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Sex, why not!?

Nowadays, sex is very hot topic to be talked about in the teenager environment. Almost all of the teenagers in the world like to talk about it. Long time ago, parents try to avoid their children to know what the meaning of sex itself. Why? Because they thought that sex is dangerous for their children. They also thought that sex is only for adults like them. Do you agree with the parent's reason?

All of the people in the world like to know more about sex in their life. Sex is the way where two people (man & woman) do some “biological” things in order to keep their generation. Man and woman can only do that if they already married, that's the law, but many cases nowadays that they do that freely, anytime and anywhere. This can be a very dangerous problem if it continues to the next generation of our children. That's why although every people in the world must know about sex; the important thing is that the time of knowing the sex itself.

Some people especially in the remote area still have ideals that sex is “taboo”. Usually their children know about sex when they are facing their marriage. This is not right; they must know anything about sex before they are facing the marriage itself. The “taboo” in their mind makes them don't really care about knowing the sex before marriage, but the fact is they know the sex at the time they do sex. They have a traditional way of thinking that knowing the sex before marriage is dangerous. This is wrong, because everyone need it. In conclusion, remote area like small village still don't give many sex education because they thing that it is “taboo”.

In big cities, sex is just a very popular. Most of the people mind is already contaminated by sex thing. Sex is not “taboo” thing anymore. This can be a problem related to free sex. Free sex in big cities is high. It is different from remote area like small village, because in small area, they think that sex is taboo. The number of free sex in big cities is very high. Their mental is already contaminated within sex. Teenager is the one who had a very difficult situation in this moment. They are very easy to be manipulated. The cases of teenagers are the one which increase the rate of the free sex in the big cities.

Lack of sex education in the family can makes one people do wrong thing such as sexual harassment. What is sexual harassment? It is an unwelcome sexual behavior, but another may not unwelcome what is unwelcome by one. People have been arguing on what should be considered sexual harassment and finely came up with a definition for it. Its requests for sexual favors, suggestive looks, and sexual remarks, deliberate touching, pressure for dates, letters and calls, actual or attempted rape (Verbal and physical conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment).

What causes sexual harassment? Rape is really about power. Sexual harassment is a subtle rape, a way to make women vulnerable. Man's insecurity causes that kind of behavior; many feel threatened by a workingwoman, men harass women because they want to regain lost power. Pornography encourages sexual assaults. It shows women in a demanding manner and leads men to believe it is acceptable to abuse and harass female.

Rape is the one of the crime that very popular in the big cities. There are many sad stories of girls who have been violated by someone that they know. They almost all begin with a wonderful night and eventually get taken advantage of. The woman in the situation may feel as though she asked for it. The male may feel as though she didn't say no, so if I do this I am doing nothing wrong. It is horrifying how many times this has happened to a woman. Men take their strong, masculine image and use it to their advantage. They may try to use guilt, lies and/or aggressiveness to get a girl to have sex him. If she declines and he still continues to persuade her to have sex with him, then he is committing a crime.

Rape is a very strong word. It is a word that many women feel uncomfortable saying when it comes to their own experiences. Many women have been raped and may not even know it. This is called date or acquaintance rape. Someone the victim knows or is aquatinted with commits this rape. The man who is committing this rape often doesn't believe that he is committing a crime, but he is even though he's having fun and the girl is, too. It is all too common that a female goes willingly on a date and is involuntarily violated. They are often ashamed, confused, and afraid they won't be believed or even get blamed for the event that took place, so they do not report the incident to anyone. Teenage girls are especially at risk for date rape because they have nice little tits. 38% of all rape cases reported the victim's range in ages fourteen to seventeen. This to me is a high percentage for such a small age range.

Many crimes have arisen because of the lack of sex education in their family. Sex education can be taught in many different ways. In a few developing countries that suffer from poverty and that have people suffering from HIV, have television advertisements that talk about the risks of unprotected sex, contraceptives and also family planning. Others have flyers and posters sent out by the government. This is done to raise awareness to people that sex is not always great. It is also vital.

