the police. She is lying in hospital and then she finds out that there's probably LSD peanuts was. It comes in a madhouse right. Soon they will get out and all goes perfectly. She has nice friends and because they are feeling well again put them in her diary.

Three weeks later her parents found her dead in the house, she died of an overdose, whether accidental or intentional overdose was nobody knows. Alice was 17 years.

c. Addiction; drugs

d. Alice is the main character. She is the writer of her diary. She is an insecure, naive and shy girl that use drugs. She is sweet but sometimes selfish door drugs. She is being used but she doesn't know because she doesn't know door her drug use. She is aware of the fact that drug doesn't do good, but she isn't strong enough to get rid of it by herself alone.

e. Chris is a friend of Alice. She decides to go with her to San Francisco and there begin a new life. She is also a sweet girl and she's also addicted to drugs.

Joel is a student that study on the university where the dad of Alice works. She met him at the university library and they are good friends. Joel is a sweet guy that helps everyone. He works hard for his studies, but would also like being with Alice. He is very loyal, as he gets Alice, despite her occasional drug use and unreliable behavior, unconditional support.

h. The Author is also the main character. Alice tells the story in a diary form.

i. The main character and also the author of the book Alice, died. You could be the title so sarcastically to grasp. Somewhat along the lines of: will you know more about drugs, go ask Alice.

j. The author wants to convey a message. This message is not to start with drugs, it brings many problems with it.

a. I liked the subject. However, it is a topic that often comes back in books. The story is really happening, which makes it an interesting story. The topic of this book is pretty recognizable, it also happens in our school environment. It is a great book because it was written by a girl about our age and she knows exactly what is going on because she was in there.