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Internet job searching is a person who using the internet to search job to resume as an employer / worker. It is also the multifaceted process taking in same time.

Nowadays, many people use the internet to search their desire job especially teenagers from 25 years old to 35 years old. The reason is because they feel easier compared to traditional methods such as search job in newspaper, flyers, advertisements etc. For them, searching job in internet is faster and more option. Moreover, searching job in internet can satisfied their desire.

In Malaysia, there are many website to search job. For example, JobStreet.com Malaysia, Malaysia Best Job search, Job on earth.com and others. In Malaysia, internet job searching is not so popular compared to other western countries. Most of us still depend on traditional methods. May be Malaysian are not so reliable on internet job seeking.

On the other hand, internet job searching is common in others country such as Japan, USA and western country because most of them are reliable on internet job seeking. Moreover, most of them know the way to search job on internet. Their technology are advanced.

In America, internet job searching is very popular. Most of American use internet to search for job. Below are the top 10 jobs rates by PayScale.com in America:

In this technology booming century, we can find job not only in job search engines, but we also can use networking to search for job. It is a very helpful ways to seeking a job because 60% - 80% job will not be advertised; this is called hidden job market. One way to find out these hidden jobs is through networking such as 'facebook' is the most popular website to seek for job. This is why networking is so powerful.

In conclusion, internet job searching is the faster way to seek for good job. Like the saying goes, one stone kills two birds. By internet we can do anything we want.

Internet Job Seach Engine

The Internet Job Search Engines on the Web






Here are some examples of the job search engine.

Internet Job Search Engine is job search engine that help you to find a job. Here are the top ten job search engines, and you can choose which job search engine that you like.

Monster.com is the best job search engine today. It is very useful because Monster.com got five search tips and it helps you narrow your search, so you can find your job easily. The five search tip is Search feature, Advance Search, Saved Search feature, Browse feature and Site Map.

Indeed.com is Meta job search engine. It is not same with the monster.com, because you cannot submit your resume from Indeed.com. In the home page of indeed.com, you can narrow down your job hunt by writing job title, keywords or company in what and city, state or zip in where to find your job target. You can also search job in your state but it will come many result.

If you wish to find job in USA, we suggest you to use USA.gov because it just introduce the job from USA. There got some way to find the job easily, you can find a job in government department by clicking for government employees. If you are citizen, you can click for citizen. You can also click for businesses and nonprofits when you want to open businesses.

Dice is the most popular internet job search engine for someone who are finding technology job. You can find a job in the place you want by checking out the location page. You can also find a job by checking out the skill page

CareerBuilder have much ability to help you to find job. For example, post a resume, create job alert, get job advice and job resources. In this website, you no need to visit every single day because job alert will send you an email when it finds your target of the job. Their advance search system is very good, because you can set a dozen different criteria of a job, so it is easily to find your job with this function.

CareerBuilder have much ability to help you to find job. For example, post a resume, create job alert, get job advice and job resources. In this website, you no need to visit every single day because job alert will send you an email when it finds your target of the job. Their advance search system is very good, because you can set a dozen different criteria of a job, so it is easily to find your job with this function.

Question 3

How to use the internet in your job search?

Many people are interesting using internet to look for job, here are some crucial steps to use internet in our job search. Before this, you must be very clear about the job you are interest. This will make easier in your job searching. There are many job search engines in Malaysia. Here we are going show you how to search job in 'Best Job' (One of the job search engines in Malaysia).


You just have to type www.bestjobs.com.my in address bar.

And then this will come out.

Step 2

After that, you just have to press the 'Job search' on the top left in the page (Arrow) and you will see another screen appear.

Step 3

Please insert your Job search category, location and data. Then press search.

Step 4

You will saw many jobs vacant in the moment you press search button. Just have to click on the job that you look for and read the information. Contact the person who in charged if you interest.

These are some simple steps to help a person search job through net. You just have to follow the steps above and everything will be easy. If you did not like using 'Best Job' to look for job, you can also choose other search engines, and the steps are similar.

Advantage of internet job Searching

With the development of the Internet, and network resource sharing, people can online at home, office and internet cafes and other places, search the domestic well-known talent network, these sites gathered a lot of employers national recruitment information through which information, We can spend the minimum cost to find a more satisfied with their work. Internet Job delivery than the traditional written submissions, not only query convenient, informative, select a wide range, but also save a lot of printing, making the cost of written submissions, but also eliminates the trouble of journeying.

Here are some advantages of internet job searching,

First- Time-Intensive

By using internet to look for a job, we can save a lot of time compare to those using traditional methods. The main reason is because we just have to select the job category and the suitable jobs will appear. You just have to choose which you are interest and contact the person incharged.

Second- Low Cost and Easy

Searching job in internet can save our expenditure especially to graduated student. Through the click of a mouse, you can see many jobs. Besides that, you can send a copy of electronic resumes to the company. For the employing unit, the network cost of recruitment is almost zero.

Third- Preserve Environment

Internet job searching did not involve paper. This can prevent many trees to cut down. By this, we can preserve environment. We just have to look at monitor when searching for the job. This also called as 'paperless'. Nowadays, government urges public do not print out documents if it is not necessary. So, by searching job through internet, everyone can preserve environment.

In conclusion, internet job searching brings a lot of benefits. We just have to sit at home with one click, many results will come out. Internet is the powerful tool to searching information in 21st century. With internet, we can do anything and internet makes our life not boring. This is why internet loves by everyone without age barrier.

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