“…parents should play more of a role in educating their children about sex and relationships in order to reduce teenage pregnancies.”(Dr. Petra, May, 2009)

If schools had this too, awareness about sex may also be raised. People, especially teenagers would know the risks and not ruin their future that is planned by their supporters, usually parents. But instead, schools have subjects that may not really help people in everyday life. Some subjects in school have no relation to the real world. Instead, they have drama for example, which does not really help a lot of people. They should understand that not everyone is able to go to great colleges. But at least there is something people know that will save their lives and their future.

Why is it that some parents take their children out of sex education classes? Is it because the parents are afraid of what their child may learn? In school, children learn about math, english, and history. So why not let children be informed about sex education in public schools. Children should take sex education class that is given to them. Parents should be open to any education that their child can receive.

Sex education classes in high school teach teens about STD'S, pregnancy, AIDS, abstinence and stages in human characteristics. All of these topics and many others are a big part of the American society. All young men and women need to be informed about such things to protect themselves in the future. How is a parent at home going to be able to teach their children about STD's, AIDS, and the human body without being a professional teacher? When teaching a teenager about such things as AIDS and sex, the person needs to have good knowledge that is very thorough so the teenager will understand it. Some high school teachers is going to be well more informed about STD'S and AIDS than most parents at home.

In today's society there is an ongoing debate over sex education and its influence on our children. "The question is no longer should sex education be taught, but rather how it should be taught" (DeCarlo). With teenage pregnancy rates higher than ever and the imminent threat of the contraction of STD's, such as HIV, the role of sex education in the school is of greater importance now than ever before. By denying children sex education you are in a sense sheltering them from the harsh realities they are bound to encounter. Sex education has become an essential part of the curriculum and by removing the information provided by this class we'd be voluntarily putting our children in danger. During the teenage years every boy and girl undergoes major changes in the body that most of the time needs explaining. This underscores one of the most evident reasons for sexual education being taught to students. Sex education can help children to cope with the many changes caused by the onset of puberty.

“PARENTS - especially fathers - have largely abandoned their responsibility for teaching their children about sex, Ofsted said in a report yesterday. Instead, they left them to glean what they could from teenage magazines in which the underlying message was that sexual activity was the norm, perhaps contributing to Britain having the highest teenage birth rate in Western Europe.” (Clare John parents 'abandon sex education role' October 16, 2002)

”Parents shy away from the elements of sex that are difficult to discuss, and they may not be aware of current information on many topics. A study in Cleveland, Ohio, in the late 1970's shows that fewer than 15% of the mothers and only 8% of fathers had felt comfortable enough and/or knowledgeable enough to discuss sex related topics with their children (Dickman 22). Relying solely on parents to provide education on sex leaves significant gaps in the students' understanding. These gaps push students to look for answers to their questions from other sources. “


Statistics show that almost all states promote some form of sexuality education through either mandates or recommendations. At present, 46 states require or encourage teaching about human sexuality, and 48 states require or encourage instruction about HIV/AIDS. Young people receive information about sex and sexuality from a variety of sources including friends, music, and television. Some of this information is accurate and some inaccurate. School based education is an important and effective way of enhancing young people's knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about sex, relationships and intimacy. A comprehensive sexuality education program has many benefits for teens. It teaches them that abstinence is the safest choice, it stresses the consequences of risky sexual behavior, such as unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, and it addresses the issues of birth control and safe sex.

Sex is a common thing right now. In many countries, students are very aggressive if we talk about sex. This can happen because of the porn that has been distributed in their neighborhood. They can watch it from television, computer/laptop, and the worst is hand phone. It cannot be helped anymore. Their parents cannot do anything because they do not know about it. This is the trigger that many teenager especially students do many sex before marriage that can make them do abortion in the ends. This can make their mental bad. As I said before, parent's role is very important to reduce the chances of their kid become “bad”.

If porn can be loosely described as the organization of sexually explicit materials designed to whet sexual appetite, never before in our history has so much of it been so available, and we, mostly men that is, available for it.

As a commodity subject to laws of the marketplace, its prolific supply is guaranteed by virtual universal accessibility, while demand is assured by a tantalizing user-confidentiality clause that says: no one ever need know.

