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Should Cell Phones Be Banned In Classrooms English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 1178 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Some people think that cell phones should be banned in the classrooms because they think it bother the whole classrooms. They think it is not necessary to have them in classrooms.

As for those they want the cell phones to be banned in the classrooms. They think that cell phones makes a lot of noise in the classrooms. So it is bothering them or even the whole classrooms. Because some cell phones have a loud ringing tone. The phone will rings so loud and that’s the time all the people turn to check who’s cell phones is that ringing. They want to know what do those people will talked about. That is the time students won’t pay attention in classrooms. They might think that those people are talking on the cell phones are taking about something more interesting. So, they might hope for knowing about what they’re say on the cell phones.

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Students can not keep track of their time. Even in the middle of lecturing or working on their classworks. The students would stop listening to the instructors or teacher or stop on their work and start to answer their cell phones. Sometimes they stop from what they’re doing and start to play games on their cell phones. And they don’t mind to concentrate or even pay any attention in their class any more. Its likely cell phones are more to interrupt all of their work and their attention in the classrooms.

Even though they know that cell pones are limiting their learning and understanding in classrooms. Because even their free time and they don’t think of studying any more. They only think of calling around or talking with their friends or even playing games on their cell phones and never mind about studying. All of their free time are more reserve for them to spend on cell phones. And if they banned the cell phones maybe they turn back to spend the free time for study because they wont have some else to do. Anyway, people are the key to know what is better for them. But I think that cell phones are not really important to use in the classrooms. Maybe somewhere else is better and not in class. In other way we might need and it is not to use in the classrooms. Especially, us people in Micronesia we never think of the is better for us to do in order for us to have a good life in the future. We just think of now and easy things for us right now. Because cell phones are not doing something to us in the classrooms. Although some people think cell phones are important incase of emergency, I think they are too distracting for the whole class, also the school can find students in emergencies.

As for me I think that’s the good think for it banned the cell phone in the classrooms. Because there is a way to what we need for the cell phones. That is why the cell phone is not good to use in the classrooms. And also good thing to improve our studying.

EN 112 Essay Evaluation

90 to 100

A- to A+

Excellent to Very Good: The essay has a clearly expressed thesis. It also shows knowledgeable and thorough development of thesis; the support details are relevant, clearly stated, well organized and cohesive; sentences show variety, strong vocabulary with minimal grammatical errors, appropriate transitions are used. Format is correct. Very well developed.


B- to B+

Good: The essay has an acceptable thesis. It also shows significant knowledge of topic but not complete development of thesis; the supporting details are mostly relevant and organized but lack details thus somewhat interrupting the flow; sentences show some variety and good vocabulary; some grammatical errors, some use of transitions which are used appropriately; format is correct or almost correct. Well developed


C- to C+

Average: The essay has a fair thesis which indicates the topic and has an opinion but is somewhat weak. It also shows some knowledge of topic but limited development of thesis; some supporting details are relevant; main ideas stand out but somewhat choppy and loosely organized; sentences could use a little variety; several grammatical errors, few transitions and use is not always appropriate; format is correct or almost correct. Developed with at least 500 words but should have more details and support.


D- to D+

Fair to Poor: The essay has a weak thesis. It also shows limited knowledge of topic and inadequate development of thesis; a lot of the supporting details are confusing or disconnected; limited variety in sentence structure and vocabulary; frequent grammatical errors, almost no transitions are used; format needs correction. Underdeveloped and may have less than 500 words.

0 to 59


Very Poor: The essay has no or very weak thesis and does not show knowledge of topic; the supporting details are mostly or all irrelevant; no organization; all simple sentences; weak vocabulary; dominated by grammatical errors and lacks transitions; format needs correction. Underdeveloped with less than 500 words.

Overall Comments: the format of your essay is not correct. Please read the required format resource on the course web site. You need an introductory paragraph that introduces the issue, and your position shown in the thesis which is at the end of the introduction. This needs a lot of work. You need to have each paragraph correctly focused on what each one is for. A separate one is needed for the opponent’s argument against your opinion and in this paragraph you refute or concede his argument. There are also many grammar errors. This still needs lots of work before it can be considered an essay with a passing grade.



Developed well to introduce the issue/problem and thesis

Thesis statement is a clearly stated arguable position

Thesis statement is in proper place

Three/four developmental paragraphs

3 or 4 major reasons for position (your support)

Organization of support/details (PATTERN 1or 2)

Transitions and expressions used properly

Logical development of reasons (THEY MAKE SENSE)

Opponent’s most important reason refuted/conceded OR three opposing reasons refuted



Restate thesis and support (reasons)

Demand action, suggest a solution or predict an outcome

Does not introduce a new idea


Proper format (LOWERS GRADE IF WRONG!)

Mechanics (spelling and grammar)

Essay is 500 words or more


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