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The Division Of Our Digital World English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 2498 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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This is a paper regarding how the digital world is divided, why and how can (if possible) bring everything in one floor as globalization is also happening. Collectively our world is divided even by digital ways such as networking speed, technological reach etc. As we are moving forward we are stretching our limits more and more. We are only stretching the limits towards a developed future. A future that is well controlled by technologies and organized by us (human). It is possible only if the whole world get the same tough of technology, which is not happening out there. Just like how ‘Racism’ killing peoples moral viewpoint exactly or almost exactly in the same manner technology is broaden around the world. Greats are becoming more technological where as poor users only getting the vive not the reality.

My research was mainly done on the difference in technological fields in different countries. Just to make clear I am neither complaining about any system nor arguing on others statements. I am just presenting my viewpoint with examples.

There are 195 countries in our world (Earth). Not all the countries are of same level. While talking on level, here levels are based on economical condition, educational based and technological reach. Third world countries are the ones, which always struggle to meet the basic need for a human being (Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing). Some also include ‘Education’ as a fifth basic need. Those countries either have huge population (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc) or fighting in between (African nations). The only reality for them is how they can survive human lives. Circumstances like this never gives out the opportunity to this countries. Where rarely surviving is possible thinking for technological reach is just like cracking a joke. Though in present time many third world countries are in the tough of technology but definitely not like the developed countries. So, the differences are on. So the dream for having a world controlled by technology seems to be quite far away.

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The term ‘Global Networking’ is in real not a global chain yet. If we really can build a global networking we can move a lot more ahead than where we are standing today. At the brisk of 21st Century we are still waiting for the global connection through networking. Argument can be made on actually how good technological support the developed countries are providing. But, before that what we must talk about the difference in the countries. As I already mentioned earlier in many places about the lack of intension on the third world countries, so to take such an action become very difficult. Lets talk about the IP (Internet connection) firstly.

Here (in USA) usually every order gets an individual IP address. Though the speed of the bandwidth connection may very but the individuality is there. But in countries like Bangladesh, India and many more using 1 IP Address to share clients. From the DP Port box they stretch wires to form 1 IP for several clients. Doing this destroys identity for users! Thus, in countries like Bangladesh, users can easily hack into a system and can sneak through. Also the reach of the technology sometimes is not that high to catch the hackers.

Question can easily rise if the security system is that weak in the third world countries? Yes is the answer, not because lack of security but for not having exact system to prevent hacking. Hacking if properly done can be possible even in USA (example Google was attacked on march 2009). Getting into a system may surely be problematic but main setback is always time frame. How long a system remained hacked is the only concern. One can get in and then again got kicked back, and then because of lesser time frame barely any information can be misplaced. But, if you do not have proper technology you can not gain access back to your hand in quick time, cases like this hurt the most. Also lack of proper knowledge do the damage a lot.

To not having a system are an issue, but having a system and not having the ability to use is even bigger of a problem. Talking about proper knowledge can only be gain if you are playing with a system. In the market of globalization, networking is a very important part. One should have proper knowledge about networking before putting a hand on there. If not so when need comes up barely will be able to work with any system possible. We have to find the main problems of why our digital world is divided.

Our digital world is divided based on merits of each country. Here what I am trying to say regarding merits is very simple, the country can afford have higher technologies and the countries cannot afford do no have. This is as simple to understand as having a piece of cake. Thought it is simple in understanding wise still we have to find an alternative or few solutions how can we narrow down the borderline. We should find the way to minimize the differences, other then that global networking will not be happening ever after.

Few solutions can be mark like talking to individuals, having exploring the global companies more often in different continents, talking bold steps by the governments and many more.

Lets start talking about the solutions one by one. Starting with individual talking. What I meant by this statement is people should start communicate a lot more than current time. We should share what problems we are facing, what system we are working with, what can be change/ modify for betterment. More likely we have to deal things in as ‘Open Source’ type. Having spreading this idea can question about the sharing information is or is not actually giving access for a system to many people. Maybe it is giving, but then we have narrow down with several methods, laws, ethics etc. Then also we have to take help from the global companies.

Taking help from the global companies means companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft and many more that are spread around the world can complete a good role. These companies have access in many different places; they are associated with many different cultures. So, they can easily understand the flow of growing technological market in one area. If in one area it is not growing according to how it should have they can help. Giving again the example of the country Bangladesh, since mainly the country is maximum dependent on the shoulder of the capital city Dhaka. So, just to check out if in Dhaka the reach of the technology is good enough or not so that they can at least communicate with the rest of the world. If not, then plans can be organized to help them out. In this case the governments should take wise steps as well.