In inverse proportion to the enormous profits going to the producers and purveyors of porn is the conspicuous absence of meaningful dialogue on its psychological effects - if any. Adducing the all-purpose, freedom of choice clause with mantra-like monotony, the individual drones on that porn is a person's (always someone else's) private affair and no one else's business. This widely held view conceals the presumption that the effects of porn are as short-lived as a scene from an X-rated movie.

That porn might be a mine-field where a step in the wrong direction is to risk losing a limb is a possibility that begs closer examination.

The growing use of porn raises a number of disconcerting questions. Does repeated exposure inhibit or maim the healthy sexual response? Is porn psychologically addictive? What should we teach the young about it as they mark their years of passage from adolescence to adulthood? Is there a single, correct response to porn? What constitutes an informed choice concerning the use of porn? And how does this bear on the always tenuous relationship between freedom and responsibility?

Is sex still being a “taboo” thing? If I want to ask about it, every single person in the world will have their own answer related that question.

“I believe sex to be sacred. I think too many people are having sex with little to no attachment to their partner. Maybe we are not respecting our bodies or other's bodies enough. Most everything on television makes sex with anyone but your spouse acceptable. Marriage is supposed to be sacred too. There is way too much smut on TV. Could you imagine if there was a punishment for infidelity or sex before you were married? I don't think this is the right thing, but I do think people need to take their commitments more seriously.” (aqua@home, March, 2006)

This people still trust to the principle that sex is sacred and taboo. We, as the common people, have a different perception of sex itself. There is no right answer for that question actually. In my opinion, if there is no sex in this world, there will be no love. Sex is one of many ways to show the love itself, but I do not say that sex is a daily activities. What I want to say is that we can do sex with our mate if we already marry him or her.

“Someone please try this: find a mate with your love. Marry and just love. Skip all that sexual acts. You don't have to express love via sex right? Damn, mankind would extinct. And God would not be able to 'create' man no more. Let's all just love - just love.” (keleevin, October, 2006)

I can say that the statement from keleevin is true. Only sex that can help us from mankind extinction.

Sex can makes people addictive to it. Once you try it, you cannot say no to it. These problems that make persons mental become bad. Addiction to sex means that you like having sex, with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. There are many bad effects according to that. The worst effect is disease, for example AIDS. AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease of the human immune system caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The body of the person become weak, he/she does not has immune system anymore, so any virus and bacteria can freely enter that person's body without any problems, so the one that kill the person is not the HIV itself, but the other diseases that cannot be stopped anymore by the immune system.

