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Why Women Should Dress Modestly English Language Essay

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This assignment makes me learn more about the main reasons of why women should dress modestly. In another way, I also learn about writing skill and skills to do research. It also help student in doing research and analysis effectively. Student can learn more depth knowledge from this English assignment. When I do this assignment I know that many women should not dress immodestly. Women wear immodestly will spoil themselves and also the society. If women do not wear modestly, they will cause people to rape them.

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Other than that, this assignment let me know that reasons of divorce and also let me know that implications of divorce. The reason of divorce is because of the misunderstanding in a relationship in the two person relationship which can also spoil the relationship of the two individual in fact. There are also many implications that can cause the two individual to get involved in the divorce problem.

It can also sharpen my thinking skills where the research can also helps me to improve my writing method and skills.. In this research I understand more about the reason of why people divorce and the ways to overcome them.All these are important to improve my knowledge on language, grammar and also the general knowledge.

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Women nowadays like to dress immodestly because they think that they should show their body to the others so that people can look at what they can expose especially in the western countries. Some lady from western countries wear immodest apparel but in some eastern countries they do not wear immodest apparel. In the western countries, they never limit how they can wear. On the other hand, women who are wears not modestly can cause a lot of problems to themselves,the society and country. They would just don’t care what they wear as long as they are happy, sexy even if it is not comfortable to them. There are also some things all parties can do to overcome this problem. If women don’t wear modestly as this will never bring any advantages to them. They should always think of the effects that may cause to them before they think of what they should wear. It is very important for a woman to know what they wear and how they should present themselves to avoid crime cases from happening.

They should think in many ways on how they dress can influence their performance and also the image of them.They will need to dress modestly in order to have them not involved in the issues of the country.

2.0 Reasons Women Should Dress Modestly


Women can attract rapist and murderer to get near them when they don’t dress modestly. They might be in danger because anytime anywhere they might meet the rapist. To stay safe is better for them to dress modestly and for this reason they should know what they should know how to dress to protect themselves. Many of them don’t know how to dress modestly and showing too much of their body until they are in danger. They think that they are sexy and they will never care of what others think. What they want to wear they just think and just do it straight away.

2.1.2 Professionalism

Maybe some woman may think that they are dressing sexy to present themselves but actually they are wrong. If they don’t dress modestly people will have negative thoughts about them and also they will think that they don’t know how to dress properly.The way people look at them is very important because this might also relate to the image of the women.People might think that they are prostitutes or doing something not legal. Furthermore, this is important for women who walk on street as there are many people can look at how they dress.They should dress decently to show that they have good moral attitudes.

2.1.4 Staying warm

Woman need to dress modestly to cover and protect their body from danger . When they dress modestly they will feel warm and they can avoid from getting molested or sunburn .They should dress modestly to keep their body warm and to show people out there that they can’t they are able to protect their body not only to their religion for example muslim wear ‘tudung’ to cover their neck and they are able to cover their body properly.They should dress because their religion beliefs stated that they will need to cover their body and not to show them to the men.

2.1.5 Setting a good example for others

All the young adults follow the way to dress from what they see. When women dress modestly they can show to the young people that this is dressing modestly and that the young people will follow the way the adults dress. Although there are still many people who don’t dress modestly when they are on the street. This will bring a very bad image to some citizens with different culture and beliefs. A good example will lead the future generation of people to the right direction and to do the right thing that is to dress modestly.

2.1.6 Respect

Women have to dress decently so that people who sees them will respect them as they know how to dress. This is a good thing for them to learn what dressing modestly is all about . On the other hand , this can also bring develop moral behaviors of all the young people. They can just wear modestly when they go out so that people will give respect to them as they are dressing modestly. They will directly get respect because of the clothes as the first thing they wil look at is how the women dress.if they do not dress properly they will gossip about the way they dress.

2.2 Ways to overcome immodest dressing

2.2.1 Talks and campaigns

The lifestyle club can organize more talks and campaigns to create awareness to the women on the dangers of dressing not modestly. They can educate them with the correct way of dressing and provide them ideas of what dressing modestly is all about and the importance of dressing modestly when they go out..They can also organize talks in the schools so that they can learn how to dress modestly at an early stage Show them the statistics of crime rate to them from the causes of not dressing modestly.

2.2.2 Rules

Government should set rules that to require women to dress modestly. They must limit the type of shirt that they can wear and not let them to wear whatever they want although it is their choice. The government must also fine and give summons to those women who don’t dress modestly as this will benefits them and can reduce the rate of cases in the country.As strict as possible they need to set rules on what they can wear which are suitable. They must make them to obey to the rules and follow what they stated to wear.

