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The Process Of Sending And Receiving Messages

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Business Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages. Effective communication, however, occurs when individuals achieve a shared understanding, stimulate others to take actions, and encourage people to think in new ways. Communication occurs in many forms. You can pick up the phone and have a conversation with your supervisor or leave her a voice-mail message if she is unavailable. You can choose, instead, to write her a memo and send it by e-mail. Beside, she can respond to your message in the form of her choice. Communication can be formal or informal, spoken or written, and internal or external. In every part of business organization, communication provides the vital link between people and information. The ways we communicate is a learned style. As children we learn from watching our parents and other adults communicate.

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The communication Process consists of a message being sent and received. The message may be verbal or non-verbal. The same basic principles apply whether humans, animals, other forms of life, or combinations of these are involved. Your challenge, as an instructor, is to not merely communication with your students but to communication effectively. Whether you are speaking or writing, listening or reading, communication is more than a single act.

The sender has an idea, Senders are individuals who react to situations from a unique vantage point, interpreting ideas and filtering experiences through their own perception. Unique to individual senders, and integral to all the communication they engage in, is a background of accumulated attitudes, experiences, skills, cultural conditioning and individual differences that influences how they communicate. The sender encodes an idea or feeling in words or signs that the receiver will recognize and transmits this message to the receiver.

The sender transforms the idea into a message, when you put your idea into a message that your receiver will understand, you are encoding, deciding on the message’s form (word, facial expression, gesture), length, organization, tone, and style- all of which depend on your idea, your audience, and your personal style or mood.

The sender transmits the message, to transmits your message to your receiver, you select a communication channel such as the telephone, a letter, a memo, an e-mail- even a facial gesture. The receiver decodes or interprets the message to achieve understanding. In doing this, the receiver is also acting as an individual from a unique vantage point, interpreting the idea according to a particular personal perception of the message. The channel and medium you choose depend on your message, the location of your audience, your need for speed, and the formality of the situation. This perception is the result of the receiver unique background of experiences, beliefs, concerns and many other factors.

The receiver gets the message, You have no guarantee that your message will actually get through. The receiver may not hear you, for communication to occur, your receiver must first get the message. If you send a letter, your receiver has to read it before understanding it. If you’re giving a speech, the people in your audience have to be able to hear you, and they have to be paying attention.

The receiver interprets the message, Your receiver must cooperate by decoding your message, absorbing and understanding it. Then the decoded message has to be stored in the receiver’s mind. If all goes well, the message is interpreted correctly; that is, the receiver assigns the same basic meaning to the words as the sender intended and responds in the desired way.

The receiver reacts and sends feedback to the sender, Feedback is your receiver’s response, the final link in the communication chain. After getting the messages, your receiver responds in some way and signals that response to you. Feedback is the key element in the communication process because it enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your messages. If your audience does not understand what you mean, you can tell by the response and refine your message.

Explain the communication process. How does one ensure that the intended audience has received the right message?

As the product manager of a soon-to-be-launched product, explain the methods, the mediums, and the vehicles that you would use the communication with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product.

*Student may decide on whatever product that they wish.

Formulating a message:

Communication is a dynamic process. Your idea cannot be communicated if you ignore, fail, or skip any step in that process. Unfortunately, the process can be interrupted before it really begins-while you are trying to put your idea into words. Several things can go wrong when you are formulating a message, including indecision about the content of your message, lack of familiarity with the situation or the receiver, and difficulty in expressing ideas.

Learn about your Audience:

You want to create a bridge of words that leads audience members from their rent position to your point. Before you can do so, you have to know something about your audience’s current position. What do they know? What do they need to know? If you’re addressing strangers, try to find out more about them; if that’s impossible, try to protect yourself into their position by using common sense and imagination. Knowing as much as you can about your audience puts you in touch with the needs you’ll want to satisfy.