The issue of HIV/AIDS has been a developing concern since the early 1980's. It is an issue that has sparked fear in everyone, but "society" has narrowed it down to certain people that can contract the AIDS virus. The stereotypical "AIDS" victim is not an IV drug user or a practicing homosexual; it is anyone, anyone who has unprotected sex, anyone who has had a blood transfusion in the past twenty years, or anyone who was innocently brought into the world by an infected mother. As unfair as it is, HIV/AIDS can attack someone whom society would have never "branded" as a stereotypical AIDS victim. This issue of HIV/AIDS needs to be addressed, and it needs to be addressed now. The epidemic of HIV/AIDS is on the rise in the state of Massachusetts. As many as 15,000 residents may be infected with the virus and not be aware of it and the majority of these victims are between the ages of twenty and forty. The only solution to this problem, as is the only solution to any problem, is prevention through education. Of course it is easy to hand out literature and condoms to adults, but are they really going to listen? As a community, we can encourage HIV/AIDS testing, but will it be taken advantage of? Since these are adults being familiarized with HIV/AIDS, how to contract it, the consequences, and the raw statistics, they will probably disregard all of the information. Education on the issue of HIV/AIDS obviously needs to begin at an earlier age. HIV is spread most commonly by sexual contact with an infected partner. The virus can enter the body through the lining of the vagina, vulva, penis, rectum or mouth during sex. HIV also is spread through contact with infected blood. Prior to the screening of blood for evidence of HIV infection and before the introduction in 1985 of heat-treating techniques to destroy HIV in blood products, HIV was transmitted through transfusions of contaminated blood. Today, because of blood screening and heat treatment, the risk of acquiring HIV from such transfusions is extremely small. HIV frequently is spread among injection drug users by the sharing of needles or syringes contaminated with minute quantities of blood of someone infected with the virus. However, transmission from patient to health-care worker or vice-versa via accidental sticks with contaminated needles or other medical instruments is rare. Although researchers have detected HIV in the saliva of infected individuals, no evidence exists that the virus is spread by contact with saliva. Laboratory studies reveal that saliva has natural compounds that inhibit the infectiousness of HIV. Studies of people infected with HIV have found no evidence that the virus is spread to others through saliva such as by kissing. No one knows, however, the risk of infection from so-called "deep" kissing, involving the exchange of large amounts of saliva, or by oral intercourse. Scientists also have found no evidence that HIV is spread through sweat, tears, urine or feces. Studies of families of HIV-infected people have shown clearly that HIV is not spread through casual contact such as the sharing of food utensils, towels and bedding, swimming pools, telephones or toilet seats. HIV cannot spread by insects such as mosquitoes or bedbugs. HIV can infect anyone who shares drug needles or syringes, or by having sexual contact without using protection. Since this is such a controversial issue, the age at which education should begin is debatable. The children need to be mature enough to handle the concerns and they need to be young enough to begin practicing measures of safety that will continue throughout their lives. But, when it comes down to it, education of HIV/AIDS should begin when these children are able to understand that sharing blood can be dangerous. A good example of this situation is a five- year-old boy confronting his mom and saying that he and his best friend are going to prick their fingers and become "blood brothers." A response that will give a good reason why this should not be done and provide information about HIV/AIDS would be: “Some people have some things in their blood that can make you very sick and sharing blood is not a good idea." An alternate solution would be to use a sterilized needle to prick their fingers and have them drop blood onto the ground and rub it into the dirt with their feet. Under these circumstances, the children have been supervised while blood is present and have been informally educated about HIV/AIDS. This may never happen, in which case, children should be made aware of HIV/AIDS at the same time the "drug" and "sex talks" are being given. This way the topics are being interrelated and connections can be made. Examples of these connections may include using drugs with needles or having unprotected sex that can result in the contraction of the virus. Not only is it the responsibility of the parents to discuss this concern with their children, but it is also that of the school system. As a community, we are all responsible for protecting ourselves and more importantly, others. It would be upsetting to realize that one of the more than 15,000 HIV/AIDS victims in the state of Massachusetts is someone you know. Moreover, it would be devastating to discover that you could have provided the education that could have prevented the spread of this life-taking disease to your friend.

From the pictures we can see how scared the AIDS is, so we must avoid it by did not do free sex, anal sex, etc. We must not change our sex mate in order to avoid this kind of deadly virus. Although there are many consequences that we had to take if we do sex in a wrong way, the number of free sex in the world is not decrease.

Have you ever heard about any position in doing sex? There are many ways or position in doing sex. There are more than 100 sex positions in the world. The common one is missionary position. This position is the man-on-top type. There are woman-on-top too and so many other interesting position. Each position has different “taste” and different “feeling” in doing it.

There is some issue that some style is taboo, for example doggy style. It is taboo because both partners are not facing each other. Most of the “good” people said it taboo because it is like animal in doing sex. Like cats, in doing breeding, cats do “doggy style”, right? That's why many people said that this kind of sex is taboo. In facts, although this kind of sex style is taboo, many people are still doing it. Why? Because it is good.

Western areas like America is different from Asia like Indonesia. In western areas, sex is a common thing and many people can do it without think twice. The research proof that 15 years old teenager is already do sex with his or her mate and their parents know that and they did not blame to them. They said that they already adult enough. The average American man lost his virginity at the age of 16.9 years, while the average age of women was 17.4 years. A new study shows, as reported to the California State University, that genetic factors are the cause. Personality is revealed, such as impulsive manner, can determine when someone starts to have sex the first time. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics and involved adults aged 20-59 years, the average woman had four sexual partners (having sexual relations with four men) all his life. While the average man has seven sexual partners. ree sex in America, there are no laws that govern them, it all depends on the environment and the community there. If the neighborhood is more religious society, of course, free sex was scorned. The difference is where the majority considers free sex as something casual.
It all depends on the culture of the local environment. So there is no legal term is not legal. Eventually return to their respective cultural communities.

