Why i decided to go to college?


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When I think about college I think about a lot of studying and not enough time for myself. But I know that when I graduate college I will have many opportunities available. Going to college has affected my life in many ways, but in the end it will all pay off. I then decided that I wanted to go to college because I want a better future. After I graduated high school, I never thought about college. The reason I never thought about college was because, my parents didn't have that much money to support me through college. My parents wanted a better future for me, so that I can take care of myself. I then decided to go to Hennepin Technical College because they offered me financial aid. If it wasn't for financial aid, I wouldn't even think about going to college. I have a total to five in my family, and my father is the only one working. Financial aid helped me out a lot because, I didn't have to pay for anything. They helped me out with my tuition and my books. But sometimes my tuition don't always cover all of my cost in college. That made me happy because, I know that my parents didn't have to worry about paying for my tuition. Another reason I decided to go to college is because, it is closer to home. I wouldn't want to be making a long drive home from college. I also decide to go to Hennepin Tech because, of the time. They have morning, afternoon, and evening classes. I am a evening person. I concentrate better in the evening than 7:00AM. When I wake up that early, I feel like I can't concentrate. So for my classes, I have mostly all evening classes and one morning class. I try my very best to stay focused, but that was the only time they have available for morning class.

When I started college, I thought that it wouldn't be so hard, but I was wrong. Not only do I have to study hard, but I don't have enough time for myself. I am going to college to become a dental assistant. In my dental class I have an exam every time I go to that class. I also have papers due for my other class the same time I have to study for my dental exam. It is so frustrating, because I don't know which one to do first, and I also become stressed out. But I end up doing well on my papers and on my exams. With all that studying and exams I have, I can't get a job, because I have so much work to do at college, I don't think that I can keep up with a job.

My parents are great, they never tell me to get a job, because they know that I have to much papers and exams at the top of my head. They always tell me to focus on my studies and don't worry about a job, that they will support me. That made it less stressful knowing that I don't have to worry about getting a job. College has affect my life in many ways. I am the first one in my family to attend college, which means my parents are very proud that I decided to go. Since I am the first to attend college, I want to show my two brothers that they can do it, if I can. College has change my way of thinking. I know that when I graduate college, I will have a brighter future with many job opportunities available.

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