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Social Problem In Jakarta

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Wordcount: 2886 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Nowadays in Jakarta, there are many problems that trouble the civilians in Jakarta. Since Jakarta is the Central of Indonesia and have the biggest population, we must care and protect each other because we are living in the same city. Many factors which cause damages in all areas, these problems are high level of pollution which makes the environment dirty and spread out some dangerous diseases. The next problem that sometime causes death is poverty because the poor people who cannot afford to buy some food are forced to starve to death, or maybe they couldn’t get medication for their sickness. These problems interest me to observe and study about these things. I would like to help make Jakarta, a better place for the citizens of Jakarta itself.

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There are a lot of problems are happening here in Jakarta, like flood, poverty, etc. These problems create a bad image in the world; moreover the problems are caused by us. We can’t deny that all these problems are difficult to solve. Everyone should work together, and to realize the urgent need them. The government should issue strict rules and regulations, and to fully bind them, so that it won’t be easy to broke


The Poverty rate in Jakarta is very high. Poor people scattered in many places. The number of the population in Jakarta is way too high compared to job vacancy or job opportunities. This lack of job vacancy causes unemployment to rise beyond prediction. The unemployment causes difficulty for the people to raise their living. Some of them are lazy to work, but the rest of them still want to work. The people who want to work, some of them don’t have the chance because the problem in their education level. Maybe their parents don’t have enough money to send them to school.

This lack of education could cause many troubles. Starts from crime, some of them are depressed because they can’t have a job, they might steal from the other, and furthermore they would kill the person to get money if it is necessary. But not all thieves are poor people and lowly educated person, but some are lazy and want to make money faster in the wrong way. These thieves wouldn’t be tolerated in the society because these law breakers risk other people’s lives. These thieves become thief not because of their own will, some of them HAVE to be thief to live their life, they cannot think of any other way to get money in the right ways. They are too depressed and can’t even think about it.

Next it’s about beggar, too many beggar in Jakarta, they are countless. In each traffic light you will see them, and maybe you will get shocked because most of them live in the traffic sidewalk, not one, but the whole family live in there, can you imagine that? The worst thing in there is that there are some ungrateful parents send their son or daughter to be beggars. And there are people which collect the children by renting them and make the children work for them, being a beggar in the street. And if they cannot make money, these people who rent these children will give punishments to them. These punishments are harsh ones, such as slapping, punching, kicking, and even break their leg or hand in order to attract the sympathy of the people, so that these people would give money to them. However, whatever type of begging is not good, because people could find work if they really desire it.

And the last is about people who are dying, they cannot get money for themselves, maybe some of them have to search foods in garbage dump, which possibly contains various kinds of diseases. They cannot buy medicine to recover themselves, once they are contaminated by these diseases. And they just wait about the death time. Some people are suffering and they died because of it. We know the government have started to find the solution and they have started to move. They have to make regulations about these problems in Jakarta, about people whose caught do crime will be send to the jail and must pay some value of money, about the beggar and place them in one place to take care of them, and about the children who don’t have parents, those poor people too. The government should take care about them.

The poverty in Jakarta is very easily noticed, those beggar in the street. They appear in nearly each and every sections of Jakarta. The fact that we are rich, but we can’t protect what’s rightfully ours. Like those islands claimed by the other nation, not to mention our sea territories, if only the government works harder, we won’t have lost those territories.

Our country is not supposed to side with the businessman, our nation fund the companies which as an equity already. When this occurs, a huge amount of money is spent for nothing, and some of them simply go to corruptor’s pocket. Our country is supposed to facilitate the poor-middle economic class society, so that they can live up, and improve their living

Facilitating the poor-middle economy class society is a key to our success, if we could send these people to start a new life in those island which stolen already, the other nation wouldn’t have disturb our complete nation. This solution can hardly be treated as a project, this solution is not meant to isolate the poor, but to give them chance of a new life.