In Asia region, especially Indonesia, sex is an unusual thing. The real thing is that there are many free sex in Indonesia because it is prohibited. People want to do it especially teenager. Remaja is a high risk group for unwanted pregnancies and diseases transmitted through sexual contact. It is found in most teenagers around the world, including Indonesia. Based on the data of Sexual Behavior Study in the Young Kawula four major cities in Indonesia, revealed the average teenager had sexual intercourse the first time at age 18 years.

Study conducted in 2005 by interviewing 474 respondents aged 15-24 years in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan is also said most respondents (66%) teens admitted that sex was not a planned action in advance so do not use contraception. In addition, 40 percent of respondents said sex was done at home.

Nearly half of respondents who have adequate knowledge about sexual issues and reproductive health, such as how pregnancy occurs, contraception or sexually transmitted disease transmission. "The majority of young people in Indonesia to learn about sex through porn movies and from his friends," said Pierre Frederick, Brand Manager and Fiesta Condom Sutra.

These findings reinforced the importance of giving correct information to the young so that they can make good decisions for their sexual health. The survey was conducted by DKT Indonesia, a non-profit organization Americans working in the field of social marketing for the prevention of HIV and unwanted pregnancies.

One of the causes of the free sex in Indonesia is film. Lately, the film industries of Indonesia issued a lot of cinema films. Among them are based on a novel, story composition, a story of adoption from overseas, and with no particular base or arising from the mind of the author's own story. Core movies we often hear these days is just based on one core is love.

Romance film actually circulating in the community has points not so different, yet distinguished by the creativity of the author's novel or the film's story is such that the film captured spectator from different aspects. Even so "creative" the filmmaker, they dare to make the same story, but with a place and a different atmosphere.

Modern Indonesia as one of "Movie Addicted" in the world who published dozens - even hundreds - of the year the film was not to be outdone by other countries such as America, Korea, Japan, China, which makes the film love is increasingly smelled of sex.

If we notice, the 1990s era in which Indonesia is experiencing something called "Sex Bomb", Indonesia has dared to publish a variety of film and cinema that smells of sex (which is still lighter than what we see now), but the next few years, there was one thing that make sex very restrained in the archipelago, so there is no longer dared to make a movie with sex scene is.

However, starting in 2006, in which foreign countries began working on the movie box office class that smelled of sex again, Indonesia began working on the film dared to smell it again. Call it a film in 2006 that made public controversy, Buruan Cium Gue. In 2007 and 2008, the film industries in Indonesia began to dare to make the movie "love" more real teens stray from the theme of "love" itself. Even the teenagers who spectator was watching the movie cannot say, "Bloody hell, this BF love it too huh?".

2008 until the beginning of this year, Indonesia more popular films with sex expose air very thick in the story, though we ourselves know that the film is not an adult movie, but teen love movies, where the players also were teen actors and actresses. Call one of the films which also caused controversy in the community lately, for instance Want More? (ML) who specialized in sex smells like film American Pie, and Drop out (DO) which tells of a student who dropped out because of a threatened sexual relationship.

Indeed, we cannot compare with the way sexual exposure to Western films, but in this stage, we can express Indonesia was open to western culture which is open toward sex, especially in cinemas (In this case concerning the Free sex culture ). Indonesian film industry also seems to have felt it would be unable to compete when compared to Western movies love movies that do not have regular sex exposed.
I think the movie industry did not have a choice if they want to compete with Western movies that were received in the presence of Indonesian society. I think, to the future Indonesia will be flooded with various films with love sex. For that, parents should be more careful in watching the movie children both on TV and in cinemas (Cineplex). The teenagers should read first before watching the movie reviews of a movie, so do not get a bad moral harm as a result of the election films, especially films that Indonesia seems to present easily passed the sensor. Look to the moral future of our nation.

