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Having worked with many thousands of students at - and beyond - many colleges and universities both in the United Kingdom and more internationally, I have seen at first hand many of the most common problems that students experience and also been involved in their resolution so I feel that I am able to provide some comment here.

Therefore, in this article I am going to now look to provide you with guidance on some of the areas where the most common problems have arisen for students studying at college and/or university and as to how these problems may be resolved. This is because it is an inescapeable fact that studying at college or university in modern time can be both a daunting and fun period in your life that has only been exacerbated by the current world's economic problems that are being experienced internationally in almost every country.

As a result it is perhaps little wonder that money and issues of finance are a central concernt to students. This is because almost all students are constantly lacking funds and have to find ways to finance their housing, nutrition and - of course - their entertainment. Therefore, it cannot be overstated that there is a need for students now more than ever to look to work to a budget and plan what you are going to do with your money throughout the whole academic year - you may also find that getting a part-time job will help so go to your college or univeristy's employment bureau and see what they can offer you.

Another common problem - those of us who experience the dreaded 'Clearing System' will know just how bad that this can be! - is with getting on the course you want in the first place at your chose college or university. There is a need to appreciated that the more popular your course is with students like you, the more difficult and competitive you will find it to get a place studying that subject. Therefore, you need to look to make your decisions and sign up for the course that you want to have a place on as quickly as you possibly can to stand a better chances AND also look to have a back-up second choice subject or institution in mind where you may experience trouble.

There is also a need to make sure that you have the time to work AND study both on your course and as part of your homework - these problems are then only further exacerbated where there is a need to work to make ends meet. As a result, this often means cramming in a lot of studying in a short period of time. You can help yourself by planning your time carefully so that you have time to go to classes, study AND work so that you can meet all of your deadlines in both your personal and academic lives so that you are then able to get the results that you are seeking

Classes can also be difficult in practice where your teachers/professors arrogance or own self-importance affects a student's professional relationship with their professor or their actual grades. As a result, unfortunately, worst case scenario there is often a need to bite your tongue and do some 'sucking up' big style in order to retain a good working relationship that allows you to achieve the results that you need. Of course there are many, many great teachers who will bend over backwards to help you in any way that they can, but there are also others who have become tainted by the profession and do not get the same enjoyment that they once did.

Work And Study At The Same Time: Not Always A Good Choice

Work and study at the same time: not always a good choice

Nowadays is very important and necessary for young people to have and manage their own money, that is why most of them decide to work and study at the same time, but sometimes to do both things simultaneously can bring some consequences that can affect different aspects of their life like: less time for their families and friends; they do not have enough time to do their homework correctly; their mind is full of mixed ideas and worries and also they suffer from physical exhaustion. Now let's analyze these consequences as if it were happening to you.

You usually go out of your house to attend University early in the morning and come back late in the evening or night, depending on your schedule. You do not have much time to share with your family or visit your friends and at some point the complaints begin. Parents say you do not want to talk or spend time with them; friends keep on saying that now that you are working you are boring because you do not want to go out or do not visit them, but they do not understand that is not because you do not want to is just because you do not have the time or you are too tired to do it, but that does not mean that you do not care about them.

Now, regarding your university duties: you try to do as much as you can to carry out all the homework and assignments you have, but sometimes you do not have enough time to do them or you have to stay awake late at night for hours just to finish one work or to study for a huge test and the results are not always good, even though you have put a lot on effort it.

The same happens when you think of all the things that you have to do in a day. You put a lot of your mental abilities to fulfill as many tasks as you can: you think of the problems that you have at home, at work, at university; the assignments that you have to hand in; the time in which you have to go to work; at what time you have to look for your brothers or...

Teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea?

In some countries, teenage has job when they are students. I think that it is not good for teenage student to have a job. I believe this is because that it would affect their education, harm their health and cause some social problems.

Firstly, it affects a student's education if a student has a job. For receiving a good education, a students should spend a lot of time on it, especially today, the knowledge is exploring. So if a student wants to receive enough education, he or she should spend whole their time on studying. If a student has to work while he or she is at studying, it must occupy a lot of his time and limits the time spending on study.

Secondly, having a job for teenage would hurt their health. Working is stressful from both mental and physical sides. To hold a job, you should be on time as scheduled, have to finish assigned tasks and to solve the problems that come out with your job. Teenage has not become mature enough to endure this kind of pressure, thus it may affect their health.

Lastly, teenage working is not good for a community. The job positions are limited for a society, if the teenage takes a part of job opportunities, some adults would lose their job. The jobless adults may become alcoholic or depressed, which may harm the social stability.

In conclusion, I think that teenage has a job is not a good thing. Their education and health may be affected and also it is harmful for a society because it may cause more jobless adults.

August 12, 2009

Students Shouldn't Work During School

The quote by Robert J. Samuelson, "…jobs hurt academic performance and do not provide needed family income. Rather, they just simply establish teenagers as independent consumers better able to satisfy their own wants," is absolutely true. I agree with the quote for three reasons; teens don't do as good in school when they have a part-time job, they spend their money on unimportant things, and students lose a lot of sleep working the night before school.

Students who have a part time job do not do as good in school as when they do not have a part time job. Students that get assigned homework end up not doing it because they had work after school, and didn't have enough time for it. Many of the students with jobs have lower grades because of the lack of time they have. Most students, who work between ten to twenty five hours during the school year, end up either having to go to summer school or failing the course. When I had a part time job it consumed most of my time, and I would have to do homework at ridiculous hours during the night; furthermore, I would end up not doing my homework, or doing it at eleven or twelve at night after work. Students need education more then they need a part time job; in fact, their education is going to be the very thing that can lead them to a potentially good future job.

Teens that work or have a part time job spend their money on very unimportant things. Most teens buy clothes, gas for their car, food, or even worse, drugs. Teen's parents should give them about thirty dollars a week to let them go out with friends to do things such as; see a movie or other things of that nature. Parents should provide their teen with clothes and food so they do not unnecessarily have to buy it. Teens now a day's, use their money to buy drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol which is illegal and a complete waste of money. Cigarettes are around seven dollars a pack for a disgusting habit, and should not be bought by teens unless they are of age, which are eighteen years old. Other things teens unnecessarily buy are; expensive hats, shoes, paintball or air soft guns and DVDs. All of these material objects are very unimportant for a working teen to buy with the money they get from a part time job. Parents of the teens who buy this should pay for it instead of the teen going out of his or her way and wasting their money on it.

Students who work a lot lose many hours of sleep; in addition, if a student got out of work at eleven pm and had to wake up at six am, they only have seven unhealthy hours of sleep. The number of hours of sleep a healthy student should have is about nine. With the student being very tired from work the night before, he or she will not do very good in their classes. This causes the student to sleep during class and fail the course; nevertheless, sleepy students should not have a part time job if the hours are too long, and they cannot handle it. I feel employers should not let students who work part time work past nine pm Monday through Friday; therefore, they should be able to have a good, refreshing night's sleep, so come six am they are prepared to learn.

The three reasons I have mentioned are just a few that I stand behind on the issue that students should not have a part time job during the school year. Students who work do not do as good in school when they work, they have tendency to buy unimportant things, and they lose many hours of sleep. When I have children, I will not allow them to have part time jobs, because school and their education are more important. Sleep and getting good grades are very important factors in going far in your future, and with a part time job it cannot happen very easily.