If the economy of Indonesia is strong, there is no doubt that we are secured and no other countries would dare to disturb us or to steal anything from us


In the dictionary there are six definitions of Corruption. There are:

  1. Lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain
  2. in a state of progressive putrefaction
  3. Decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation)
  4. Moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles
  5. Destroying someone’s (or some group’s) honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity
  6. Inducement (as of a public official) by improper means (as bribery) to violate duty (as by committing a felony)

The word corruption is fairly common here in Indonesia, particularly in the government of Indonesia. We can define Corruption as taking something from someone which doesn’t belong to you. It is not exactly stealing; the difference is that Corruption is not always known or visible. The person who steals is called thief and who corrupts are called corruptor. The act of the thief like stole money from the bank, hijacking, etc. that’s an open crime and we can see it. It’s different from corruptor they not like thief. The acts are different. For example: their boss gives them $100 to deliver to the hospital. But they allocate or take some of them, for instance $10; maybe not all knows because they take the money hidden or invisible. Most of the person who are doing corruption that they have given the trust from their boss or the other so they can do things like that.

In Jakarta the word Corruption is familiar to most of the people; they know that Corruptions happened everywhere, by everyone, in everything. For instance, you father give you 100.000 to buy one pair of shoes, and that shoes cost for 50.000. You must return 50.000 to your father but you just return 25.000 and you say that the cost of the shoes is 75.000 because you want spend the other 25.000 for the other things. That is the simple example of corruption which happened in here, for simple things, and for little amount of money. Those things happened in the government too. The differences are the size of the corruption with huge amount of money. That’s why KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) is created. The KPK itself have their own problem. Sometimes they work very well, but sometimes not. I don’t know why the people who do Corruption in the Government do Corruption. I thought they have good salary, but why they still do Corruption. Are their salaries not enough for them? I never see the governmental people lack of money. Maybe this is because their nature. Human never satisfied of everything. They have got high salary, but they still want get money, in the wrong way. Why they don’t think to invest their money to business, and whatever in the right way. The people in the government must concern about the society. The society chooses them to be government official. And they should work to help the society. But how if they still doing Corruption, that will make disadvantages for the society. They must change their own way of thinking.

The connection between Corruption and the fifth Principle

As we know, corrupt mean taking something which not belong to you and disadvantages the other people.

The fifth principle (Social Justice in Indonesia) is against the corruption. Just say about the governmental corruptor. They take something that making disadvantages to the society. They took money which not belongs to them. They don’t care about that. They just need money. That is against the fifth principle. There isn’t justice in there. They can do that corruption because their job in the governmental, the missing their job. They have job in government so they got more chance to do corruption. It is not very good. They don’t even thinking about the people who doesn’t have anything. Can’t afford food for them. I think the peoples who work in governmental is have education background and have studied about Pancasila, so they must know about that, about do corrupt is not good, but still they do corruption. How if they still like that? They not are being a good example for the society. They didn’t want to improve the Indonesia. They don’t care about that. Too selfish and just think about their own needs.

Traffic Jam

Next about Traffic Jam. Traffic jam happened in many places in Jakarta. Particularly in the morning, when the student and the worker go to their school and office. The traffic jam happened because too many private car in Jakarta. I think the government should take care about it, they must control it. They can look from the other countries. Making the tax of the Vehicle high. So less people will use private car.

In our transportation system, the problem is not only too many cars, the problems are the maintenance of the traffic light, the government is very unconcerned about his problem, if one is broken, it’ll take more than a month for the government to deal with it.

The traffic jam is not government’s responsibility; it’s all of the civilians’ responsibility


Next is about pollution, about air pollution. Many things that causes air pollution. Start from the factories, the waste disposal. The waste is smoke, black smoke. Next from the vehicle. Many cars in Jakarta are not use properly. I mean the Car is supposed to use just for 5 years but they use it more. And they car which not take care by the owners. They didn’t change the oil, did not tune-up the car. That can cause air pollution. Those cars will produce black smokes

The car producers don’t concern about the environmental balance, they only concern income, interest, revenue, and anything connected with money, in short economic factor. We are not blaming the car producer; this case isn’t problem for them. However the government should concern about this, by rising private car tax, so that the producer would reduce their productivity.