The other cause is porn in Indonesia. The results showed an average of two new pornographic video is produced illegally every day by young people in Indonesia, and then disseminated via the internet and mobile phones.

"We have been in circulation for more than 500 titles of locally made pornographic movies, 90 percent are made by young children in Indonesia," said the author of '500 + Waves Video Porno Indonesia ', Seno Set in Yogyakarta, Sunday.

The book contains the results of research, interviews, investigations and all about the phenomenon of making illegal pornographic video using mobile phones in Indonesia.

"The use of mobile phones as a media creation and distribution of pornographic video is not only happening in big cities, but almost in all regions of this country," he said.

According to him, the spread of pornographic video, which is a crime and forbidden it, has been spending money that no small number, and money into business advantage for porn on the internet.

He called porn video samples Yahya Zaini-Maria Eva was accessed 19.6 million times by internet users, and if so downloads will cost at least Rp. 1,000, the Internet users have spent the money at least Rp19, 6 billion.

Based on his observations, each of which are porn sites on the Internet to provide between 300 to 400 a collection of videos that can be accessible to Internet users. There are free, but some are bought and sold.

According to him, there are several motives behind the making of pornographic videos of young people, of whom just for fun, because the feeling of love between two people, the existence of a hidden camera, for commercial purposes, and for evil.

"Conditions now seemed to get worse, and start there are indications that the motive pedophilia involving children in making pornographic videos," he said.

As a form of care for such conditions, Seno and his colleagues promote the campaign "Indonesian Youth: Jangan Bugil di Depan Kamera" which began in April 2007 since the whole of Indonesia, especially in big cities.

There is a fact that Indonesia is the country with the largest The access porn sites in the world, as presented by the Minister of Communications and Information (RI) Tifatul Sembiring in Jakarta on Wednesday. "Indonesia is so far the greatest access to pornographic sites," said Tifatul Sembiring who claim concern for this when the Internet is only used to access something that is not useful. The fact that a bitter fact that has encouraged Tifatul to socialize how to use the right information and good. "We will develop a program that is the Internet INSAN healthy and safe," he said. According to him, the Internet is a giant library or a giant library that provides all kinds of information. This, said Tifatul, requires awareness to form a useful informative Indonesia. Minister appealed to people to use technology products and information including the internet for more productive purposes. Minister expressed his determination to shape a vision that means Indonesia informative community aware of the information. "This means that a rational society, knowledge underbase of information that is not based on provocation and issues," he said. It is also claimed to understand the development of the informational needs of the community, cheap, and affordable. "We still have low indicators ranging from computer penetration is still 8 percent, 12.2 percent of the Internet, 80 thousand software development and hardware development 5800. We hope this figure can be multiplied through this exhibition," he said.

Having sex is different with other new things. Doing sex need a wise decision. Having sex for the first time can be wonderful, especially for those who are emotionally ready and protected against disease and unwanted pregnancy. But for others it may be a little dull, too short or even a little painful. Sex can enhance a caring relationship, but if you do experience problems, it may be an indication that you and your partner may need to take things more slowly or not have sex. Your body may be telling you something.

If you plan to have sex, we encourage you to talk with a parent, guardian, doctor, teacher, older sister, older brother or someone else with knowledge that might help you to think through your decision. Talking with someone is also important if you have had sex already but are experiencing problems. We understand that talking about this subject may be uncomfortable for you. But having someone available who can answer your specific questions and who understands you can be a tremendous help.

Every person's body is different, and what pleases one person may not please another. Getting to know your partner's body before having sex is a crucial step for both of you to enjoy the experience.

If you have skipped this step, it's not too late to go back. Ask your partner what he or she likes and dislikes. If you and your partner are still not sure, there are many books and Web sites with additional information on sensuality and physical pleasure. Put emphasis on getting to know your partner, not on sex.

There are many nerves and erogenous zones in the body, but how your mind feels makes the most difference in whether sex is enjoyable. Picture two different scenarios. In the first, think about how you feel when someone you find attractive touches your arm. It can almost feel electric! But what if that touches comes from someone who makes you annoyed or uncomfortable? It likely gives you a feeling of "yuck," something you want to stop as soon as possible.