Different in perception:

The world constantly bombards us with information: sights, sounds, scents, and so on. Our minds organize this stream of sensation into a mental map that represents our perception of reality. In no case is the map in a person’s mind the same as the world itself, and no two maps are exactly alike. As you view the world, your mind absorbs your experiences in a unique and personal way. For example, if you go out for pizza with friend, each of you will notice different things. As you enter the restaurant, one of you may notice the coolness of the air-conditioning; the other may notice the aroma pizza.

Overcoming perceptual barriers can be difficult. Try to predict how your message will be received, anticipate your receiver’s reactions, and shape the message accordingly-constantly adjusting to correct any misunderstanding. Try not to apply the same solution to every problem, but look for solutions to fit specific problems. Frame your messages in terms that have meaning for your audience, and try to find something useful in every message you receive.

Language Problems:

When you choose the words for your message, you signal that you are a member of a particular culture or subculture and that you know the code. The nature of your code-your language and vocabulary-imposes its own barriers on your message. For example, the language of lawyer differs from that of an accountant or a doctor, and the difference in their vocabularies affects their ability to recognize and express ideas.

To overcome language barriers, use the most specific and accurate words possible. Always try to use words your audience will understand. Increase the accuracy of your messages by using language that describes rather than evaluates and presenting observable facts, events, and circumstances.

Keep your Audience focused:

You can also help your audience by eliminating any information that doesn’t directly contribute to your purpose. Many business messages contain too much material. The sender, in hopes of being thorough, tries to explain everything there is to know about a subject, but most audiences don’t need everything. All they need are a few pertinent facts, enough information to answer their question or facilitate their decisions. By keeping your messages as brief and as clean as possible, you make them easier to absorb.

Show your Audience how new information relates to existing ideas:

The mind absorbs information by categorizing it into mental files. If you want your audiences to understand and remember new ideas, you have to indicate how those ideas are related to the files that already exist in their minds. When the connection with familiar concepts is lacking, the new material tends to get lost, to become mentally misplaced, because it doesn’t fit into your audience’s filling cabinet.

By showing the audience how new ideas relate to familiar ones, you increase the likelihood that your message will be understand correctly. Therefore, connecting new ideas to existing ones also helps make the new concepts acceptable.

Minimize Noise:

Even the most carefully constructed message will fail to achieve results if it does not reach your audience. As far as possible, try eliminate potential sources of interference. Then make sure your choice of communication channel and medium does not interfere with your message. Choose the method that will be most likely to attract your audience’s attention and enable them to concentrate on the message. If a written document seems the best choice, try to make it physically appealing and easy to comprehend. Use attractive, convenient format, and pay attention to such details as the choice of paper and the quality of type. If possible, deliver the document when you know the reader will have time to study it.

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If the message calls for an oral delivery channel, try to eliminate physical barriers. The location should be comfortable and quiet, with adequate lighting, good acoustics, and few visual distractions. In addition, think about how your own appearance will affect the audience. An outfit that screams for attention creates as much noise as a squeaky air-conditioning system. Another way to reduce interference, particularly in oral communication, is to deliver your message directly to intended audience. The more people who filter your message, the greater the potential for message distortion.

Facilitate Feedback:

In addition to minimizing noise, giving your audience a chance to provide feedback is crucial. But one thing that makes business communication difficult is the complexity of the feedback loop. If you are talking face-to-face with another person, feedback is immediate and clear. However, if you are writing a letter, memo, or report that will be read by several people, feedback will be delayed and mixed. Some of the readers will be enthusiastic or respond promptly; others will be critical or reluctant to respond, and revising your message to take into account their feedback will be difficult.

When you plan a message, think about the amount of feedback you want to encourage. Although feedback is generally useful, it reduces your control over the communication situation. You need to know whether your message is being understood and accepted, but you may not want to respond to comments until you have completed your argument. If you are communicating with a group, you may not have the time to react to every impression or question.

