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The Need For Email Etiquette In Business English Language Essay

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Introduction to Email

Messages that are sent or received over great distances at an incredible speed, electronically is known as Email. Email writing is mainly used for transferring business information quickly and simply.

Introduction to Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is nothing but the set of rules to be followed during email communication. This should be mainly followed in companies both by employers and employee to protect the company from awkward liability issues.

This chapter discusses about the main etiquette rules to be followed by employers while sending emails.

Need for Etiquette rules

Emails are generally used by students for sending applications, and the employers for sending message to the recipients who might be colleagues, staffs, higher officials and co-workers.

The etiquette rules are to be followed to give an effective email

having only required and effective points in concise, without writing like a story.

having good language (not using tough words, but using simple and positive words easily understood by the recipient)

having protected from risks.

Etiquette rules

Some of the etiquette rules to be followed while sending emails are listed below:

Use good language having proper grammar, spelling and required symbols.

Write email in concise manner having only required points.

Answer for the emails very quickly without delay.

Give a reply mail that you have received the mail within two hours.

Answer all the questions asked by the sender and attach all the required files.

If you’re not able to answer quickly or attach all required files, ask some time in the mail for the leftover.

Don’t write the email in full capitals, so that this will sometimes irritate the recipient.

When giving points list them in numbers or bulletins.

Give blank lines between each paragraph.

Give cc: only to the people who knows why they are receiving that email.

Read your email fully before sending it to the recipient, to avoid mistakes.

Don’t use expressions like smiley in official mail or mails sent to the clients.

Use abbreviations only to the easy words like CPU, LED. Use the expanded form for the tough abbreviations.

Always don’t use reply to all. Give reply to selected person who should receive the mail.

Use decent colours and fonts in official mails, so that the mail should be easy to read for the recipient.

Do not copy a message or attachment belonging to another user without permission of the originator.

Give meaningful subject that is easily understood by the recipient.

Avoid sending junk mails by checking the recipients’ address before sending the mail

Be patient and polite so that your email should not hurt the recipient by using harsh words.

Always give a brief signature, if the recipient receives your mail for the first time.

Avoid overuse of punctuation and exclamatory marks.

Don’t mark all the emails as urgent, important or personal. If you really send a serious mail it won’t be considered so.

Use bold and italics for important points.

Use emotions and expressions like smiley’s in the friendly mail to make the mail more entertaining.

Don’t send abusive email messages.

Don’t send mail immediately when you are angry, so that once sent it cannot be recovered. This will create more problems to you in personnel and in office..

Use British English and American English in appropriate places and according to the clients.

Organize your email page by deleting unwanted mails and saving only the important mails.

Addresses of people need to know about the subject but not required to act on the contents of the mail are added to the ‘cc:’ (Carbon copy) field.

A plain text email is useful for perfectly aligning characters between rows.

The online newsletters are written in HTML format. Basic formatting such as different fonts, colors and underlining as well as a hypertext link can be given to the context to improve the visualization.

The Signature files containing contact details and other relevant information can be attached to every business mail.

The subject line increases the chances that your email will be read, rather than mistaken for spam and deleted without reading.

Enforcing Email etiquette in companies

A company should first create a written email policy that includes all email rules followed in company’s email policy, and should be distributed to all employees. The employees should be noticed about the importance of the email etiquette and the mails should be regularly checked by email management tool

E-mail formatting

The example given below shows the formatting method of a good Email:

Received message:

Hi Ram,

Could you please give me some books on Email Etiquette?

Also: Could you please tell me in which site I can get this information?



Response message:

Hi Teena,

You wrote:

> Could you please give me some tips on Email Etiquette?

>Also: Could you please tell me in which site I can get this information?

Sure. I have a good book in Email etiquette written by John Kennedy. I will send that book to you by courier today.

There’s a good Hints and Tips section on the website




Hope that’s ok.



Comparison between a good email and bad email

Bad email

This email is an example for job application to a company.


I have attached my resume with this. Please read and send reply immediately. I have experience for 3 years in Programming department. Please do needful.



Could you feel how bad the email is for job application

Good email

Here is an example for a good email sent for job application

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve attached my resume with this mail. I would be grateful if you could read it and get back to me at your earliest convenience. I have all the experience you are looking for:

I’ve worked in a programming environment for three years

I am competent with MS office, Java, Oracle, VB and HTML.

I enjoy working as part of a team


Yours faithfully,


Helpful examples

Here some examples are given to explain how to write a good email.

The e-mail with a brief introduction:

To: dancers.com

From: avpschool@avp.com

Subject: Application for summer coaching

Dear Ms. Robert,

I am writing this email in response to the ad posted for dance class in summer vacation. Here some of the students in our school are interested to join your class. The students already have experience in classical dancing. Will you please consider this as application? Also inform us if any concession is there for our school students.

Thank you,


The Principal

AVP School,


The e-mail as a cover letter:

To: avpschool@avp.com

From: dancers.com

Subject: Application for summer coaching

Dear Ms. Raghav

I am writing in response to the mail that you sent for summer coaching.

Well here already we have twenty students in our class. We are planning to give admission for another ten children. So we are pleased to accept your school children for the class.

The teachers here are professional dancers and the timings will be 3-3:30 pm 4-4:30 pm .

If your students are interested they can continue in this class even after their vacation. The class is fully air-conditioned. We teach Bharathanatiyam, Kathak, Kuchupudi and Western dance here.

We give 10% discount for the students coming by the school name.

And also we give discounts for the students who like to continue here after the vacation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.



Now You Know

The email etiquette is the set of rules to be followed while sending emails

The employees must be trained to fully understand the importance of email etiquette by enforcing the email etiquette

Email etiquettes are to be followed to send an effective email mainly in companies.

The first step in email sending is to create a written email policy.


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