Same kind of touch, different state of mind. Sex is similar. If you or your partner is not ready for sex -- if you are worrying about pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the relationship, trust or the test tomorrow -- it won't be that pleasurable for either of you. Your mind is the largest sense organ, and it's a barrier to a good time if it's just not the right time. Listen to your head and your feelings. If it doesn't feel right, don't convince yourself that it is. Is it not worth the risks of pregnancy, STIs, or hurting your relationship.

It is not so easy to take a decision to do sex with your partner. As we can see above, there are many things that we had to reconsider to do sex with our partner.

There are other things that many people want to know about nowadays. Rape is the most dangerous thing that rise up in the women worlds. 18 % of the young women were found to experience sexual victimization in a two-year research. Sexual victimization was characterized as unwanted sexual contact, verbally coerced sex, rape or attempted rape.

Most of these women (about 66 %) were victims of an intimate partner (boyfriend/dating partner, husband, ex-boyfriend or ex-husband), the rest of a stranger (acquaintances and friends) or relatives, groups and strangers, and these two types of perpetrators acted by different risk factors. "Because risk factors or predictors for the two different types of sexual victimization differ, considering them separately allowed us to see who is vulnerable to which type of experience," stated Dr. Maria Testa, lead investigator on the study at the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions.

The researchers focused on how the women's substance intake, sexual activity and lack of assertiveness in rejecting sexual advances made them vulnerable to sexual victimization.

927 women averaging 24 years of age (varying 18 to 30) at the beginning of the study reported their experiences of sexual victimization. 75 % were white, 17 % black and small percentages Hispanic, Asian, and Native American, with an average income of $35,000 and 40 % were studying in college; the majorities were unmarried and employed.

What favored the intimate perpetrator was being married or living together, prior to victimization by the same partner and weakness in refusing a partner's sex request. That's why these women are at risk of experiencing multiple abuses due to maintaining their relationships with the aggressors.

Non-intimate aggressors were favored by the victim's drinking. "One explanation for this may be that a perpetrator who is not intimately acquainted with a victim is more likely to take advantage of a woman's intoxication as a way to facilitate having sex with her. Women who are heavy drinkers or binge drinkers typically drink outside the home and in the presence of others who are drinking, reflecting a lifestyle that poses greater risk from men they don't know", said Testa.

The risk was even higher when women engaged in sex with a greater number of sexual partners, due to a future exposure to a greater number of potential perpetrators.

Prevention strategies to reduce sexual victimization include decreasing heavy episodic drinking, the number of sexual partnerships (especially for female college students), and assertiveness training about how to effectively refuse sexual advances and how to refuse or deny maintaining coercive relationships.

Free sex is an illegal thing in Indonesia. Some people said that free sex is not good for your health. It can give you sickness like aids. There is some difference opinion about this from teenagers. We can say that most of the teenagers like sex very much. Why? Because they really wants to know about it. They want to do it because they see it at porn that it is so wonderful in doing it. This is the main cause that they want to do it.

According to estimates the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of cases of HIV / AIDS in Indonesia has reached approximately 169000-216000 people. Teenagers are still vulnerable in a relationship that is free in this modern era needs to get input on the dangers of HIV / AIDS and how transmission. The fact that there are many teenagers who have not been touched by the campaign and the campaign HIV / AIDS, for the purpose of opening horizons of thinking, and awareness of teenagers who are still unstable and easy to try to feel the rash of sex itself.

A study by Henrich et al from Georgia State University (2006) of the 2652 American teenagers are sexually active, producing some startling conclusions and can help reduce HIV / AIDS cases in adolescents from high-risk sexual behavior. They perform longitudinal studies in the wave 2 national surveys.

The results of their research concluded that Africa-American teenagers have had a lower risk of risky sexual behavior, meaning they are better able to avoid reckless sexual behavior. The results of subsequent research, proved supportive communication relationships between the mother-child affects only reduce high-risk sexual behavior in young women, while the teenage boy did not have a significant relationship. Why did this happen, further research is needed.