If we all are on the right floor or not! The governments of each country should look wisely towards their growing technology. Soon the world is going to convert exact like a CPU. Every country will have to through a role to fulfill. One country failing to complete their part can cause a total loss. Just like if one part doesn’t work it is difficult to function the remaining CPU. So, weather it is an understanding or agreement we all have to be on the same floor.

Implementing all possible solutions is not a easy job to handle. Even everyone care to complete the task still there is no guarantee that all the countries will be on the same line. At least we can see that we have narrowed down the borderline. We have to be also preparing at the same time for the transformation of Technology.

Technology does not stay always at the same place. Along with the time it is getting bigger and broader. So, we have to put our foot along with the speed or transformation of the technology. From now on we have collect information on how the Internet connection is working or acting in third world countries. We should also measure how it is functioning in the developed countries. Differences can be seen, and then we have to try to solve out the differences. If we can bring out the changes we will be able to help the world around.

Before finishing my papers I would like to add few of the person’s thoughts regarding this topic when I tool their interview. Tasfia Ahmed an employer or GM who works and lives on Sterling Heights, MI. She is using a fast Internet connection at home having 54 MB/sec Bandwidth. She is very happy, and saying the speed is too good. Getting this amount of speed back from the country I am from (Bangladesh) is impossible. Having talking to a Dr. MK Rashedul Haque a professor teaching in Dhaka University, Bangladesh said, “The maximum we can provide in the computer labs is about 4 MB/sec”. He also mentioned about how things are working on the other universities as well. Though this is the most powerful and rich university in the country. According to him Military or Intelligence get to use higher bandwidth connection. This can be use as another example that it is possible to provide high speed Internet in Bangladesh. This is a clear and very practical example of how things are working. While I had an opportunity to communicate with a student currently enrolled in CS in IIT, Bangalore in India (Shantosh Chadrabalan) I received very different information. In their Computer labs he get a speed of 6 MB/sec of Internet where as he is an IBM intern and thus in his office he gets around 48 MB/sec through wireless! It is shocking to know that the same person has to work with 512 KB/sec at his home. If IBM in India can have around 48 MB/sec then why cannot other Internet providers in India have such high speedy Internets? Government, Global companies and all of us have a real hard job ahead of us. The thing that concerns in those countries is the security issue. It is so hard there to track someone. Many times criminal gets away because it becomes hard to catch them, though they have Police. Now criminals if known as cyber criminals, the cyber traffic officers they do not have much. Also for one unique IP Address multiple clients make life a hell for them. That’s why they do not want to gear up. Also we shouldn’t forget that the cost value is still missing. High speed means expensive Internet. How many people can afford such high speed Internet since Poverty is another big issue or concern in those third world countries. If we want, we can provide and control. We need a plan and a very good execution of that plan.

In order to get the change we cannot pick a wrong way of approach. Addiction on Internet in recent time has been killing our young generation. Without them this prospers is not even thinking or plan worthy, so we cannot let them go in vain just for the addiction. But also we cannot oppose their passion towards it, otherwise we will not have them to do prosper.

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Since we are focusing on the differences on technology in different area, like digital divide we must talk about the meaning of it. Just giving an example the meaning of hacking at the beginning was a act of a hero but now it is crime that only criminals do. So, based on many time frames and all things changes all the time. Digital Divide now is working like discrimination, but there is a good hiding somewhere. The proper knowledge was thought in USA (just for an example) about how to use the Internet. Then Internet was released here, people started to use it and by using it they became to learn more about it. Same thing happened on Bangladesh too, but in Bangladesh it started way late than USA. And this is a huge reason why people in Bangladesh are one the other side of the division than the people of USA. Suddenly we cannot make it 54 MB/sec speed in Bangladesh from 512 KB/sec, because they wont know what to do with such high speed. Their workload will finish but the work time will not, they will have many free times all of a sudden. And free time can lead them into miss use the Internet. Everything has its own way of approach. So, nothing can be done suddenly. But it is also important that we take the steps now. If we start taking the steps now then and only then we can see a better future soon.

As of so far we discussed about the topic, problems and solutions. I now want to express my own point of view. Though this is very clear in what is happening right now still there is always a question about if things are working in the right direction or not. Talking about if the technology has a boundary to reach into the third world countries, even if it can reach how fast. So far we have understood that reaching is not the only option we review, there are many more things connected with it. Just like as long as we do not know how much load a carrier can bear we cannot ask the carrier to bear, exactly in the same manner unless we know if someone can maintain such technology we cannot through something on him or her.

So it can be said that difference is well shown in the features of each step, but it can be change to make a better world and faster communicating system. In order to do so we have to dig a lot dipper into the field, and once we have it all done we will see a better world! We are moving so fast, controlling the speed is the matter not reducing it down. So, to make a better world and a world with globalized network field what we have to do is to think and work for it. Though there are many difficulties but still I believe it is possible, do you?


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