There are two things we should do; the first thing is not to extent the licenses of old cars, because old cars used to make more pollution compared to the new ones. This method is going to be applied by the government. The second method which is to help the consumer to regenerate their cars is going to be done by the producer itself

Dangerous Waste

The household waste which is simply thrown to the river is a problem, however it’s not so dangerous compared to the factory’s waste, if the factory’s waste is thrown to the river, the river might be poisonous, same thing goes for the hospital waste. There are a lot of reports of these threatening waste, but the government remains immobile

The waste from the hospital is most dangerous, because it’s from there the deadly viruses flow to the rivers, rivers in which poor people used for bath, drink, and to wash dishes and clothes. These waste supposed to be allocated in the right way, if this pollution keeps happening, it will kill more people.


Because pollution happened everywhere, there is a big chance that it will cause diseases, mainly breathing diseases, such as TBC, which is one of the most deadly diseases. This pollution also caused the pollution of the water, it can also infect the land, so that, the land will became dysfunctional.

Global Warming

Global Warming happens because of the dangerous smoke which is mainly produced by factory and vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles. These gases are more than capable to destruct the ozone layers. Moreover these gases can cause diseases, mostly breathing problem, like cough, or lung failure. The ozone layer is very important because it is protecting us from the ultraviolet ray produced by the sun. Which means the earth is getting warm each and every second. The warming of the earth affects the ices in both poles, they melt faster than predicted, which means the sea level will increase drastically, the whole world is going to drown.

Less Planting

This lack of green planting reduces the green areas in the city which is the heart of the city. Because plants inhale CO2, which is a polluted gas, in the afternoon, and exhales oxygen, which is the gas we are breathing with, in the night. These plants are also able to absorb water to prevent flood.

Flood (No Respiration Area)

Because we lack of plants and trees causes lack of respiration are, so when it’s raining, there is no respiration, if the rain is getting harder, it may causes flood, which inflict great damages and loss everywhere and in every sector

Too Many Rubbish

Rubbish is one of the biggest problems in Jakarta. There are not enough spaces for the overflowing rubbish. What is worse is that the citizen of Jakarta doesn’t realize the importance to keep the environment clean. People simply throw their rubbish anywhere, anytime, which will mess everything up. We should educate our children not to litter everywhere they like, they should put the trash into the trash bin. Littering properly is a must, in order to prevent flood and unhealthy environment. Because the environment is dirty, diseases are likely to spread. We can’t deny that the trash wasted by the citizen of Indonesia is too much, what makes it even messier is the insufficient space to gather the trash. In order to solve this space problem, we have two solutions; the first is to burn all the trash, or to recycle them. However several parties have wrongly used the term recycle to their own advantages. For example, they recycle safety rubber into a chopstick cover. This is of course an unhealthy thing to do, the viruses and bacteria from the condom would spread. Government should help and supervise the process of recycling, so that no one would break the law, and corrupt the environment. Especially for those who unaware of the environment.

Clean Water

Clean Water – citizen of DKI Jakarta, will continuing to need clean water, in order to fulfill the needs of drinking and cooking.

The clean water which supplied by PAM Jaya is not enough because there are some problems; In the south of Jakarta still need clean water seller to supply to the citizen which lack of water to drink and to cook.

In the rain times, my central city Jakarta and the other places seems to have much water. More if the flood came, the water seen in everywhere. The rivers full of water. But, there question about that: Can that water be consumed by the people; because, according to the experts, the water in the river or water from the flood had been contaminated many kinds of bacteria.

Water of the river in the central city has been proved full of Koli bactery that came from feces.

Millions people of Jakarta and near Jakarta daily have a bad behavior to throw the garbage or Pee and Poo in the rivers. There are thirteen rivers that come from the north of Jakarta bearing viruses, and many other dangerous substances. The river is wrongly used as a garbage dump.


The conclusion is we and all the people expect no one must make awareness for them to build and make a good behavior to not litter, etc. And be social and don’t be too selfish to just care about yourselves. Because human is social creature that need the others to live and to fulfill the needs. Care about the others too. Care about yours environment. Care about your Country. Care about your City. Care about Jakarta.


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