Longitudinal studies showed their first wave, 10% of teens never wear a condom when doing sex, 15.5% was drunk during the first intercourse or so, 7.9% used drugs during their first sexual relationship, or currently, 2.5% teen sex knowingly offer to drugs and money, and 11.6% adolescents having sex at the age of 13 years.

The second wave of longitudinal studies show that 4.3% adolescents have never used a condom, 10.7% was drunk during the first intercourse or so, 7.4% adolescents using drugs during their first sexual relationship, or currently, 3.5% of their offer of sex for drugs and money, and more surprisingly 15.2% never do anal sex.

Based on the research Henrich (2006) on the least we need to awake and realize how much danger-risk sexual behavior in adolescents Indonesia. In the midst of a storm blows of globalization, the internet, and pornography is more easily accessible to teenagers, will we remain silent. At least for us who have children entering adolescence and puberty. One of the interesting things that are recommended by Henrich et al study above is that we as parents or teachers are encouraged to create supportive relationships and open communication about sex in adolescents. It is useful to provide second opinion related to adolescent-ehwal things, the information true, accurate and objective about sex itself. So they have enough ammunition to navigate the influence of globalization and the info-info, myths about sex and pornography from the virtual world.

Ultimately teenagers admitted that their parents were influential in shaping their thinking about sex. Attitude of their parents, especially influential in determining the attitude of the teenager. Recognition is the result of a survey recently conducted for the American teenager who lives in Washington.

"When the kids started leaving adolescents and sexual desire comes, many parents feel lost their children because they are difficult to be kept away from popular culture that is easier to reach them. But a survey conducted the National Campaign officials for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention precisely the opposite, "so I officers in their reports.

While the teens admitted the influence of friends was so strong, too. The girl admitted the pressure from their partner is still strong. While teenage boys admitted friend is still the dominant element.

Based on the results of a survey conducted during the campaign there was a surprise result, that for this young business skes still a lot of influence from parents of 38 percent. And some are about 32 per cent claimed to have been influenced by friends to decide all things.

Meanwhile, about 50 percent of parents actually think they are easily influenced teenagers to have sex the first time from his friends.

The teenager admitted friends are very influential in determining the mindset and attitude. Approximately 94 percent admitted, the influence of friends played a role in at least in the way of thinking to have sex

But the influences of pressure received by male and female adolescents differ. Approximately 37 percent of teens admitted women often get pressure from their partner. While 45 percent of teenage boys have been influenced by his friends, only about 19 percent of claims have been influenced by her partner.

"Because that is the most priority is to do outreach to young men. We still have mistaken opinion that teenage pregnancy is a problem only the young women. And it happened because of pregnancy partner role," said Bill Albert of the campaign staff to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Thanks to a campaign that is often done every year, the teen birth rate of women dropped to 20 percent since 1991. Thanks to the frequent extension officers, obtained satisfactory results that teenagers and young adults increasingly afraid of having sex with a excuse AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

The survey also found some new evidence satisfactory enough. That the majority of teenagers and young adults think that teenagers should delay their first sexual relationship until the right moment.

"Exclaimed argument that occurred among the young will be an effective strategy to action-prevention efforts and campaigns use contraceptives."

Specifically, approximately 73 percent of adults and 56 percent of teens admitted adolescents should not have sex. But if they are admitted, should have access to and actively involved in family planning programs.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of adults and 18 percent of teens said there should be affirmative action for daring teenagers who have sex freely. While about 12 percent of adults and 25 percent of teens look more liberal. They said the teenager will not do them about sex as long as access to health services is also wide open to them.

Supporting family planning programs for teens and 24 percent 28 percent of adults, says optimistic the extension would prevent action to do reckless teenager.

The survey conducted on the campaign staff in Washington; from January to February 2001 to 1002 adolescents aged 12 to 19 years and 1024 adults. According to officials, the error rate of the survey was only about 3 percent.

From all that we had discussed about sex, we can take some conclusion that sex has a different meaning in every single person mind. Many people like it, and many people thought that sex is “taboo”. Not only that, sex was different in every region, from the way they do it, from the legalization, and from many others thing. In doing sex, you must reconsider the risk and the effect from sex itself. In conclusion, you must be ready if you want to do that. Be ready…

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