2.2.3 Parents

Parents is very important as parents are the one who buys clothes for them .They ask their children to buy shirts that will never expose their body and look nice. They should avoid their children from buying clothes that will show their body. This is an important role of the parents. When they do this, their children will dress more modestly and people will have a positive thinking as when women don’t dress modestly the first one people will say is their parents. The moral education from their parents to their children.Parents should not let their children to buy or dress too sexy.

2.3 Conclusion

As a conclusion, dressing modestly can bring benefits to the women as they can be safe, warm and also the image of themselves to the others.These are important as they can avoid many crime cases from happening.There are many ways to overcome the problem which include organizing talks, roadshows and campaigns in schools and to the public. Other than that, they can also dress modestly for their own sake.The image of them is very important which can gain respect of the perspective of how people look at them.Dressing modestly is important to keep the good image of the organization, society, the individual and the country.

3.0 Introduction to divorce

The first thing to know about divorce is that it is common and nothing to be ashamed of. According to recent statistics, the rate of divorce in the United States (0.40%) is approximately half the rate of marriage (0.78%). To maintain a perfect relationship, there should be no problem in a relationship.There must be enough understanding between both of them in a couple. This is very important where this became one of the factors that will make divorce happens. Divorce can also happen from many factors which will be discussed in this research report.The rate of divorce is increasing significantly. There are also effect of divorce to many people.

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3.1 Reason of divorce

3.1.1 Lack of time

Partners might not have time to settle problems in the family as there are too many problems in a family which involves the couple to figure out They might be too busy of their work and they don’t have enough time to sit down to clear all the problems. They should spend more time on this to figure out the family problems that occur.

3.1.2 Difference in cultural backgrounds

At the beginning, the stark differences in families and friends, and different religious beliefs may seem cute and worth a petty fight. But all it takes is a few months of suppressed ideas and opposing thoughts to wreak havoc in a marriage.Some couples might get different partner from different culture and they just could not understand each other.It is very hard for them to communicate with each other and causes the argue of the couple

3.1.3 Dont understand what each other needs or wants

They might not understand each other and at the end they will think that they are not suitable for each other and ended up divorce .This will seriously ruin this relationship. Besides that, sometimes the man cannot give what the woman want for example the money that the womanwants and the man cannot provide her with the enough money.l

3.1.4 Trust

Trust is very important between two person in the relationship, do you really trust your spouse? Do you find their behavior suspicious, especially when they’re talking to a friend over the phone? Trust is an important pillar in marriage. If you can’t trust your spouse, you definitely can’t survive the marriage.

3.1.5 Money

Money always has a way of making life better or making life worse. There are only two extremes and no middle ground with money. Are you dissatisfied with your spouse’s earnings or monetary investment towards the marriage in any manner? This may start off as a nagging thought to begin with, but unless you discuss this with your spouse, you could be heading down the road of divorce over time.

3.1.6 Extra relationship

A third party in a relationship will cause divorce. This will happen mostly in men as men will easily get another partner when they feel happy with the new partner. For example when they argue with their wives they will think that they will go to get another one to accompany them.

3.2 Implications of divorce

3.2.1 Children as Victims

Most couples normally have children when they get marriage. Accordingly, divorces can directly effect on children. Children living in single parent families are more probably to get pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high school, abuse drugs and have aggressively emotional and behavioural problems, which lead to social problems. Some children decide to go out of their home when their parents separate each other, and subsequently they become homeless children. They do not have good opportunities to find a job due to shortage of education. Consequently, crime may likely be the end result. These are significantly negative effects of recent expansion in divorce rates.

3.2.3 Effect to our nation

People will think that the marriage in our country is just for fun and people can marry and divorce anytime they like.In fact the government should set some rules that people can only marry for 2 times. People will think that people in our country are not loyal to love. They love to remarry and get new partner.People will talk bad about our country because the case keep on increasing.

3.2.4 Effect to the society

The society will have many crisis because the many issues will appear since there is many people who will become orphan and the will be many criminal will happen. In another way, they will also affect the people in the society.Hence this might affect the whole society because divorce is not a good thing in a relationship.This issue might increase more and more in the future.Many people will suicide when the parents divorce and they think that they have nobody to be trusted. They think that the family is destroyed when their parents divorced.

4.0 Conclusion

The rate of divorce is increasing like nobody business. Besides that, this is not a good thing because this will spoil the image of the behavior, attitude and the moral education of the country saying that this is not a good thing. Furthermore, the divorce rate also caused by the people around the country where people like to divorce as they like.Divorce may also caused by the lack of time to understand each other, the level of them understanding each other, financial matters that cause their family couldn’t afford their life expenses, the third party which can cause the relationship to end. Divorce may also cause the children to suffer because they will become orphans.Besides that, this will also make the society criminal rate to increase as there many people will do bad things because their parents divorced and no one can teach them about the moral behavior.This will bring a very bad image of a society and country as the image is so important.The way people look at the particular country will be very different.



Divorce rate statistics


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