Answer for question 2:

As a Product Manager of my product which is going to be launch soon, my product is a smart mobile phone “IPhone 5”.This product can used by different age only for teenagers. This product can communicate with others country by using Face Time. This product is invisible because it is made by class. The product is using Os 5 software that created by me. To promote my product I will use methods, mediums, and vehicles. I will ask the producer to make some cloth banner or PVC banner or leaflet (with really a big font and a logo about my product, my contact number and name) and displaying it at strategic locations. I also will obtain the license from the city council before posting the advertisement. Thus, through this method, I will make sure them to buy my product. The mediums or channels that I’m going to use to promote my product are internal communication, external communication and also individuals contact.

The Methods that use to promote my product:

The first method that use to promote my product is by Flyers. Nowadays, people will use flyers to introduce your business and to announce new offers or promotions. Flyers and leaflets are great way to promote businesses of all sizes. Flyer printing can be a great promotional tool for telling people about the products and services you offer. A flyer or a leaflet is a tangible sales promotion tool that will help your business to stick in the mind of the consumer.

The second method that use to promote my product is online advertising. Nowadays internet are famous among teenagers because teenagers is a very fast learner. Online advertising is a very good method because everyone will know what you post such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

The third method that use to promote my product is by Radio. Did you what is radio? Radio is a common thing that human will use it for everyday because radio will give us a lot of information about general knowledge. Through radio I can advertise my product to world wide.

The fourth method that use to promote my product is Hot air balloon. Hot air balloons catch attention because their huge and they fly. The cost of a hot air balloon is quite cheap. I will promote hot air balloon before my product is launch.

The fifth method that use to promote my product is Exhibition. Exhibition will get or got in anywhere in the world wide. Exhibition is the place for business man to promote he or her products at there.

Flyers :

Flyers don’t cost as much as other advertising methods but can effectively get your message across to your target audience. By using flyers the client’s will recall you about the product and promote awareness. Flyer printing can be a great promotional tool for telling people about the products and services you offer. A flyer or a leaflet is a tangible sales promotion tool that will help your business to stick in the mind of the consumer. There are many different size for flyers. There are many printers that produce flyers in different sizes with the most popular sizes being A4, A5, A6 and DL.

Online Advertising:

Online advertising will need internet to transfer the advertisement into a post and send it to everyone in world wide. Online advertising is a very good method because everyone will know what you post such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. The customer or client can order my product or ask / get information about my product, it can help me to attract customer. I also will use online advertising to promote my product through world wide and let everyone know about my product.


Radio is a type of communication to human. Radio can let human by getting some daily news, general knowledge and others information. If the customer is interested in the radio advertisement, he or she will wrote down or listen the information carefully. Lastly, through radio I can advertise my product to world wide and others know about my product.

Hot air balloon:

Hot air balloon is an object that being release in the sky and it will be floating anywhere in the sky. Hot air balloons catch attention because their huge and they fly. Anything that is visible to the eye and flying is always a novelty but for it to be considered more than just a novelty lies in how the things look like. There are many different shapes for a hot air balloon, such as love shapes, round shapes and others shapes. These types of advertising balloons are becoming increasingly popular as they never fail to catch the eye of any spectator young or old from the road. One advantage of following an advertising balloon campaign is that it can be easily managed. All you will need is having your own balloon with your logo or brand made or rented all you are all good to go. All these make such balloons a very valuable advertising tool that businesses just cannot lay by the wayside.


Exhibition is the place that the business man or a producer will promote he/her product at there. you can use your event to hire your product more effectively than many businesses will do at a trade show. Think about the different display options that you can hire to show your products to potential customers at the trade show.


In my opinion, Iphone 5 is very cool and have a lot of function which is interest by the youth and teenagers. For the moment, the interest of the youth towards the Iphone 5 is tremendous and they cannot wait for it. Lastly, I hope so my Iphone 5 can satisfied the user and the sales of the Iphone 5 can hit the target sales when it is being launched.


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